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  1. Amina Kosar


    When would your Maisie Hitchins (yellow book) book be coming out?


  2. Holly


    Hi – it was published at the beginning of February. Holly x

  3. BookWorm


    Dear Holly,
    How old were you when you first started to write books for children? What inspired you?
    Your fan, Ela.

  4. Holly


    Hi Ela, I was 28 – before that I worked as an editor at a children’s publisher, who then published my first books. I was inspired by working with amazing authors!

    Holly x

  5. Bella and Cara


    Dear Holly,
    We just wanted to let you know that we love your books very much. Especially the Reindeer girl. Love Bella and Cara

  6. sam


    My daughter and I love your books and are currently enjoying the cat magic series. They are truly mesmerising!!

  7. Holly


    I’m so glad you like them! The pet shop full of talking animals is one the few story plots where the idea just came – it was a total surprise!

  8. Lily


    write something about love when u make ur next kitten books please!

  9. lamia


    Sophy William is my favourit illustrator

    Thx for choosing her to do ur kitten books! Which series is ur fave?

  10. Holly


    I love them all, and Sophy is brilliant. Marion Lindsay does great illustration for Maisie too!

  11. lamia


    make a movie on the kitten books plz!

  12. Holly


    That would be fun!

  13. lamia


    no matter how much i beg im not allowed to get a kitten… my parents said i can get one when im fifteen. they think iw ont be able to clean the poop. they probably cut the deal.

  14. lamia


    e-mail me!

  15. lamia


    I love love love ur kitten books. i am the biggest fan of urs!I started reading ur books when i was nine. i wish i could read all of the pages of the kitten books in this website.

  16. Isabelle Joanna Allen


    I love your books I have read 25 of them I would love to read your new books that are coming out soon Your books are my favourite in the whole world.

  17. Holly


    Thank you! That’s so nice to hear.

  18. Pandypup


    I love ur books! They are so cute and amazing! I just wish i can read it online on ur site.

  19. rascalpuppy123


    Holly, I love your books. Last week I wrote my own book called, A Home For Rascal. It is based on the first year of my life with my dog, Rascal.

  20. Holly


    Excellent! What sort of dog is your Rascal? (Rascal in My Naughty Little Puppy is a Jack Russell.)

  21. Kasia from Poland


    I love Rose and Lily :)

  22. yoli


    hi holly webb I read the secret pony and I love it

  23. annabelle


    but you are not.

  24. Holly


    Glad you like the books anyway… :)

  25. Katnix


    Please make more Triplets books please !!!!!

  26. pony pony


    I love your animal books,but I don’t where to buy them because their not in shops. Can you help?

  27. Holly


    Have you tried online from Waterstones or Amazon?

  28. kylie


    Dear Holly, I love your Rose series!! Will you ever make any more in the future? Is Freddie going to get married to Rose in the future? Please make a 5th book! I ran out of the series, Rose to read! <3

  29. Holly


    Oh, I would love to go back to them at some point! I’d like to write a prequel about Gus. If you read the Lily books you’ll find out who Rose marries!

  30. Puppylove000


    Hey Holly! I am your no.1 fan! I love all your books but my favourite one is The Winter Wolf! It’s soooo cute!
    0 0

  31. maggie


    I love your books i have read three of them already – Alfie all alone, Ellie the homesick puppy and the Brave Kitten. I did not like reading until i started reading your books.

  32. Holly


    What a fab thing to be told, thank you!

  33. Suhani


    hi Holly ! which books do you recommend for readers 11 years and over? i like reading masie hitchins a lot but im not sure abou the other books

  34. Holly


    You might like the Rose books – they’re set in Victorian London too, but it’s an alternative magical London.

  35. gorgeousginny26


    hi holly i think you should make a book called the shy hamster i love hamsters i have one named ginny

  36. Holly


    That sounds great – Ginny is a fab name for a hamster!

  37. MagicKitten5


    I love your books! The Scruffy Puppy is so good!! I’m also reading the kidnapped kitten.

  38. MagicKitten5


    I love your books! The Scruffy Puppy is so good!! I just finished it.

  39. Antonia stevens


    Hi Holly I wanted to know if you would like to write a book about a husky that gets lost in the snowy woods (forest) love Antonia XxXX

  40. Holly


    That sounds like a brilliant plot, thanks for the idea!

  41. Holly Dorey


    I am 8 years old and have started reading your books, i really like them becaose they are about animals.i have read 4 books already,and am on my number 5.thank you,keep writing.

  42. Maisyd9


    Dear Holly Webb, I am a big fan of your books. My 4 favourites are Ellie the homesick puppy, Jess the lonely puppy, Max the missing puppy and The snow bear. I would like to become a writer too!

  43. Mia


    Dear Holly
    I have read lots of your books and they are so good. I have a few of them. Where did you come from? Your best fan Mia age 7 from Ireland xxx

  44. Holly


    Hi Mia, I was born in London but now I live in Reading. Holly x

  45. dada


    I love your books there wonderful im a big fan of yours.your the best author ever lots of loves from dada xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  46. coolsahara


    OMG i love all your books i am your biggest fan my favourite is ROSE my little sisters also love your books they love reading LILY and all your other books i am 11 years old omg i am in lo

  47. isla.m.g.


    Hi holly, how you doing? I’m still a big fan of yours! could you tell me if you have any more books I could read?

  48. Holly


    Hello! Have you read the latest Maisie Hitchins books? Holly x

  49. erica


    I have some of your books from scholastic book orders that I got from my school. It came in a collection. The one I’m reading right now is Alone in the Night. Its really good.

  50. s-k-alltheway


    Could you write one more Rose book for me please? I absolutely love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. MEGHAN



  52. Molly fan of Holly Webb's books


    I love your books especially THE KITTEN THAT NOBODY WANTED I am doing some homework about biography we need to choose someone famous I chose YOU.

  53. chloeandsnowflake@gmail.com


    I love your books exspecily the animal ones. I AM A BIG FAN. YOU ROCK GIRL

  54. Cara B


    I am on chapter 3 of the winter wolf I love It so far next I would like to read jess the lonely puppy.

  55. terva


    I love Lily and Rose.

  56. Gabrielle Rudkin


    hi, I am 8 years old and I completely love your books. they are wonderful. I’ve decided to collect all the books and I’ve read 5 books all ready.

  57. bdella


    dear holly,
    my name is brooklyn della i want to know some more animal books pleas
    then send them to wisconsin waukesha rose glen school pleas .

  58. annierose806


    Also my rabbit died on Friday

  59. Holly


    That’s so sad – we had to have one of our cats put down a while ago, it’s a horrible feeling, isn’t it? Hope you have great memories of him. Holly x

  60. annierose806


    my name is Annie I am a big fan I am writing a book series called the magic bunny

  61. Aurelia


    I love your Rose and Lily books!

  62. andra


    I love you holly Webb. at the moment I am reading winter wolf by you. Its really good.

