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One last World Book Day event!

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One last World Book Day event!

Yesterday I went to talk about Furry Friends at the Beaver pack that all my children attended. We fired marshmallows round the hall (of course!) and finished off with making masks based on my Animal Stories. This particularly perfect puppy is Lottie – she’s actually a Cub, but she was helping out!

You can’t see, but the mask said “I love Holly Webb” on it, and Lottie had brought all her books to be signed too. I’ve never seen a more beautifully rolled neckerchief, either. My children’s always looked a bit like they’d been cleaning the floor with them…

Fabulous costumes!

Thanks to everyone who has sent photos of their gorgeous World Book Day costumes! I hope you all had an amazing day. And thanks to all the fab mums, dads and grandmas who helped create these beautiful outfits!

This is a fantastic Maisie Hitchins outfit, and she even has a case to solve – The Case of the Missing PE Trainers! Hope you found them!

Buttons the Runaway Puppy in a mash-up with Percy Jackson…

Here’s Martha as Misty the Abandoned Kitten!

And lastly, here is Katie as Amelia from The Winter Wolf. Katie and her Grandma Moira made this costume together, and it’s beautiful. They even managed to find a wolf to be Frost!

What makes it even better is that this is Katie’s second time dressing up as one of my characters. Last year she was Lotta from The Reindeer Girl.

Thanks everyone for sending me these gorgeous photos!

World Book Day tomorrow!

I hope everyone’s looking forward to World Book Day! It’s the 20th year, and there are loads of brilliant celebrations going on. Are you dressing up for school? I’m feeling quite jealous that I don’t get to wear an amazing costume. I will be carrying around a huge guinea pig though!

If you’re dressing up as a character from one of my books, please send me a photo to go in the gallery! Have an amazing day!

World Book Day!

So many of you celebrated World Book Day in style! I love making costumes, but some of my readers (or their lovely parents!) are amazingly talented and creative. Have a look!

World Book Day_1

World Book Day_2

Maisie Hitchins – everyone loves that purple dress!

World Book Day_3

Look at the hair!

World Book Day_4

This Maisie came with an interesting sidekick…

World Book Day_5

Catkin from The Secret Kitten was popular this year too!

World Book Day_6

Katie and her gran made this fabulous Reindeer Girl costume – Katie even has a baby Karl reindeer. (Such a pity there was no snow!)

World Book Day_7

Abbie’s school was running a competition to find an unusual place to read – Abbie read to her lucky dog Poppy! It does look a bit uncomfortable though…

In other news...

So many of you celebrated World Book Day in style! I love making costumes, but some of my readers (or…