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One last World Book Day event!

Yesterday I went to talk about Furry Friends at the Beaver pack that all my children attended. We fired marshmallows round the hall (of course!) and finished off with making masks based on my Animal Stories. This particularly perfect puppy is Lottie – she’s actually a Cub, but she was helping out!

You can’t see, but the mask said “I love Holly Webb” on it, and Lottie had brought all her books to be signed too. I’ve never seen a more beautifully rolled neckerchief, either. My children’s always looked a bit like they’d been cleaning the floor with them…

World Book Day!

I had a brilliant World Book Day at the St Albans High School’s Prep department, talking about Animal Stories, Return to the Secret Garden and Furry Friends! I also got to demonstrate Angelique the guinea pig’s marshmallow catapult!

Firing marshmallows round lots of different schools and a branch of Waterstones was definitely the highlight of my week…

Thank you to everyone at Waterstones in Broad Street for joining in with marshmallow launching on Saturday, and for creating so many beautiful guinea pigs!

I love this photo, I think the marshmallow had just gone flying off somewhere!

This is Sophie the guinea pig by Lily.

And this is Emily the guinea pig by Elizabeth.

This very stylish guinea pig is by Prelisha.

I got to take some of these home and they are decorating my bookshelves!

World Book Day tomorrow!

I hope everyone’s looking forward to World Book Day! It’s the 20th year, and there are loads of brilliant celebrations going on. Are you dressing up for school? I’m feeling quite jealous that I don’t get to wear an amazing costume. I will be carrying around a huge guinea pig though!

If you’re dressing up as a character from one of my books, please send me a photo to go in the gallery! Have an amazing day!

Marshmallows at Dawn!

Well, not quite… But the lovely team at Waterstones in Broad Street, Reading, are going to let us fire marshmallows round their shop! As part of their World Book Day celebrations I’m going to do a Furry Friends event, with crafts, marshmallow catapult-building, and a huge furry guinea pig (not a real one, sadly!) Come and join us at 11am on Saturday 4th March. There will be marshmallows to eat too!

Edinburgh International Book Festival

Two exciting events coming up in Edinburgh! On Friday 19th August I’ll be talking about my Animal Stories at 5pm, and introducing The Curious Kitten, which publishes in August. Then on Saturday 20th August at 1.30pm, there’s a Furry Friends event! This is a launch event for my new series about a family of guinea pigs living in Paris, and I’m so excited. There will be all sorts of fabulous, furry things happening, please come along to either or both!

Animal Stories Event

Furry Friends Event