  63. allie


    Hi Holly! I have read one of your book called ”Alfie All Alone”. It was very nice.
    Can you send all of your other books to
    Dawood Public School,Karachi,Pakistan,

  64. tasha12


    hi holly,
    I have just read the raindeer girl and i loved it. Now I am going to read the snow bear. I hope it is as good as the raindeer girl. xx

  65. annabel


    all i want to say is that i love you books

  66. Jemma


    Hello Holly, you’ve probably been asked this loads of times before…but are you going to make any of your books into a movie? Especially the big ones? They’d be really popular!

  67. Holly


    Hi Jemma, I’d love them to be films, but it isn’t really up to me! A film studio needs to want to make them. I can imagine Rose or Lily being fab films! (I would think that though, wouldn’t I?!) Holly x

  68. Larina


    Hi, I’m a big fan of your Rose and Lily books, but I read that when I was younger…could you possibly write a books for older kids. Suitable of course, but with that extra depth? Thanks :)

  69. Holly


    I’d love to one day, but at the moment, the ideas I’m having are mostly younger. You never know, though! Holly x

  70. isla .m.g.


    hi holly,i love your website!! please could you write to me if you write a new book? could you email me sometimes please.seeya later! XX

  71. vesta


    i lack you book am i have a big book of the big book i lack at are big book i lack your books*

  72. rochelle


    i lack your books ?

  73. vesta


    i lack your book the brave kitten.

  74. BookWorm


    Dear Holly,
    I am really happy I have found the book called “The Brave Kitten”. Is the story made up? Best wishes,
    your fan, Ela.

  75. Holly


    Hi Ela, most of my books have a real story that inspired them. The Brave Kitten was based on a cat called Karmel, who belongs to my Polish translator’s daughter, and he really was run over. Holly x



    Hi Holly! i have probably read about 30 books by you!! i love your books and i read them by myself in bed every night. i wish that i could be an author when i grow up. from Ella aged 6

  77. Holly


    30! That’s amazing – well done. I’m so glad you want to be an author, keep writing! Holly x

  78. hayley


    hi holly I love all your book in your next book can one of the characters be named Hayley
    from Hayley xx

  79. Kasia from Poland


    The best book in the world – Rose and Lily

  80. Kasia from Poland


    Najlepsza książka na świecie – Rose i Lily
    Najlepsza książka na świecie – Rose i Lily

  81. hayley


    hi holly my best friend an I love your book we just found out about animal magic we love it. In your next book can two of your characters named Hayley and Kasey love you from Hayley + Kase

  82. Holly


    Really glad you like Animalmagic, I’ll remember the names! Holly x

  83. BookWorm


    I really like your books! They are funny and creative. I cannot wait to get some of your fantastic books for Christmas♥

  84. 10doyles


    all your books are the best
    can I call you holly please
    p.s. I mean it.

  85. 10doyles


    hello holly web I love your books !!!!!!!!!!!

  86. dt


    i love your book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am a big fan of yours.

  87. 11cupcake11


    i love your books defintly molly magic

  88. Jeanne57


    Would love to see more Emily Feather books. I’ve read them all, but it seems there’s so much more to explore! I’m a “mature” adult, btw, but I still enjoyed them, as did my step-daughter.

  89. Holly


    So glad that you enjoyed them. I don’t have plans to write more at the moment, but you never know.

  90. foopets123


    hi can you please write me a book? I would like to have a scruffy dog name cookie. The people in it can there be one called Amy and a other one called Emma? if you can thanks

  91. Holly


    Hello! The puppy in The Abandoned Puppy is called Cookie, but I’m afraid the girls’ names aren’t right! Holly x

  92. foopets123


    hi I love your books there the best. I have at least 11 of your books my fave one is the kitten nobody wanted. can you sign my books in blue water Kent?

  93. Sungirl


    Dear Holly Web, today you signed my summer reading challenge certificate and I’m really happy you remembered me. Now let’s see if you can remember my name:Aashi. Please email me often

  94. Holly


    Hi Aashi! Well done on your reading challenge! Holly x

  95. Sungirl


    Dear Holly Web, today you signed my summer reading challenge certificate and I’m really happy you remembered me. Now let’s see if you can remember my nme:Aashi. Please email me often

  96. Puppy12


    hi holly
    i would love to be an authour when i grow up.Can you give me some tips.
    love your books LOADS!!!

  97. Holly


    Hello! My big tip is to keep reading loads! Think about why you like your favourite books, and why there are some books you don’t like. And keep on writing! Holly x

  98. ellie


    hi holly you may not have time to read this but because i have read all of your childrens books i would like you top rite some more please. thank you Ellie your biggest fan of all .

  99. Holly


    I’m definitely writing more, Ellie, don’t worry! Holly x

  100. ellie


    hi holly you may not have time to read this but because i have read all of your childrens books i would like you top rite some more please. thank you Ellie your biggest fan of all Ellie.

  101. Anchita . Sandhu


    Hi Holly ! I love your books . All of your series are really good but my favourite series is Magic Molly . They are nice

  102. bella 781311


    Hi Holly my name is Isabella & I just wanted to say that I love your work because I love animals & your stories are all about animals & I love of the ideas you have from Isabella

  103. Lucie Čelišová


    Your books are the best

  104. sarah


    Dear Holly
    I like your stories. My favourite is Alfie all Alone in Puppy Tales. I look forward to reading more of your books.
    from Sarah

  105. Emily


    Dear Holly,
    One of my passions is to become an author, just like you! I’m in awe of your amazingly written stories. Do you have any tips to become and author?

  106. Holly


    The best one is to keep reading! And sometimes stick with a book you don’t like, and see if you can work out why! Never throw any ideas, away, either. My Maisie Hitchins books were written about six years after I first thought of them. Holly x

  107. Gissie


    Dear Holly, We have loved your Maisie Hitchins and Magic Molly books. Even my Mummy and Granny have liked them. We hope we could really see you one time. Love, Giselle

  108. Holly


    I’m so glad you like them! My next event is in Cheltenham this weekend. Holly x

  109. cera604


    hi i love anamal stories . i only have a few of them. my name is laela archer . i am 11 years old.

  110. audrey10


    Dear Holly Webb,
    I really like the Lily books because
    they’re really exciting! I also really
    like your pet photos. Best regards,

  111. zoey


    Dear Ms Webb , i love the Triplets books too!My favourite triplet is Becky!

  112. zoey


    Dear Ms Wepp , i really love to read the Lily books and the Rose books i wish that you can write more about them.

  113. Holly


    I’m writing a new set of books set before Lily at the moment. I think I’m working backwards! Holly x

  114. BRODIE3372



  115. Lottie


    Hi Holly, I love your Masie Hitchins books I like them because they are very descriptive. Love Lottie xxx

  116. Arshiya1010


    Dear Holly I read your book The Abandoned Puppy . I just adore cookie ; he’s just so cute ! I love your books and I wish you could write more! From Arshiya

  117. AnnaL


    Dear holly webb I saw you at the morningside library friday 22nd of August. my favourite was lost in the snow your first book. I really liked it. Thank you.

