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Lacy the Lost Puppy

By Lizzie

Lacy the Lost Puppy
by Lizzie Nelson
One cool, crisp Christmas morning, Lizzie woke up and jumped out of bed. Her sister was still asleep. Lizzie was not sure how she could sleep like that on Christmas morning. She went to her brothers room, and they were also all awake. They were not allowed to go downstairs until their parents woke up. Finally, Lizzie’s parents woke up, and they all rushed downstairs and ate a quick breakfast before they sat down on the couch to open presents.
After all the presents were supposedly opened, the parents made them all sit on the couch. There was one more present. Lizzie’s parents let Lizzie open the present. She took the present, tore the wrapping paper off, and found a brown, Bichon puppy inside! Lizzie could not believe they had a puppy now.
Lizzie’s parents said the puppy was a family dog. Lizzie seemed to think the puppy liked her the most. They named the puppy Lacy. Lacy was the cutest puppy Lizzie had ever seen. Lacy was short and slow, but that changed as she grew.
A couple of years later, Lizzie’s house flooded because of Hurricane Harvey, so they went to a friend’s house in their neighborhood to get out of the floodwater. Lizzie’s mom held Lacy as they walked through the water, and Lacy was excited. She had never seen this much water in her life!
Halfway to their friend’s house, Lacy jumped out of Lizzie’s mom’s arms and started swimming away. Lacy was having so much fun, she didn't hear Lizzie calling desperately after her.
After searching all day for Lacy, Lizzie decided to go with her family to the house they were going to, the Quorches. After a while, Lacy started to get cold and hungry. It was raining again, thunder boomed, and Lacy swam as fast as she could. She needed to find shelter.
At the Quorche’s house, Lizzie was worried sick for Lacy. What if she drowned? After all, she wasn’t the best swimmer. Lizzie asked her mom if she would go with her to look for Lacy. So they went around the neighborhood looking for her.
Lacy had found shelter under a house that did not get flooded. Lacy was wet and she missed her family. Who would play with her and who would feed her? She started to think swimming away wasn’t the best idea.
Lizzie was heartbroken when she heard her family was moving to her aunt’s house. She loved her aunt but they had not found Lacy yet. So the next day all day, Lizzie and her friend Sophie Quorche searched for Lacy.
“Maybe she went to your house,” Sophie suggested.
“You’re right,” replied Lizzie. “Let’s go right now.”
Lacy was wistfully wandering around the neighborhood for hours. Soon she found a house. She decided to stay there until Lizzie found her, but soon Lacy began to wonder. What if they never came back? What if her family forgot about her?
Lizzie and Sophie ran to Lizzie’s house. Growing less and less sure of Sophie’s idea, Lizzie almost gave up all hope until she heard a noise that sounded like a whimper. Lizzie looked at her front door and she was thrilled. There was Lacy! After two weeks of searching, Lizzie finally found her. She was home. She was home at last.
At the Quorche’s house, Lacy was spoiled rotten. But now they were at Lizzie’s aunt’s house and she was not allowed inside. Lacy could not believe it. Right as she was getting used to the Quorche’s house, she was thrown outside. Lizzie’s aunt had two gigantic golden retrievers named Happy and Lucky. Terrifying right? They were other disadvantages. She could only have regular dog food. So disappointing. What was wrong with her house anyway? Lacy had a feeling it had to do with the storm when she was lost. To Lacy, it felt like forever until Lizzie and her siblings were allowed to go outside.
Eventually, Lacy got used to the big dogs. As she wandered around the yard one day, she spotted a hole in the fence. Lacy loved to squeeze into small holes, and she wanted to see what was through the hole. On the other side was a huge yard, so Lacy ran all around the yard. She heard her family calling her, but she did not know how to get out. She barked and
barked. Her family finally found her and they got her out of that yard. Soon her family filled up all her holes. Lacy thought that was kind of rude because her holes were so much fun. She was going to be so bored!
Soon after that, her family was leaving a lot. Lacy had fun a little bit with the big dogs, but it wasn’t the same as her family. She was used to her family going places, but this wasn’t the same. They were gone a lot. Lacy was depressed but the big dogs taught Lacy a lot of stuff like digging and the best way to chase squirrels. At dinner time, Lacy tried to get inside and she barked, but the big dogs said, “Forget it. They will never let you in. We have tried.” Luckily, there was one room Lacy was allowed in. The mud room. It had a TV and a couch, so when Lacy’s family watched a movie, she was
allowed in there each night. Lizzie missed Lacy and Lacy missed Lizzie. But soon Lacy and her
family were going somewhere with all their stuff. Lacy had a feeling they were going home. Wait home? Lacy thought that home was ruined. When she walked in her house she was surprised. It was totally different! New couches, new floors, new everything! Lacy was home again, at last.
“Finally!” Thought Lacy.
The End

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