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Siberia Trip

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Siberia Trip

I’m very excited about the upcoming trip to Irkutsk and Angarsk to launch the Russian edition of Star!

Details below:

20 December
5 pm
City of Angarsk
Shopping center “Center”
Gorky street 21, 81 block, house 3

21 December
12 pm
City of Irkutsk
“Mir knig” Uritsky street 9 (Fourier 8)

21 December
16 pm
City of Irkutsk
Shopping and entertainment center “Yubileiny” microdistrict Yubileiny house 19/1 second floor

Moscow this weekend!

So excited about going to the Moscow Book Fair this weekend!

My events are Saturday 8th September at the Fair, Pavilion 75 at 1pm, with signing afterwards.

Then at Chitay Gorod Bookshop, Megamall “European”, Kievsky Train station square 2, 4th Floor at 5pm.

Hoping to see lots of readers there!

In other news...