  118. Holly


    I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It was a lovely event. Holly x

  119. Kingussie girl


    I like the Rescued Puppy. I got it for doing well at school. I have 2 dogs. One likes to watch tv!

  120. Adelaide


    dear holly, I love your books because they have great stories and lots of animals in them.thank you
    love adelaide

  121. Jem10


    Hi I really like your Emily Feather books but they is only two so please can you write some more and can you write some horse books
    Thank you

  122. Holly


    Hello! There are four of them altogether, hope you can find the last two! Holly x

  123. kkbunny10


    love your books their the only books that I can acculy sit down and read over and over again!!!!

  124. Holly


    That’s a lovely thing to hear, thank you!

  125. secret kitten


    hi holly webb your books or so awsome. I LOVE ANIMALS so much. I had three cats and now I have two dogs . if I HAD TO PIck a friend it would be you bye

  126. sharon


    my daughter loves your website , and thinks it’s the best in the world. She reads your books and understands them just right! ok!

  127. ballpython1234


    Hi there just wanted to ask is sophie the dashund a minuture or a standered dashund?

  128. Holly


    Hello! She’s a miniature. Holly x

  129. carly:)


    Dear holly! I love all your books . I like youre Rose books! I would like to write so nice storys too. But I cant write good storys.:(

  130. Mongold Julia


    Hello Holly Webb! I am French and I read all the collection of Rose and Lily and Gorgie, me looks forward to the continuation because in France the number four is no again appeared!

  131. Holly


    Oh dear! Hopefully it will be published soon. I saw the French books in Paris last year, I was so excited! Holly x

  132. Suhani


    hey holly. my mum let me buy your new masie hitchins book about the case of the spilled ink and it was fab thanks for writing a good series
    p.s what is your seventh masie hitchin

  133. Holly


    Hi Suhani! It’s called The Case of the Blind Beetle – it’s about Egypt. Holly x

  134. kitty


    LOVE!!! the book ginger the stray kitten i have 2 more



    To Holly when i grow up i want to be an author like you.I really like your books.I joined a library challenge called mythical maze summer reading 2014.



    holly I like reading your books. Right now i am reading Maisie Hitchins the case of the feathered mask.I am really enjoying it so far and i am also reading Emily Feather and the secret mirror.

  137. Sophie


    I would recommend Rose. It was amazing:)

  138. Hamster love


    I greatly enjoyed your Animal Magic series,and wondered if perhaps you would be writing more rodent books with such topics as mice,hamsters,guinea pigs,Etc?

  139. Holly


    Hello! I’m writing a new guinea pig series at the moment! Holly x

  140. Ainsley and Nathalie


    Ainsley: I love your books. Even if I am eleven, I still enjoy reading your “Rose” series.
    Nathalie: I really like your books,especially your animal stories.

  141. evanaa


    holly you are a great writer and I need help. i have loads of story ideas but when i try to wright a story, i make things happen to fast and I cant put the detail in my head in print!help

  142. Holly


    That’s tricky. Have you tried making a plan of the story to help? It might mean you can slow down a bit and have time to add your great details. Don’t give up! Holly x

  143. lillys


    i love reading your ‘My Naughty Little Puppy’ books,are you going to make a new one?I have started my own book called ‘Dog Days -a bit of a splash and a home’.I have 3 cats and 1 dog and Rats.

  144. Holly


    Hello! I’m not planning more MNLP books at the moment. I love the sound of your book – and all your pets! Holly x

  145. bookjap


    I adore lily, could you please make a story about her adulthood.
    like…who does she marry?does she have children? does war start?
    plz reply, bookjap

  146. Holly


    That does sound like a great addition to the story! At the moment I’m writing a new set of books about Venice, set before Rose and Lily. Holly x

  147. Chezbagbag


    And also Holly, will you be able to make a book about YOUR story through your journey of writing animal stories? I have enjoyed your trip to Manchester’s Central Library!

  148. Chezbagbag


    Hi Holly, I would like to say that since I was 9 years old, I had already started reading books like Misty the Abandoned Kitten and Buttons the Runaway Puppy…

  149. max


    could you please come to the mullbery primary school at tottlem

  150. Holly


    Hello! Thanks for asking me! Holly x

  151. shayla123


    hi i really love your books especially `Alone In the night`

  152. Isla M.G


    hello holly , again!! do Rose and masie hichens live in the same area? are you going to write anymore emily F books? how many Rose books are there? how much do you like being an author? bye!

  153. Holly


    Great question! I think probably not, as Maisie’s version of the Victorian world is more historically accurate, with no magic – but I’d love to write a short story where they meet! No more Emily Feather at the moment, sorry! There are four Rose books, and then four Lily books. I love being an author, except when I’m stuck! Holly x

  154. k020


    please can you write more animal books? i really love your book about the little westie puppy, Alfie, and how he was abandoned by his owner and then came back to the girl he loved, Evie.

  155. Holly


    I’ve just written a new book about a Shiba Inu puppy! Holly x

  156. Katya


    Hi Holly! You’re an amazing author and I love your books! I really like the Chocolate Dog, the Emily Feather series, the Rose series and the Lily series.Books are great! Goodbye!xx

  157. kittykat11


    i love all your books holly.i wanted to know i would love to be an author when i grow up and would you mind giving some top tips on writitng a book.thanks so much

  158. Holly


    My biggest tip is to keep on reading lots of different sorts of books, and try to work out why you like them (or why you don’t!) Holly x

  159. Lola


    Last cristmas I got a one of your books
    called The chocolate dog that you write.
    I realy loved it! I was about to cry
    when I unraped it!It’s because I
    love Dogs! Love Lola.

  160. Isla


    hi holly! I think I’ve nearly read all your book’s!i really like emily feather books can you write some more soon?whats your address and post code?i have just read one triplets book,i love them!bye!

  161. Holly


    Hello! I’m not planning to write any more Emily Feather books at the moment, sorry! I’m so glad you like the Triplets, they were my first books! Holly x

  162. maria grace sebastian


    I am maria and I am 8 years old. I go to Tickton C.E. priamary school and my friends are scarlett and eve. my brother is 11 years old and he is leaving primary so he goes to big school. I have got a dog!

  163. Keela


    Dear Holly, I love all of your books. I am 7 years old and I read your books when I am in bed!

  164. fangirl101


    hi holly
    I love your books lily and rose and wanted to ask a few questions about your writing style. do you always use animals in magic books? does the child always have to have a hard family in your magic books? why do you like magic not that I don’t like it I love it but, why?

  165. Holly


    Hello! Yes, I think there are almost always animals – partly because I love writing their voices. But not always a difficult family life – Emily in my Emily Feather books is much loved by her close family. And the new magical book I’ve just written, The Water Horse, is about a princess! But if there’s no hardship or problem, there isn’t that much of a story…

  166. Jack herman


    I love books to and they are fantastic.And I am doing a book reiview on lost in the snow and I love your books.Please wish me luck Holly webb.

  167. Holly


    Hello! Hope it goes really well! I’m so glad you like my books. Holly x

  168. Grace1610


    I like rascal books because they are funny.

