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Hay Festival!

I spent a lovely weekend at the Hay Festival a couple of weeks ago, doing events based on The Water Horse, and my Animal Stories. This was the first time I’d done a Water Horse event (apart from a quick reading for World Book Day) and it was lovely – showing atmospheric photos of Venice, that make it look so full of magic, and then creating a new magical creature with help from the audience. I now have to write a book about a winged water-tiger who can stop time, and also create ghost children who can go to school for you! It was brilliant – such a lot of fab ideas.

I love doing events based on the Animal Stories, it’s really fun explaining where the stories come from. And then helping make kittens too! I’m celebrating the publication of The Secret Kitten, the 30th book in the series, so at events we’ve been making kitten hearts!


Possibly the best bit of the festival was Steph’s nails, though… The Kidnapped Kitten and the Abandoned Puppy, immortalised! Steph runs Kids Read Write Review, a fab programme that brings children closer to books.

My next event will be at Waterstones in Newbury, on Saturday June 13th, 11am. It’s part of the launch for the new shop!