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Museum Kittens!

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Museum Kittens!

The first book in my new Museum Kittens series, The Midnight Visitor, is published today! I’ve loved writing this book. I’m a huge cat fan, and I love museums, so this series combines two of my favourite things! It was inspired by the real museum cats at the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia, and the British Museum in London.

The Midnight Visitor is the story of Peter, the little black kitten who arrives at the museum on a stormy night, and has to try to fit in with the other kittens. If you love museums too, why not try making your own Museum in a Box, with Peter, Tasha, Bianca and Boris to guard your special treasures? You can find the activity sheet on the Activities page under Pics and Things. Send me photos of your museums too!

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Museum Kittens – a new series!

I am so excited that I have a new series coming out, with the first book The Midnight Visitor published in April! Museum Kittens was inspired by the cats at the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg

and the British Museum in London, especially the amazing Mike!

It’s about Peter, Tasha, Boris and Bianca and their adventures trying to protect the museum from the dastardly rats (and Boris’s unfortunate obsession with sandwiches…) The books are gorgeously illustrated by Sarah Lodge – it’s been so exciting for me seeing her amazing illustrations bring the characters to life.

My cats are resolutely unexcited about more books, however hard I try…

In other news...