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Martha Marie

Pics + Things

Lots of wonderful things!

This is the place to see original artworks from book covers, photos from recent events, and pictures of Holly's pets, as well as, your drawings, pictures of your pets and your stories and poems. To be featured here you will need to send Holly an email or a letter...

Martha Marie's drawing of Timmy in Trouble - drawn while she was on lockdown in Malta Your art

Gorgeous Scruffy Puppy from Elena in Russia! Your art

A close up of Vasilisa's portrait from Moscow Your art

Vasilisa drew this lovely portrait and gave it to me in Moscow. Your art

I was given this lovely picture of The Loneliest Kitten at the Moscow Book Fair. Your art

Avigail's gorgeous illustration of Koletta (Colette) from The Maskmaker's Daughter. Your art

This is Sophia with her gorgeous painting - thank you for reading Lost in the Snow! Your art

This is the back of Courtney's fab costume! World Book Day

This is such a creative World Book Day costume! Thank you, Courtney! World Book Day

Eva sent this fab drawing of Lucy the Poorly Puppy. Your art