  169. jasmine123


    i’m our fana

  170. hazelmoon


    i love your books so much they changed the way i saw magic forever the rose series is one of the best iv read.they should make a movie on them. you are my inspiration.

  171. Amelia


    I have just finished reading ‘The kitten nobody wanted. I really enjoyed it and I couldn’t put it down.

  172. fatima



  173. Suhani


    hi again holly. today i went to the library and got 2 of your books which are emily feaher and the starlit staircase and mayas secret. i am looking forward to reading them. xxx

  174. Holly


    Hope you like them! Holly x

  175. geeorgia.l


    Dear holly webb
    I like the Misty the Abandone kitten and the Oscar s lonely Chritmas

  176. Lola


    I love animal books can you send some to our school because I love them so much that i need to borrow them. Now I’ve been reading dog magic it’s about a dog called sopie.

  177. lnewe10


    I love your dog books especially dog magic .It was in our book fair so i bought dog magic and cat magic for $20.

  178. lippy


    do you have a favourite one of your books

  179. Holly


    It’s usually the book I’m writing at the moment, as those are the characters in my head! Holly x

  180. Scarlett parker


    Hi Holly Webb, Your Books Are The Best Book Writer. Could You Teach Me And My Friend Antonia How o Write A Proper Story.
    Love From Scarlett

  181. Holly


    Hi Scarlett and Antonia! I’m so glad you like my books. The best writing tip I can think of is to keep reading, and try to work out why you like a book (or why you don’t!). And never throw away any of your ideas! Holly x

  182. Antonia Stevens


    Hi holly Webb my friend Scarlett wants you to come to her house on the 22nd November 2014 love from Antonia and Scarlett KISS

  183. raven harris


    hi holly i lov your book lost in the snow its the best.

  184. eloise


    wats you favert subgegt in riteing.

  185. Holly


    I really love writing about animals. But I’ve loved writing detective stories over the last year too! Holly x

  186. jessiejames5519


    Hi Holly,
    I was wondering when the next Emily Feather is out, it’s so interesting I want to know more! I think Emilys the sea monster thingy!!

  187. Holly


    Hello! All the Emily books are out now. I’m so glad you like them! Holly x

  188. Rose


    Hi Holly, I really like your books but I can’t find your Emily Feather books anywhere! I would really like to read them on the kindle, could you upload them to it please? Love, Rose

  189. Holly


    Hi Rose, I’m afraid it’s not up to me whether they’re on Kindle or not – you need to ask the publisher! Holly x

  190. lippy


    I love Emily Feather and the enchanted door what other series do you think I should try?

  191. Holly


    I would try the Rose books – they’re magical too, and set in Victorian London. I hope you like them! Holly x

  192. xxshannonxx


    h love your animal books please reply on email I would love to meet you from ShannonXXXX

  193. Holly


    Hi Shannon, I’m so glad you like them! Holly x

  194. Amelia


    Hello, Holly! My name is Amelia. I’m Polish. I love your books “Animals stories”. Are the best! I hope that soon we will write more books in this series. Love Amelia!

  195. Holly


    Hi Amelia, I’m so glad you like the animal stories. Your English is great! I think there will be more books in Polish coming out soon. Holly x

  196. Rachel


    Hi Holly I love all your books. I would love to read a story about a mischievous puppy or kitten. Would you write a story like that?

  197. Holly


    Hi Rachel. I already have! The series is called My Naughty Little Puppy. Holly x

  198. Naomi W


    Hi HOlly, I’ve been looking high and low for a Holly Webb Activity Book or Magazine. We live in a rural area and have looked in 4 towns and loads of shops. Where can we get one please

  199. Holly


    Hi Naomi. If your local shops don’t have the activity book, I would try online from Waterstone’s or Amazon. Holly x

  200. Suhani


    hi holly. im getting really desperate and sad beacuse iv been looking fro ages in shops and libraries but i cant find masie hitchins and the case of ther phantom cat

  201. Holly


    Hi Suhani, if you ask at your library they will order it for you. Most bookshops will order books for you too. I hope you like it! Holly x

  202. TC


    Holly webb I am riley enoging your books I am going to the Auckland libraries in may the 2 to get puppys talls thankyou for letting me read the reindeer girl from Tara age

  203. Sara Wilson


    I love your books holly-especially the triplets
    Where would you get them in India??

  204. Holly


    Hi Sara, I think you might need to order them online. That series is out of print, but it’s being re-released with lovely new covers in July. Holly x

  205. Daisy Anstey


    Hi Holly, I am a big fan of your childrens books. I have done my homework on you, I am in 3BL at Chingford CofE. Thank you for the lovely stories.

  206. HANNAH



  207. butterfly


    hay holly I wish I had a ipad I am jales

  208. 123ac


    i love your book my favorite is lucy the littest puppy.by ashton

  209. Mina Motamedi


    Dear Holly Webb
    I love Animal magic Story! I just finished Mouse Magic. I am very sad:( Are you writing more Magic Animal?
    sincerely Mina

  210. Holly


    Hi Mina, I’m sorry, I don’t think there will be any more in the series. Maybe you would like the Emily Feather books instead? Holly x

  211. Rose Millen


    YO, Holly & fans! I love your books, Holly I only started reading them because my mum got me them because my name is Rose!! LOL!

  212. Anna http://domowrotek.blogspot.com/


    Hi, my children love animals. We’ve got 5 cats and 2 dogs. Our favourites books are about animals especially about cats and dogs. We don’t have all your books because I don’t work.

  213. puppy girl


    hi holl youbare my favorite book writer i used to hatre reading but ever since your books came out i love reading xxx

  214. Holly


    That’s such a lovely thing to hear, thank you! Holly x

  215. Orla


    Hi Holly, Where do you get the ideas for all the books? I love your books. Orla

  216. Holly


    Hi Orla – lots of different places! Some of the stories have really happened – our family seems to have adventurous pets! Lots of them are stories I’ve been told by readers about their animals too. Holly x

  217. Isla M.G


    hi holly, i love your books and I am really looking forward to reading Maya’s secret! have you any ideas what book you will write next? can you write a book called my naughty little gerbil?

  218. Holly


    Hi Isla. I hope you enjoy Maya’s Secret. I love the idea of a gerbil book, I used to have gerbils. At the moment I’m writing a book about guinea pigs. Holly x

  219. katie.w4017


    Hello Holly Webb,
    I have read your new book Maisie and the stolen six pence and I think it is really good.

  220. Fan


    Hey,Holly Webb!
    I am your great book Animal stories and My naughty little puppy !
    Big books fan !

  221. Merlewae


    I have just bought the first book of Rose, and I must say that I love it. I may be 21, but these kinds of books are always interesting to me. I’ve just put in an order for the 2nd book :)

  222. ccowan


    Hi Holly! I wrote you a letter! Could you send me your address so I can mail it to you? thanks! -Mary

  223. Holly


    Hi Mary, you can send the letter to me at any of my publishers – addresses in the front of the books. Or scan and email to the website! Holly xx

  224. cats777


    please could you write a story about my naughty kitten?

