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Pics + Things

The Christmas Arrivals

By Tatiana

Chapter 1.
Indi looked sorrowfully at Jessie, Brownie, Lucy, Ned and Holly. It was night time. It was
also fourteen days until Christmas. Jessie, Brownie, Lucy, Ned, Holly and Indi were shut in the
living room. `It won't be Christmas without food, ‘ Indi said. He was always hungry and he
was eight and three quarters years old. Lucy sighed. `My Christmas wish is long walks and
freedom, ‘ she said. She was always full of energy and was two and a half years old. Ned
looked at the fireplace. `My wish is long walks in the snow and playing in the snow, ‘ he said.
He was full of playfulness and was three months old. Jessie sighed. `My wish is somebody
playing with me, ‘ she said. She was a daredevil who liked to poo and wee in corners and was
two years old. `I wish to get some fuss, ‘ said Brownie, who was very cuddly and was seven
months old, Jessie's daughter. `I wish to play in the snow, go for long walks and get fussed over,
‘ said Holly, who was a very foxy Welsh Corgi and behaved like Queen Elizabeth, wanting to
be pampered and carried twenty four hours a day and was four months old. `Let's run away, ‘
Holly suggested. `I'm in, ‘ said Jessie, Ned and Brownie. `Not up on the quick run, guys, I'm
too heavy, ‘ said Indi. Ned looked at Lucy pleadingly. Lucy finally sighed and said, `I'm in. ‘
Ned was her son, after all. Then they fixed their stares on Indi. Indi sighed at last and said:
`OK. But if this goes wrong, don't blame me, OK? ‘ They nodded. And then they slipped out
of Brownie's cat flap. It was tiny, but Holly, Jessie and Brownie got out after some pushing.
Ned squeezed through a hole in the door. Indi stood on his back paws and opened the door,
Lucy and Indi slipped through and Lucy nosed it shut. They were out. Then they ran past
the alleyway, behind the bins. `ARGH! It's darker now! ‘ said Ned. `Look up, Neddie, ‘ said
Lucy. A huge German Shepherd dog was looking at them, her ears pricked. `Hello, guys, ‘ she
said gently. `I mean no harm. I'm Ruby. Who're you guys? ‘ `Ned, ‘ said Ned. `Brownie, ‘ said
Brownie. `Jessie, ‘ said Jessie. `Lucy, ‘ said Lucy. `Indi, ‘ said Indi. `Holly, ‘ said Holly. Ned,
Brownie, Jessie, Lucy, Indi and Holly looked up at Ruby. She looked really gentle. `Want to
join? ‘ offered Lucy. `Very pleased to, ‘ said Ruby. They sneaked past another couple of
alleyways and met a Jack Russel Terrier. The terrier barked gently. `Hi, ‘ he said. `I'm
Croquet. Can I join?‘ `Yes, Croquet, ‘ Lucy said. `By the way, I'm Lucy, my little black
labrador's name is Ned, the brown kitten's name is Brownie, the light grey cat's Jessie, the foxy
ginger and white dog is Holly and the brown and white dog is Indi. And the German's Ruby. ‘
`OK, I'll get used to them, ‘ said Croquet. `Oh, I just realized, Ned's your son, isn't he? ‘ Lucy
nodded. Croquet continued. `I've a faint thought Brownie's your daughter, Jessie, is she? ‘
Jessie nodded. `And Holly's a Welsh Corgi like Queen Elizabeth has?‘ Croquet asked. Holly
nodded. `And Indi loves food? ‘ finished Croquet. Indi nodded and said: `Guys, let's get on.
It'll be bright soon, and we have food to find. ‘ The animals realized they were all starving, not
just Indi. They went to the bins and Lucy pushed one over. Indi found bits of chicken, Lucy
found a packet of crisps and Ned found a bag of cat food and dog food. They all shared and
ate. Then they met a long-haired kitten. `Hi, I'm Cleo. Can I join you?‘ she asked. `Of course,
‘ said Brownie and she gave her a hug. Then they did pick-a-partner. Croquet teamed with
Jessie. Brownie teamed with Cleo. Ruby teamed with Lucy. Indi teamed with Holly. Ned
teamed with a black labrador called Alison. Lucy joked that Ned and Alison were boyfriend
and girlfriend. Actually, they had crushes on each other. Then they went through an alleyway
and sneaked through a hedge. Then they went on their way to the country. Snow covered
their paws as they trudged on. Don't think they didn't want to be inside, in the warm. Lucy
sighed. Her paws were covered in snow. Ned was up to his stomach. Brownie and Cleo were
up to their necks. Jessie was covered up to her stomach. Indi has paws covered. Alison had her
stomach half-covered (she was smaller than Ned ). Croquet was small and up to his stomach.
Ruby's paws were buried. Still, they trudged on. Indi and Holly were at the front. Then
Brownie and Cleo. Then Jessie and Croquet. Actually Jessie and Croquet liked ech other. Not
that they loved each other, only they wouldn't argue. Then there were Ned and Alison. Then
Ruby and Lucy. They walked and walked. They searched for food in the bins, shared it,
walked on, ran past an old lady who said `Who do you all belong to!?‘ and nearly woke the
whole street. Then they curled up in a hole in the hedge and slept peacefully.

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