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Pics + Things

Lots of wonderful things!

This is the place to see original artworks from book covers, photos from recent events, and pictures of Holly's pets, as well as, your drawings, pictures of your pets and your stories and poems. To be featured here you will need to send Holly an email or a letter...

Alicja from Poland with her lovely Snow Cat drawing. Photos from readers

Alicja made this beautiful Snow Cat model! Photos from readers

Beautiful Snow Cat drawing and model by Alicja from Poland. Photos from readers

A lovely drawing of Peter from Museum Kittens by Ksenia - fab cat ears too! Your art

This sweet cat was drawn by Ksenia. Your art

This is Masha with her gorgeous kitten drawing. Photos from readers

This is Avani's beautiful drawing of The Secret Kitten. Your art

A gorgeous drawing by Annabel Your art

These amazing crochet figures are by Larissia from Poland, inspired by Rose! Your art

Gorgeous cover art by Larissia from Poland. Your art