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Dog Diaries

By Mahika

Dog Diaries Part One: A New Home

He sniffed. Bruno smelt a sweet scent. It was his sister, Bella, wriggling through. She whined as she squirmed through her sleeping siblings. Their mother was fast asleep, snoring. Bruno’s sister snuggled next to him and they both cuddled together. Then they fell asleep. The next morning was a very cheery morning. All the puppies were playing, and their mother was still sleeping. Then, Mrs. Hodges entered the room, carrying the puppies’ food. Mrs. Hodges was the puppies’ mother’s owner. She was a gentle and caring lady. She was wearing a dress and a knitted jacket over that. She put down the food and the puppies immediately came and started to eat. Mrs Hodges laughed and said “You all are really sweet puppies, but you must remember you have to go to a new home”. Somehow, the puppies understood what she was saying and they started to whine. But Bruno was the only one that was not sad. He could go on so many different adventures and there would be so many new smells. In the afternoon, people started coming to see the puppies. The puppies were 8 weeks old and old enough to go to their new homes.

There were 6 puppies in all: Ruby, Sandy, Berry, Bailey, Jack and Ollie. The people smelt like flowers, coal and sand. They touched the puppies and laughed when the puppies were playing around. Eventually, there were only two left: Bruno and his sister Sandy. Their mother told them not to worry and wait a few more days. The puppies still had fun. After a week or so, a small boy arrived with his dad and mum. He looked at Bruno and smiled. “I want this one”, he said. “Oh, you should look out for this one. He is the definition of chaos”, Mrs. Hodges, laughing. The boy, his mum and dad laughed. After a lot of signing papers and conversation, Bruno was eventually sitting in the boy’s lap inside a car. Bruno was really happy that he had found a loving, kind and caring family. As they drove away from Mrs. Hodges’ house, Bruno started looking out of the window, like he had never seen the outside world. Finally, after 10 minutes, they reached home. As soon as the boy had set him down on the smooth carpet, Bruno started to run into every room. Then the boy started running after him. After running around for about 25 minutes, Bruno came to a stop near the kitchen table and sniffed. He smelt food! He tracked the smell until the kitchen and stopped. Bruno saw his food in a bowl, and immediately started eating it. After eating, he went to a deep sleep right in the spot. The next day will bring more adventures...

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