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Change: My first year in Minsk

By Scarlet

The Move

It had been a long night. Me and my sisters, Ashley and Camilla, had been sleeping in the moving van since 6:00pm while Dad and Elizabeth curled up together in a hotel bed. Dad had been really mean lately. He made us switch schools, move house and help prepare for his WEDDING with Elizabeth. Our mum, Carlie, had died from cancer when we were little and now Dad wanted to marry Elizabeth. By now we were all crying because Dad had bought a cottage in Minsk. Minsk was the capital of Russia so we were moving abroad. Camilla and Ashley are only 9 so they are quite upset but I, Amelia Rancliff, was 16 so I had to do my best not to cry. In the morning, Dad rushed out of the hotel at 3:00am with Elizabeth, to carry on with our journey. When we reached the ferry it was dawn, so the port wasn't packed. I sniffed. Camilla sniffed. Ashley sniffed. " Shut up girls. We don't want to go on the wrong ferry!" Dad snarled at us like a rotwiler. "Charlie, dear, don't take it out on the girls. They're just sad they have to leave." Elizabeth said calmly and they started KISSING. "Amelia! Come and help me get the refreshments." Elizabeth called as she stumbled out of the van. I got out hastily, but when we went to collect the food and drink she said. " You should behave Amelia. I know that the only reason you're following with this is because it is where you were born." She smirked and I smirked back. It was the twins who had been born in Minsk, not me. "Loser." I muttered under my breath so that only I could hear myself.

Elizabeth's plot and plan

At about 5:00am, we were halfway there. Dad had gone to bed and Elizabeth was keeping watch on us three. I wanted to sneak outside and look at the stars but Elizabeth as keeping watch so good outside in the hall that you couldn't even breathe without her knowing you were there. When I opened the door to go to the loo, Elizabeth beckoned me over. "Listen you little brat." She started whispering, "If you dare ruin my life from now on, you'll wish you were never born." And after she said that, she left me to myself. Later on, we finally left the ferry and headed for Minsk. At 5:00pm we arrived at our cottage. We all walked inside to choose our rooms. Elizabeth and Dad were sharing and so were the twins. I was the only one with my own room. We set out furniture and beds once we had chosen our rooms. The next morning, we went to the market. Dad said I could go round on my own and find some paint for my room. I found this shop selling pots of paint. I found scarlet, cadmium and lilac. But then I saw a beautiful midnight blue. I fell in love with it and bought it immediately. I also bought silver sparkles to add when the paint was dry. A few hours later, we were all painting away, except Elizabeth. She was lying on the couch, eating Choccie Delight. When I told Dad he just scowled at me. I don't understand him any more. But now I have to worry about the wedding. I suddenly realised Elizabeth's plan. She was going to use us as slaves and we would wait on her and Dad.

First day of term

The next monday, we were on our way to school. The twins were dropped off first and me next. As our silver car went off into the horizon, I knew I was stuck here for 6 hours. When school finished I rushed outside, eager to see the sunlight. I jumped into our car as soon as it was in sight. My class had been given an English project that we had to hand in tomorrow. When we got home, I rushed to my room. I logged on to my laptop and started typing. It was a story that I had just made up as I went on. When I handed it in to my teacher she smiled and gave me top marks. Then, terror struck. The Mistress died. The school was to be shut down immediately. Good news was that all the people with top marks for english or maths got the rest of the school year off. Dad was so pleased when I came home with the news.


I wandered round the house freely. Dad was at work, Camilla and Ashley were at school and Elizabeth was having an afternoon nap. Today was the last day for all of us. Soon, it would be Christmas. When everyone was home, we moved the christmas tree from the attic. We hung up the bauble's and wrapped the tinsel round the tree. After that, I left. I went to my room and went on my laptop. I logged into facebook, knowing I would have loads of messages from my friends at home. But there weren't any. Not a single one. I closed my laptop slowly and sat on my bed. I looked around my room. It looked beautiful with the silver sparkles dotted randomly around. Before I knew it, it was Christmas day. I got a few notebooks, pencils and a laptop case. The twins got everything they wanted. So did Dad and Elizabeth. This was the worst year ever. When I was about to trudge back to my room, Dad called me back. He said there was a surprise for me outside. I walked over to the front door and opened it. Outside in the garden was a red, glowing and enchanting sports car. I breathed in delight. "Is it mine?" I gaped, "Yes." Said Dad and I hugged him tight. I had already won my license but I hadn't had enough money to buy a car. But then I saw Elizabeth frowning. She had probably not known about my surprise present. I wasn't safe here any more.

Running away

I rushed up to my room. I quickly packed everything I may need for the long journey. I had received £1000 for christmas instead of presents so I packed that into my wallet as well. I told Ashley and Camilla to tell Dad where I had gone and what I intended to do. Then I continued packing. I packed refreshments, my laptop, presents and my stamps (Incase I wanted to send Dad and the twins letters). I pretended to sleep Christmas night, excited that an adventure awaited me. When the grandfather clock in the sitting room struck midnight I crept downstairs. I opened the front door and tiptoed into the garden. I opened the smooth doors of my car. The leather seats inside were so sleek and comfy. I dropped my bag on the passenger seat and started up the engine. I drove out of the garden and onto the road. I was off to see the world, and this time, nothing would stop me.

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