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Mountains to Sea Festival

This weekend I was in Dun Laoghaire, not far from Dublin, for the Mountains to Sea Festival. I love the sea, and Dun Laoghaire is so beautiful – you really can be looking at mountains and the sea at the same time!

I did a Return to the Secret Garden schools event on Friday – why do I always seem to have my eyes closed when I’m talking?!

Mountains to Sea Festival

On the screen is the photo I used to help me imagine Lucy, the cat in Return to the Secret Garden. Currently trying to convince the rest of the family we could easily have another cat…

I really enjoyed talking about RTTSG – completely ran out of time!
On Saturday I did a family event with the fabulous Alan Nolan, who told the best stories about his dog Toby… He definitely needs to write a book about Toby the Farting Dog!

This is me with Alan, and Sarah Webb, who organises the Mountains to Sea children’s festival, and writes the Songbird Café Girls books, among (lots of!) others.

Mountains to Sea Festival_1

As you can see, the festival was a lot of fun!
And this just about made it perfect…

Mountains to Sea Festival_2

These are Natasha and Holly in the most fabulous T-shirts! As the lovely Gutter Bookshop, who were doing book sales for the festival, said on Twitter, “They were such dotes!”

I got given fab pictures in Dun Laoghaire too. (I really hope I haven’t mixed up where all the amazing artwork has come from – everything’s in a bit of a whirl at events, so please let me know if I’ve got something wrong!)
This gorgeous kitten is by Grace.

Mountains to Sea Festival_3

I thought this was Emily Feather, but apparently it’s me, and now I really want this hair!

Mountains to Sea Festival_4

And last of all, this gorgeous origami cat from Katrina!

Mountains to Sea Festival_5