  225. Rachel


    What are your thoughts about your book Max the Missing Puppy?

  226. Holly


    Well, I like it, but then I would, wouldn’t I? I hope you like it too! Holly xx

  227. liz321


    what is your newest book. I’m a fan love liz321 [my real name is lizzy]

  228. Holly


    Hi Lizzy! Newest books are The Scruffy Puppy, The Case of the Secret Tunnel and Emily Feather and the Starlit Staircase. Holly xx

  229. bryany alice


    hello holly !! i am a HUGE fan of your books !! they are amazing !! i am writing to you to make a request for a autograph from you as your books are just amazing!

  230. Holly


    Hello! You need to come to an event – keep an eye on the events page! Holly xx

  231. Kiarawizard


    Hello I just want to tell you that I love your books and I want to ask you Rose Copies in Latin America? since I’m from there and I do not know if all are written.

  232. Holly


    Hello! I know that Prumo have published the first book in Brazil, but I’m not sure if they’re doing the others. Holly xx

  233. Anna


    I’ve read through 3 of your books. I’ll tell you them – misty the Abandoned Kitten, Sky the unwanted kitten, and Ginger the Stray Kitten. I really like your books.

  234. annakatestack


    Dear Holly,
    What’s your address?
    Love your hugest fan, Anna

  235. Holly


    Hi Anna! If you want to write to me the best thing is to send the letter to my publisher – you’ll find the address in the front of the books. Holly xx

  236. sammi17


    Dear Holly,
    at my school in adelaide we have a library and we nearly have all your books i am so happy.Anyway do you have a new book coming. regards codi

  237. Holly


    Hi Codi! Latest books are The Scruffy Puppy, Emily Feather and the Starlit Staircase, and Maisie Hitchins and the Case of the Secret Tunnel. Holly xx

  238. hafsa saleem


    hey holly me and my teacher and the class read lost puppy and you are our class role model

  239. Holly


    Thank you! That’s so lovely! Holly xx

  240. 4EZ


    Hi Holly,
    We just read the first chapter of ‘The Lost Puppy’ and we liked it so much!!! We will read more books! Thank you so much!!!

  241. Suhani


    hi holly. i love masie hitchins and please please keep writing those books. xx suhani

  242. Holly


    Thanks Suhani! I’m just about to start writing the seventh one! Holly xx

  243. nicole


    i am reading one of your books (sam the stolen puppy) and i am really enjoying it i hope you can write some more books as they are so good!

  244. sophhpos


    Please write a sequel to mouse magic! I am 12 years old but I still love your books and the magic series is my favorite! Please it is really fun to read!

  245. Holly


    I’m so glad you like them! I’m not planning a sequel at the moment though, I’m really sorry… Holly xx

  246. wh


    hi, my name is Wesley. I really enjoyed your book alone in the night. I loved it so much that I am doing a book report on it and I need pointers for it. Thank you.

  247. suhani


    hi holly. today is world book day and im going to dress up as maisie hitchins in my school. xsuhani

  248. Fianna


    Holly webb it me again I to say say what is your biggest news

  249. Fianna


    hi holly webb I read two book s of your the secret puppy and buttons the runaway puppy and I love those books P.S Fianna big fan

  250. crystalinfinitedoe


    I want to be and author when I grow up and my inspiration was you! Do you have any top tips for being a professional author?
    Your budding writer Crystalinfinitedoe

  251. Holly


    Hello! My top tip is to keep on reading – the more you read the better your own writing will be. Holly xx

  252. Suhani


    hi holly. will you be able to come to the hounslow library in london treaty centre suhani x

  253. Maisie


    I love reading all of your books especially Maisie Hitchins! I have just seen that you are about to release a new one! I will look out for it in the shops.

  254. suhani


    hi holly . i was wondering if you might be planning some events in london.

  255. Holly


    Hi Suhani! Not at the moment, but keep an eye on the events page. Love Holly x

  256. abbiej2o1o


    Dear Holly,
    I have 13 of your books and I’m hoping to get The Scruffy Puppy next week at my schools book fair. I love your books and you are my favourite author. xxx

  257. Natasha


    Hi holly i love your books i have only read lost in the snow but it was great i love you xxx.

  258. holly b


    do you enjoy writing for all ages?
    what year did you start writing books?
    just to say 8 plus books are great

  259. Holly


    Hi Holly, I started writing in 2003, and yes, it’s great writing for all ages, lots of variety! Holly x

  260. madeleine


    HI HOLLY can you come to my school in syston st peter and st pauls academy to show of your AMAZING work to all of my friend and i can give you a tour hope you can come !!!!!!!!!!!

  261. Holly


    Hi Madeleine – you need to ask your school to contact the publishers, they arrange most of the events. I’m really glad you like my books! Holly x

  262. Sweetpop


    , the chocolate dog and holly webb’s puppy tales.

  263. NIKOL



  264. bryany


    hey Holly !! I am a HUGE fan of your books , they are amazing ! i was wondering if there was any way of me getting a autograph from you as your are amazing !! thanks <3

  265. Holly


    Hi Bryany, I’m afraid you need to come to a festival event or a book signing! Details should be on the events page. Holly x

  266. Suhani


    hi holly. today i got the kitten nobody wanted and i read it and it was so good

  267. jenjen1504


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  268. suhani


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  270. olamojiba joseph


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  271. ola


    I like how you described Emily feather

  272. ola


    when were you born and what is the website of your biography

  273. Holly


    Hi Ola, I was born in 1976. Go to find out more on the front page of the website for more about me. Holly x

  274. Jenavie Hammond


    dear Holly, i love your books so much! you put alot of work in your books and that what makes them so special! i even did your book Misty the abanded kitten for one of my book projects! i think you e

  275. Ellie Wright


    you are the best author ever and I love all your books. I especially your puppy book

  276. daria


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  277. calista


    holly tjis is a really good book 4 and of 5 beacuse i have not senn it all so far

  278. suhani


    hi holly.in my class we did a biography about people who inspire us and i chose you. it was quite difficult to get info about you on the internet.

  279. Holly


    Hi Suhani! If you go to the front page of my website and click Find out more, there’s lot of information. Holly x

  280. caitlin


    i love you book and can i have your email because i would like to ask you some question

  281. Holly


    Hi Caitlin, you can email me at the website, just go to Contact Holly. Holly x

  282. suhani


    hi holly. its me again. ihope you reply to my messages as im getting very ecxited about recieving a message from you.you can scroll down and read my other messages.

  283. hallie aspell


    hi holly i have lost in the snow, my naughty puppy,Alfie all alone Timmy in trouble and the kitten nobody wanted .
    i loved all of them .you are my favourite
    Auther .

  284. Natalie campbell


    Hi holly guess what I have almost got your whole collection of animal stories I have only five left to get!!! Holly I love your books you are the best author in the WORLD yours Sinsierly Natalie

  285. Keziah


    hi holly I am Keziah and I am 7 I like your book. from keziah

  286. Becky Buxton


    Hi Holly, I have just read the Maisie Hitchins books and I couldn’t put them down! I won a competition at school and got a book token – I used it to buy Rose! I loved it and am on the second!

