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Edinburgh International Book Festival

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Edinburgh International Book Festival

I’ll be at the Edinburgh International Book Festival again this year, talking about The Princess and the Suffragette with wonderful historical novelist Theresa Breslin. I’m also leading a discussion event on A Little Princess, the book that inspired The Princess and the Suffragette – very exciting! (And there might be buns.)

Here’s a link to the programme – my events are on Saturday 11th August and Sunday 12th August.

I’m also taking part in one of the Amnesty International readings at the festival.

Festival in a Factory

I’m going to be at The Festival In A Factory on Saturday June 9th, at 10.30. Come and hear about The Princess and the Suffragette, my sequel to A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Make your own Suffragette rosette!

Snowy World Book Day!

Well, I think this year’s World Book Day counts as the strangest ever! I was supposed to be at a school in London, but the events had to be cancelled due to snow. I saw so many photos of brave authors trekking out to schools round the country!

The photo above is me on my way to a very cold event earlier in the week.

I hope you all had a wonderful day – either celebrating World Book Day in school all dressed up, or at home snuggled up on the sofa with a book!

I’ve been sent some gorgeous photos of World Book Day costumes…

Hannah took this brilliant Rex to be Polly from the Hounds of Penhallow.

Two fabulous Suffragettes – it’s so lovely to see people inspired by The Princess and the Suffragette.

A very sad and lost kitten

Maisie Hitchins with Wonder Woman, which is an excellent combination, I think.

And some amazing Extreme Reading!

100 years today!

It’s one hundred years today since some (not all…) women were granted the right to vote. I wrote about the Suffragettes’ struggle for the vote in The Princess and the Suffragette, my sequel to Frances Hodgson Burnett’s beautiful book, A Little Princess.

This weekend I was lucky enough to talk about the book at Blackheath Halls, a lovely venue in London where Suffragette meetings were held a hundred years ago. They were celebrating the centenary with a weekend of Suffrage-themed events.

It was so lovely talking about The Princess and the Suffragette, showing lots of photos, and then making our own Suffragette rosettes!

An original Suffragette rosette from the Museum of London, who have a fantastic exhibition on until January 2019.

And my version!

Some fabulous Suffragette fans with their own rosettes – slogans included Grrrrl Power, Hope Not Hate and History is HERstory too.

I made my own Suffragette jewellery for this and the other Princess and the Suffragette events I’ll be doing this year.

And then it was my birthday on Sunday – and I got beautiful Suffragette purple, white and green flowers!

In other news...

It’s one hundred years today since some (not all…) women were granted the right to vote. I wrote about the…