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I work in a tiny room (so tiny it used to be the back half of our garage!), and there’s really only room for an armchair, a couple of filing cabinets and a LOT of bookshelves. But the great thing about bookshelves is that a) books are beautiful b) you can stand things in front of the books (my large collection of random small ornaments and plastic animals…) and c) you can stick things on to the frames of the shelves too. I have a gorgeous new bookshelf decoration now, sent to me by Kailin in Hong Kong. She painted this beautiful puppy – thank you so much for sending him, Kailin! Also in the photo is a black pug that I couldn’t resist buying, because she looks exactly like Henrietta, the pug in my Lily books, and a kangaroo – souvenir from our holiday in Australia!