  287. Holly


    Hi Becky, I’m so glad you like Maisie! And well done with the competition. The second Rose is one of my favourites, I wish it would snow like that here, instead of rain all the time! Holly x

  288. letty


    hi holly,
    i really love your rose series and your lily series. i was just wondering what era the rose books are set in ?

  289. Holly


    Hello! A sort of alternative Victorian time, about 1850ish. But obviously not that accurate, due to added magic! Holly x

  290. nameless10


    Hi Holly,
    have you won any awards for your books? If you have what awards are they?

  291. Holly


    Hello! No, not really, although Rose has been shortlisted for a Cybils award in the US. Holly x

  292. Lucy


    Hi Holly, I am doing my school project on books and have chosen you as my favourite author to write about. Dogs are my favourite animals so I love your books!

  293. Holly


    I hope your project goes well, Lucy! Holly x

  294. emily


    hi holly i love your books especially the wish puppy and the witches kitten

  295. LaineyAngel


    Hi. I am Elaina, I’am 8, and I’m from Canada. I love your books. Is Whiskers the Lonely Kitten the same as The Kitten Nobody Wants? They have the same cover.

  296. Holly


    Hi Elaina, yes, it is. I’m not quite sure why the title was changed – I’m really sorry if that confused you. Holly x

  297. Maya


    Hi, I am doing a book report max the missing puppy. I like your books. Would you send me a short bio for my cover? Thanks! Maya second grade

  298. Holly


    Hi Maya – if you look on the front page of the website where it says Find out more, there’s lots of information to write your bio with. Holly x

  299. izzy


    hello am izzy I love your books my younger sister now likes your books I got lots of kitten and puppy books im hoping to get some more

  300. Holly


    Hi Izzy! I’m so glad you like my books – and it’s lovely that you’ve introduced your sister to them too! Holly x

  301. Keziah


    Hi Holly,
    I am Keziah and I am 7 I am at grandma ‘s I like playing with the cats and dogs and help feed the cows and calves.
    I like reading your books. from Keziah

  302. Holly


    Hi Keziah – that sounds really fun. I’m so glad you like my books. Holly x

  303. Ellie Wagstaffe


    Hello Holly, I’m loving reading all your books and am excited about reading any new ones. I’m doing my homework on the fact that you are a role model to me. My favourite book was the chocolate dog

  304. Holly


    Hi Ellie – thanks so much for your message. It’s really nice to hear you like The Chocolate Dog! Holly x

  305. Kinga Cukrowicz big fanan


    Do you writre poems can?

  306. Holly


    No! I’m terrible at poetry! Holly x

  307. suhani


    hi Holly. when i grow up i want to be a author just like you.i am a animal lover.could you give me some tips for writing animal stories. in my class i am very good at writing.

  308. Abi Rosetta


    Hi Holly I am your biggest fan and I love your books . You are a amazing and I wish I could be like YOU! how old are you and what’s your best book and what’s your best pet!

  309. Holly


    Hi Abi! I’m 38. At the moment we only have one pet, our cat Milly. She’s living in a cage right now! She’s broken her leg, and it has metal pins in, so she’s not allowed to walk on it. She’s very grumpy… Holly x

  310. brie2362


    can i borrow a new book ?

  311. Holly


    Hello! If you ask at your library, they should be able to get them all for you! Holly x

  312. Suhani


    hi Holly. i really like reading your books and i like the way you build your stories.how do you create such good books? i espically love your animal stories

  313. Holly


    Hi Suhani, I’m so glad you like my books! Lots of my animal stories are based on things that really happened, and I spend lots of time thinking about my pets and playing with them. I think that really helps the stories to seem real. Holly x

  314. ayesha sanfo


    I love your my naughty little puppy books Ithought there was only sIx ,but there Is seven books so Iam going to buy I online .

  315. elii


    hello holly webb,your books are the best and also exciting
    I keep a book imagination and I do not know when you were born please and also the birth year on an answer I would

  316. Holly


    Hi Elii,
    My birthday is February 4th 1976. Hope that helps! Holly x

  317. ariele


    and how many years old are you and do you have a older brother or sister?BY-BY

  318. Holly


    Hello! I’m 38, and I only have a younger brother! Holly x

  319. arielle


    dear holly webb I LOVED your books you made .I read….magic molly the invisible bunny and the secret pony. I LOVED both your books so much that if I finished the book I hade to read it again.

  320. Holly


    That’s so nice to hear! Thank you! Holly x

  321. Zuzia


    I wish You a lot of ideas to new books in New Year. I wish You Happy New Year.

    Best wishes from Poland!

  322. Zuzia


    Hello Holly. I am Zuzia from Poland.
    I have 8 years. I like very much your books. My favourites book is “The rescued puppy”, because I have coccer spaniel : ) I wish You a lot of id

  323. Laela


    I a lot of your books I realy like them you are a juines I hope that evenntualy I will become as good a writer as you my name is laela I am your #1 fan i am 1 o years old.by.

  324. erin


    so cool

  325. issie


    hi holly you are my fave author my favorite books are the pet ones with the pets go missing or somthing like that are you going to write any more.

  326. Holly


    Hi Issie! Yes, there will be 30 in the series by next year! Holly x

  327. Cuteasba


    Hi Holly Webb,
    I love your books. Especially The Reindeer girl. I love your wintry tales books. You are the best author ever!
    From Asba.

  328. Holly


    I’m so glad you like them! I’m writing a new book about a wolf at the moment. Holly x

  329. shivani clancy


    Hi this is shivani again
    my daddy’s getting my book published! I can’t wait, my first book

  330. Holly


    That’s really exciting! Holly x

  331. Paulina


    I love your books could you make a movie on my naughty little puppy or some of the animal stories that would be totally cool!!!!

  332. Holly


    Hi Paulina – that would be great, wouldn’t it? Holly x

  333. sabrina


    hi holly.
    i am simply crazy on your books.Specially lily and rose.I love to read big books.Oh holly do plz write some new books.Yo books are super.

  334. hanifah


    your books are sooo amazing i wanted to ask if you could write some more of the special stories i think there the best ones i’ve read so far of yours the otheres are lovely too

  335. Holly


    Hi Hanifah – I’m writing a new book called The Winter Wolf at the moment! Holly x

  336. Michelle


    hi we are students from Germany and we make a book of them before. And we need the information when they are born. Greetings from Michelle

  337. Holly


    Hi Michelle – did you want to know when I was born? February 4th 1976. Holly x

  338. lilythepink1


    I love your books sooooo much

  339. julia


    Hi i am julia i love reading your books lots of your books make me cry but i still love them i like the best alfie all alone it was very intresting i whant to read all of your books bye

  340. Bethan


    Hi Holly! I’m doing a writing assessment and I’m a bit uncertain about it. Any tips?

