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The Wild Wolf

By Sienna

The Wild Wolf
By Sienna

Hannah loves animals. She is so lucky to live near her Uncle’s rescue zoo. Whenever she is there Hannah is never bored. There are always events to watch. Until there is a new arrival…

Chapter one
The special surprise

As Hannah stepped into the bus, she heard someone call her name it was Ellie her best friend. Ellie was running to catch up. “Will you be my partner” Ellie asked “Sure” Hannah said back. They jumped on the bus and found there, seats. The two friends strapped their seatbelt. Mrs cook went, round the whole bus to check that everybody’s seatbelt was on. The engines started and they were off.

Chapter two
A super school trip

They all got off the bus and walked to the front gates. Hannah recognised the gates straight away. The school trip they were going to was, her uncles rescue zoo. Their topic at school is zoos so that’s why they came here. Everything was making sense. She whispered to Ellie “This is my uncles recue zoo” “Really” she replied but before Hannah could say anything else Mrs cook shouted to everybody “This is Hannah’s Uncle’s zoo. He travels the world and if he finds any injured animal’s he brings them back here so they can recover. All the animals live a happy life here because Hannah comes here every day. Don’t you Hannah,” “Yeah” replied Hannah. “Come on class let’s meet Hannah’s Uncle.” They walked past five giraffes, three elephants, seven lions and twelve owls. “We have seen so many animals already” Ellie said looking at everything” “Yep. We have a lot of animals here.” “Your, so lucky to come here every day” “I know.” The whole class got into a big circle so everybody could hear Mrs Cook “Now Hannah’s Uncle is right there. You all need to call him Mr Mote, except Hannah because she can call him Uncle.” They all got in a line behind Mrs Cook and started walking to Mr Mote.

Chapter three

“Hello everybody I am Mr Mote. I am Hannah’s Uncle.” “What are we going to see today Mr Mote?” Ellie asked. “We are going to the butterfly house, the hippo family, the giant giraffes and the playful pandas.” They all started following Mr Mote. Mr Mote went over to Hannah and said, “Hannah we have a new arrival.” “Really?” “Yep. It’s a wolf cub” “Where did you find it?” “In North America.” “Wow” “I know. Come and see him after school.” “What’s his name?” “He is called Bolt.” “Is Bolt injured?” “No. He is just endangered. Will you help me take care of Bolt?” “Sure” Replied Hannah.

Chapter four
Wonderful Wonders

They continued walking with the class until they saw a sign saying butterfly house. “We’re here” Ellie shouted to everyone. They all stepped inside and looked around. There were thousands of butterflies. All the butterflies were different shapes and sizes. “Wow” the whole class said together. They were getting near the end. “Let’s see the hippo family next” Mr Mote said. They walked a little. Then they came across a sign saying hippo family, so they all went inside. There were five adults and three baby hippos. They were all so cute. The adult hippos, names are Rex, Spike, Mia, Olivia, Halo and the baby hippos, names are Rosie and Ben. They started heading to the exit and walked to the giant giraffes. Hannah said “There are about five giraffes. It is hard to count them because they are all moving” Mr Mote shouted “If you want to see the pandas we have to go now” so off they went again. Finally, they were there. The nine pandas were all so cute. Hannah liked the one called Maisie because she was hanging from a tree. Ellie liked Billie.

Chapter Five
An end and a beginning

Soon it was time to go. The whole class started walking back towards the gate. The all said thankyou to Mr Mote and got in the bus. Luckily Hannah would come back. She would get to see the new wolf. She couldn’t wait. Wolfs were her favourite animal. When they were at school everybody got their bags and lined up at the door. Mrs Cook let everybody out to finds their parents. Hannah’s Mum was waiting for Hannah. “Are you ready to go to Uncle’s zoo” “yes.” They stated walking to Mr Mote’s zoo. They got to the gates and Mr Mote was waiting to greet them. Mr Mote showed Hannah were the wolf was. The got to an encloser saying wolf. Mr Mote got some keys so he could unlock the encloser. They went inside and Hannah saw the wolf for the first time.

Chapter six
The Wild Wolf

As she stepped inside the wolf came out from his burrow. Bolt was not scared because he went over to Hannah. “That’s the closest I’ve ever saw him near a human” he said watching Hannah stroke Bolt. His fur was soft. Then Bolt went back to his burrow. “I think he wants a nap.” So, they stepped out and

locked Bolt’s encloser again. Hannah whispered to Bolt “I will come to see you tomorrow.” So off Hannah went with her Uncle. They got to the gates. Hannah met her Mum and they got in the car. Both Hannah and her Mum waved goodbye to Mr Mote. Hannah could not wait to tell her friends about Bolt.

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