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Pics + Things

Pics + Things

Lots of wonderful things!

This is the place to see original artworks from book covers, photos from recent events, and pictures of Holly's pets, as well as, your drawings, pictures of your pets and your stories and poems. To be featured here you will need to send Holly an email or a letter...

The Christmas Arrivals


This is Tatiana's story based on her own pets. Your stories

This is a little while after we got Poppy and Star. Milly isn't quite sure... Holly's pets

Isabella sent this gorgeous poem Your stories

This is Violet from Australia's amazing costume - Lotte from The Reindeer Girl World Book Day

This is Chelsie's gorgeous dog Zana begging for a biscuit! Your pets

Another fab World Book Day costume! Matilda as Maisie Hitchins, with her own Eddie. World Book Day

This is the back of Courtney's fab costume! World Book Day

This is such a creative World Book Day costume! Thank you, Courtney! World Book Day

I was sent this gorgeous photo of a real Maisy Hitchins, from Canada! Maisy (or Maisie!) is such a fab name. Your pets

Eva sent this fab drawing of Lucy the Poorly Puppy. Your art