  341. Holly


    Hi Bethan – that’s tricky to help with, but perhaps just try to use the most interesting words you can? And it often helps if you base your work on something that really happened, I often do that. Holly x

  342. issie


    hi holly,i love all your animal book.how do you come up with your ideas? i cant wait to collect them all

  343. Holly


    Hi Issie. Sometimes they’re based on things that really happened, or on stories that other people have told me about their animals. Even newspaper stories help! Holly x

  344. Amelia xxx


    Hi Holly I am doing a school project on fantasy and I chose to do Rose but my project is in for monday, what can I do? would you tell me what inspired you to write it and some info on you?

  345. Holly


    Hi Amelia, sorry I saw this too late to help. Hope it went well! Holly x

  346. michelle


    do you speak german?

  347. Holly


    Hi Michelle, no, I’m sorry, I don’t. Holly x

  348. michelle


    hallo wir sind schüler aus klasse 6 in deutschland und wir stellen ihr buch vor sam wird gestohlen leider wissen wir nicht wan sie geboren sind. Viele grüse.Michelle und Nora

  349. Keziah Jones


    Dear Holly,
    My name is Keziah and I’ve got one of your books at home. It is called Jess the lonely Puppy. I think it is cute.
    From Keziah

  350. Holly


    Hi Keziah. I’m so glad you like Jess! Love Holly x

  351. hailey


    hello I love your books.
    from a 7 year old

  352. Holly


    Hi Hailey! That’s lovely to know. Thank you! Holly x

  353. Lily :)


    Hi my name is Lily and I love your Lily books. I think it’s so cool having the first few pages of your books on your website because I can’t find any Lily books a the library. I love your books so keep writing.

  354. Holly


    Hi Lily – such a nice name! If you ask at your library, they will reserve the books for you, and usually libraries don’t charge for that, you might just have to wait a bit. Holly x

  355. Bethany


    Hi Holly, I was wondering if you had any writing tips on bringing the characters to life as you do this brilliantly in your writing! Thank you. Xx

  356. Holly


    Hi Bethany. Have you tried reading your work out loud to yourself? It often really helps, especially for speech. Holly x

  357. Freya


    hi Holly, I’m doing a play of Timmy in trouble with my best friend Maisie , Daisy, Phoebe, Seb and Alice. Do you have any advice for writing the script and doing the play? Freya age 7 xxx

  358. Holly


    Hi Freya! That sounds brilliant. The only plays I’ve written are very silly pantos for my Guides to put on at Christmas, so I’m not an expert. But I wonder if you might need to simplify the story a bit for a play? And you might find that some of the speech in the book sounds odd spoken out loud – maybe it needs to be cut down, or added to? Please send me the script, it would be lovely to put on the website! Holly x

  359. Summer


    hi Holly
    i love your books i love most of all rose
    please write back if you are able to
    love Summer

  360. Holly


    Hi Summer! I’m so glad you like them. I love Rose too. I’m writing a new book set in Rose’s world at the moment. Holly x

  361. Julie


    Harry – ,,Harry the Homeless Puppy”

  362. Julie


    Hi Holly!I don’t now where’s my question!My name is Julie I’m from Polad and my English i average.I love your boks, my favurite i ,,Rose” and Harry.I have your all book.

  363. Charlotte


    Hi there! I love your books and just wanted to say how wonderful book called the reindeer girl . I think it is so magical and heart-warming. How do you think up all these amazing ideas!?

  364. Holly


    I’m so glad you like them! The idea for the Reindeer Girl came when I was researching for The Snow Bear, and first read about the Sami people. I wanted to write about their amazing travels with their reindeer. Holly x

  365. Bethany


    Hi Holly, I really enjoy reading your books to my younger sister and we are very much looking forward to reading some of your new ones. Our favourite is Lost in the Snow! Thanks

  366. Se-Ri


    I’m a 10 & from MN, USA Can you answer these questions for my school project? What’s your favorite color? Where do you like to write? What’s your favorite food? Do you speak a 2nd langug

  367. Holly


    Hello! I love purple, and I write in a big purple armchair with my laptop. my favourite food – hard question! Chocolate? Maybe pasta? Cake? Too many choices! I speak French very badly, but I studied Latin and Ancient Greek at university. No one to speak them to now though! Holly x

  368. Julia


    And when is your birthday?

  369. Holly


    February 4th. Holly xx

  370. Julia


    Hi Holly! I’m from Polad and I love your
    book. My favurite book is rose and Harry. I love dog and cat.

  371. cerys price


    hello holly
    you wrote sam and the stolen
    puppy because i have got that book it is cool .

  372. jackie


    i was just wondering when will you make i mean fat books (i mean big big books!!!!!! ) sorry if i was rushing you.

    i hope you done day!

  373. Holly


    Hi Jackie! The fattest books I’ve written are the Rose and Lily ones. I don’t usually have a plan for how long they will be exactly – some are fatter than others! Holly x

  374. jackie


    it is pretty cool that lot’s of people like your books and my sis likes your books too!

  375. fatima dahar


    holly webb I really like you and you books very interesting . I think whoever is a writer should write a book like you

  376. elsabellsa


    hello holly!
    I am doing a project at school and it would be cool if you could give some information about yourself for the project! thank you!

  377. Holly


    Hello! If you go on to the front page and click where it says Find out more, there’s lots of information there. Good luck! Holly x

  378. Ruth


    Hi Holly! Im from Ireland and I love your books especially the Rose series.I love books with old magical houses. I’ve read all the Rose books and the first Lily book im going to read the second book af

  379. Shivani


    I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! Did you know that I am writing my own book which is seven chapters long and it is called the Minashker. Maybe you could give me a few tips on writing?

  380. Holly


    Hi Shivani! My most important tip would be to keep on reading, and read lots of different authors and styles of book. Holly x

  381. Shivani


    Hi Holly, I was wondering if you could tell me when the next book signing is, for I would really like to go.
    From your biggest fan xxxx

  382. Holly


    I haven’t got any events planned at the moment, sorry – I’m working on some new books. Holly x

  383. shivani


    Hi, Holly. At the moment I have just finished writing a book call the Minashaker, its got greek mythology. I was wondering if you could give me a few tips. From your biggest fan.

  384. shivani


    Hi, I wish you would write some more Rose books, for I adore them. They are so interesting. I also like the Lily books a lot to . And once again I love all your books!!!!!!!!!

  385. Jessica


    I saw you in the Isle of man and i have two Maisie hitchins three puppy tales and the chocolate dog. I liked the chocolate dog because it is about being with your family. xXx

  386. nina


    hi holly I love all you animal stories but my favourite one is the lost puppy ( you are my favourite author)

  387. Declan


    Thank you for these fantastic books. Sofie is a charming character but dogs really should not eat chocolate – it can kell them

  388. Holly


    Yes, that’s quite true. There is actually a note in the recent editions of Dogmagic explaining that only magical dogs should eat chocolate!

  389. spark master


    I am a big fan of you holly you are the best person ever i also like rosie banks spark master

  390. Emily sherwood


    Hello my name is emily .I have just finished your book The puppy who was left behind,and i am on The abandoned puppy and my dog is called cookie just like in your book!

