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Thank you, Toby!

I love having a website, as it means that readers can leave comments and send me emails (and I do try to answer them all, really sorry if it takes a while sometimes!) I get lots of messages via Twitter and Facebook too, and I spend far too long on Twitter when I should be working – a lot of authors say this… But Twitter and Facebook are great ways to show how much you love books and reading. Over the last couple of days I’ve been sent a fab photo from a mum making a Maisie Hitchins costume for World Book Day (Thursday 2nd March), and a really special video from Toby, celebrating International Read to Me Day, which will be on March 19th.

Toby chose to read from The Moonlight Statue, which is the first book in my brand new Hounds of Penhallow Hall series. It’s just been published, so it’s really exciting for me to see someone enjoying it! You can watch Toby’s video on Twitter by following this link:

Thanks so much to everyone who contacts me online!