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A Puppy’s First Christmas

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A Puppy’s First Christmas

It’s so exciting to have 50 books in the Animal Stories series! A Puppy’s First Christmas has been getting some lovely reviews online, but I think this is my favourite… This gorgeous puppy belongs to the Eaton family – you can find them on Instagram at @an.eaton.readit

50th Animal Story!

I’m so excited that my 50th Animal Stories book is published today! The first book in the series, Lost in the Snow, was published in 2006. I don’t remember very much about that year as I also had baby twins, so I was a little bit sleep-deprived! But it’s wonderful to see the first and 50th books together.

This is fifteen years of puppies and kittens!

Book shelf with Animal Stories

Happy reading, everyone!

New covers!

My Animal Stories series has a new look! Pip, the lovely designer at Little Tiger, has come up with a new design, still featuring the beautiful artwork by Sophy Williams, who has been illustrating this series for 15 years now! Thanks so much to Pip and Sophy for making the books look so gorgeous. The only problem is that now when I do book signings I will have to be as neat and beautiful as the signature on the cover…


I can’t quite believe it, but at the moment I’m working on the fiftieth book in the Animal Stories series, which will be published for Christmas 2021. It doesn’t seem possible! I’m loving working on a story about an adventurous Labrador pup and his shy owner – although it was quite tricky to write about snow a couple of weeks ago during the heatwave!

Moscow this weekend!

So excited about going to the Moscow Book Fair this weekend!

My events are Saturday 8th September at the Fair, Pavilion 75 at 1pm, with signing afterwards.

Then at Chitay Gorod Bookshop, Megamall “European”, Kievsky Train station square 2, 4th Floor at 5pm.

Hoping to see lots of readers there!

Exciting news

I’m hopefully going to visit Moscow again this year – for the Moscow Book Fair early in September. Exact dates and more details when I have them! This photo is from my lovely trip back in 2017.

Reading Children’s Festival

Come and join the launch of Reading Children’s Festival at the launch event, Forbury Fiesta, on Saturday 11th May. I’ll be doing two storytime events, at 11am and 11.45am, with a chance to draw your own book covers and make cat bracelets too. My events will be in the bandstand, and there will be lots of other fun things to do all over Reading’s Forbury Gardens.

World Book Day events

This is a very busy time of year for children’s authors – World Book Day! I’m still doing World Book Day events this week too, but here are photos from some of the schools I visited last week. Above are some of the children from Birch Copse School, in their gorgeous library!

And this is me with the librarian from Reading School, where I talked to the boys about how I started writing, and also helped out with a GCSE English Language group – fascinating watching someone else analyse your writing!

Hope everyone had a fabulous World Book Day!


There’ll be a special World Book Day celebration going on at Kidzania this Saturday! I’ll be there between 11am and 1pm, talking about The Perfect Kitten. Come along and say hello!

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