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Kitten Love

A collection of three adorable kitten stories to treasure, from best-selling author Holly Webb: Lost in the Storm, The Curious Kitten and The Homesick Kitten.

Lost in the Storm: Ella loves her kitten, Fluff, and worries about her going missing again. But one day when Fluff is playing outside, a blizzard sets in and she loses her way. Will Ella ever be reunited with her kitten?

The Curious Kitten: Amber’s kitten is very curious about the builders doing work on their house. Then she gets trapped in one of the builders’ vans and finds herself on the other side of town. Will the kitten ever get home to Amber?

The Homesick Kitten: Lily and her family are going for a walk with their dog, Hugo, when they come across a litter of kittens that have been abandoned in the woods. Her family take them in, but soon the time comes for them to go to new homes – even Lily’s favourite, Stanley. How can Lily persuade Mum and Dad that Stanley’s perfect home is here with her?