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Bookville Kilkenny

I’m so excited to be visiting Kilkenny for the Bookville Festival! I’ll be talking about my Animal Stories and sharing lots of tales about my own animals and the inspiration behind my books. More details about the festival are here.

World Book Day 2022

I’m back home now after a great week travelling round different schools and events for World Book Day. It’s always so brilliant to see everyone’s excitement about books and reading! I got to visit three brilliant schools:

And about sixteen more online, through a fab Museum Kittens online event with Tameside Libraries. One of the schools got to visit the library afterwards to find my books – I love these photos!

I also did lots of reading on a book barge moored at Camden Market! They had gorgeous book themed food, a butterfly (from The Very Hungry Caterpillar) on stilts, and a chair made out of books!

It was brilliant to see so many children dressed up as characters from my books too!

This is a fantastic Star!

It was so lovely to see Museum Kittens costumes for the first time!

And I got to help make museums with Sarah Lodge’s brilliant artwork:

We also had Jess the Lonely Puppy

Maisie Hitchins, with beautiful red hair!

A fabulous Rose costume, from Rose and the Magician’s Mask

And me! I love this one – I do wear a lot of cardigans and big necklaces…

Hope you all had an amazing World Book Day too!

Thank you, Toby!

I love having a website, as it means that readers can leave comments and send me emails (and I do try to answer them all, really sorry if it takes a while sometimes!) I get lots of messages via Twitter and Facebook too, and I spend far too long on Twitter when I should be working – a lot of authors say this… But Twitter and Facebook are great ways to show how much you love books and reading. Over the last couple of days I’ve been sent a fab photo from a mum making a Maisie Hitchins costume for World Book Day (Thursday 2nd March), and a really special video from Toby, celebrating International Read to Me Day, which will be on March 19th.

Toby chose to read from The Moonlight Statue, which is the first book in my brand new Hounds of Penhallow Hall series. It’s just been published, so it’s really exciting for me to see someone enjoying it! You can watch Toby’s video on Twitter by following this link:

Thanks so much to everyone who contacts me online!

Hounds of Penhallow Hall

The first book in my new series is out today! The Hounds of Penhallow Hall – The Moonlight Statue! I’m so excited about this one. Happy Book Birthday to Polly and Rex, the magical wolfhound statue who comes alive to take her on amazing adventures. Huge thanks to Jason Cockcroft for the beautiful cover and inside illustrations.

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