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Pics + Things

Lots of wonderful things!

This is the place to see original artworks from book covers, photos from recent events, and pictures of Holly's pets, as well as, your drawings, pictures of your pets and your stories and poems. To be featured here you will need to send Holly an email or a letter...

A Star for World Book Day - this is Emily's brilliant costume! World Book Day

Sarah dressed up as Maisie Hitchins for World Book Day - such a fab costume! Love that Sarah has Eddie the dog too. World Book Day

Another fabulous Maisie, but this time from Melbourne, Australia. Thanks for sending me this photo, Amelie! World Book Day

I love it that Maisie Hitchins is paired with Wonder Woman! World Book Day

This very sad kitten is also called Holly Webb! World Book Day

Lottie from The Princess and the Suffragette World Book Day

Fabulous Sally costume from The Princess and the Suffragette World Book Day

Alicja doing snowy Extreme Reading! World Book Day

Georgina as Josephine the guinea pig from Furry Friends World Book Day

Marlie as Georgie from Lily and the Traitor's Spell World Book Day