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I’ve just come back from a wonderful trip to the Moscow Book Fair. It was so lovely to go back – almost exactly two years after my first trip to Moscow.

Thanks so much for Eksmo for inviting me, and to Nailia and Dasha for all their brilliant organising!

It was very good timing to be in Moscow, too – the city’s 872nd birthday, with lots of celebrations going on. This is me with Dasha in Red Square, wearing party hats!

There were lots of fabulous street performers.

I’ve been trying to learn some Russian as I have lots of Russian readers, so I was really excited to see that this archway said “goroda” on it – the Russian for city. It’s saying Happy City Day.

I had two lovely events, one at the book fair – which was held in a really beautiful park:

So many excited readers!

I loved the gorgeous cut out of Scout from The Unwanted Puppy!

There was actually a kitten too – ginger Bootle from The Missing Kitten – but he’d been hugged too much and went a bit wobbly!

Thanks so much to everyone at Eksmo, and to all the lovely readers I met!

Southwold Bookshop event

I spent every summer in a town called Southwold in Suffolk, and it’s had a huge effect on the holidays that children in my books go on! Part of The Chocolate Dog is directly set in Southwold, and so are Max the Missing Puppy and The Rescued Puppy! Come along and hear about my holidays (and the dogs’ holidays!) and decorate a gorgeous puppy picture. 3.30pm on Saturday 25th August.

Snowy World Book Day!

Well, I think this year’s World Book Day counts as the strangest ever! I was supposed to be at a school in London, but the events had to be cancelled due to snow. I saw so many photos of brave authors trekking out to schools round the country!

The photo above is me on my way to a very cold event earlier in the week.

I hope you all had a wonderful day – either celebrating World Book Day in school all dressed up, or at home snuggled up on the sofa with a book!

I’ve been sent some gorgeous photos of World Book Day costumes…

Hannah took this brilliant Rex to be Polly from the Hounds of Penhallow.

Two fabulous Suffragettes – it’s so lovely to see people inspired by The Princess and the Suffragette.

A very sad and lost kitten

Maisie Hitchins with Wonder Woman, which is an excellent combination, I think.

And some amazing Extreme Reading!

Edinburgh International Book Festival

Two exciting events coming up in Edinburgh! On Friday 19th August I’ll be talking about my Animal Stories at 5pm, and introducing The Curious Kitten, which publishes in August. Then on Saturday 20th August at 1.30pm, there’s a Furry Friends event! This is a launch event for my new series about a family of guinea pigs living in Paris, and I’m so excited. There will be all sorts of fabulous, furry things happening, please come along to either or both!

Animal Stories Event

Furry Friends Event

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