  391. ella


    hi holly i would like to say I LOVE YOUR BOOKS
    And i am going to by one or two of your books
    love from ella….

  392. ella


    hi holly i would like to say I LOVE YOUR BOOKS SO MUCH.
    And i am going to by one or two of your books
    love from ella….

  393. Lisa


    My daughter loves your books and thinks you must like the name Maisie as you use it in your books!

  394. Holly


    Maisie is a really sweet name! Holly x



    I have wrote a book review for my school on the chocolate dog, I love the book Grace x

  396. ella


    hi holly, i love your naughty little puppy series. My favourite is Rascal and the wedding. Please can you write some new ones? from Ella age 6

  397. leila67


    hi, can you answer this questions please. How much kids do you have and where do you live.thx
    love leila.your biggest fanxx

  398. Holly


    Hi Leila, I have three children and I live in Reading. Holly x

  399. leila67


    this is one of my story openers.
    finally the day came when it was my turn to dive into the glistening blue sea. I sprinted along the cracked dull pavement, which led to the beach

  400. Holly


    This sounds like a really exciting start. Keep on writing! Holly x

  401. leila67


    hi, i’m a huge fan of YOU and the books lily there amazing.I myself will want to be an author when I grow up .I haven’t got started with the rose series but finished all the lily series.

  402. Morwenna


    i love your animal books i hope for some at Christmas.My favorite books are the animal magic series. :-)

  403. mabel


    dear Holly , I LOVE your animal stories !!! PPLLEEAASSE make more more more

  404. ROSE


    Hi Holly. I have read 4 of your books in the Rose series and they are really very interesting. I’m looking forward to read your other books too! You are really superb!

  405. kristaps


    i have the Smudge the stolen kitten book.

  406. Laura


    Hi Holly,
    I´m from Germany and I have read the first 3 Rose books!I really like them but when can I read the next one in German? Please help me! Laura

  407. Holly


    Hi Laura! I’m sorry, I’m really not sure. I’d have thought quite soon though, it’s been out here for a while. Holly x

  408. amelia


    Please will you make a book called amelia the troublsome puppy and make it a border collie and make amelia the puppy really naughty and on the the blerb put at the end of the sentence. Will she ever be traimed ? Please

  409. Holly


    Hi Amelia! That sounds like a gorgeous idea for a book. I will definitely keep it in mind! Amelia is a lovely name. Holly x

  410. EMILY 332


    To holly webb

    how much money do you get for writing books :-) :-)

  411. Holly


    Hi Emily! Just about enough, thank you! Holly x

  412. coni vigna


    hi, Holly I just finished 1 of your books I really want to read ginger the stray kitten , but since I`m a girl I really want ginger to be a girl. but you don`t have to cause that just be mean. What do I do ?

  413. Holly


    Hi Coni! Tricky one. The main human character is a girl, even though Ginger isn’t. Does that help? Holly x

  414. jessica


    hi holly i love your books and at the moment i am reading harry the homeless puppy i love it and all the other books which one is your favourite book my is lost in the snow

  415. Holly


    Hi Jessica – I really love Lost in the Snow too, because it was the first of my animal books. I’m so glad you like them! Holly x

  416. Grace


    I just got the first Rose book you wrote . so far I’m enjoying the book.Thank you!

  417. emily 332


    to holly

    i love your book i love love love catmagic :-) :-)

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    I love your books and I also love animals.
    I have a dog, she is a cavachon.
    I have read ‘Puppy Tales’.

  419. Fluffypig1


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    at my school we had book week and I found my secret kitten dairy/book I’ve only just used it once but it still looks good next time I will get a different book

  421. ola


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  422. Holly


    Hi Ola, I’m 37. Had to count up to check though – I can never remember! Holly x

  423. EMILY 332


    For school we had to write about are favourite author i picked you :-)

  424. Jessie


    Hi holly I’ve just finished listening to the audio book of The Abandoned Puppy. Pleeeeeease can you write some more stories about Cookie and Zoe?! I loved this book!

  425. Holly


    Hi Jessie! That’s an interesting idea. I don’t usually write sequels to those books (Lost in the Storm is the only one) but I’ll think about it! Holly x

  426. ruby


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  427. Holly


    Oh, poor you! Hope you feel better soon. Holly x

  428. ruby


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  429. Darcey


    hi i love writing stories and i am 10, have you got any ideas for a story? I’d love to get professional tips from you I love your animal magic books

  430. Holly


    Hi Darcey! My best tips would be to keep a notebook to jot down ideas, and never throw any of them away – sometimes I come back to ideas years later. And also to read and read, all sort of different books. Sometimes it can help to read books you don’t like, and work out why you don’t like them! Holly x

  431. Joan


    I am buying some books for two girls aged 4 and 8. Can you tell me which books are suitable. The girls are sisters and they love books. The 4 year old has just started school

  432. Holly


    Hello! The youngest books I write are the Magic Molly series, but I think even those would have to be read with the 4 year old. For the 8 year old, perhaps the animal stories, or maybe Maisie Hitchins, which is a Victorian detective series. I hope they they like them! Holly

  433. Grace


    Hi Holly I love you books so much and I’m always reading them .Your my favourite author and I would love to meet you.
    From your biggest fan Grace x

  434. Holly


    Oh, what a lovely message! Thanks, Grace! The next event I’m doing is the Bath Festival next weekend, if that’s anywhere near you. Holly x

  435. bryony love horses


    hi holly im a big fan as i love animals
    as we are doing a project at school i’m going to ask a couple of questions
    1 some sort of facts
    2 when were you born

  436. Holly


    Hi Bryony! I was born in London. Not sure which facts you’d like! If you look on the website front page and click More, there’s an article with lots of facts! Holly x

  437. PinkPrettyBird


    Hi Holly!
    I am currently reading Emily Feather and I absolutely love it! I really hope someday you will do book signing in Glasgow! PinkPrettyBird

  438. Holly


    I’d love to come to Glasgow some day – I went there this summer with my children, it’s a lovely city. I’m so glad you like Emily Feather! I’m just finishing the fourth and last book at the moment. Holly x

  439. Love_your_books


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    I Love your book:Rose and the secret of teh Alchemist!! Now I hardly know how it si to be a Fashion child… and of Cours th ecat wich kcan talk!!! LYSSSM

  440. djdogirl


    Hello Holly! I just finished reading Dogmagic to my dogs. What a cute story! We have a facebook page called Dori’s Stories and are putting up a little review today along with a photo.

  441. Holly


    Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it! I used to own a lovely dachshund, though not quite as clever as Sofie… Holly x

  442. annapiec


    Hi Holly,
    My daughter Anna loves the books about Rascal. Will there be any more ?

  443. Holly


    Hi Kelly, I’m sorry, I’m not planning to write any more of them at the moment, although you never know. I’m so glad Anna likes them. Holly x

  444. Sophia


    I really love your books! I especially like the books that are in the series, well I don’t know what series, but one of the books are Timmy in trouble. Could you write more of them please? Sophia xoxox

  445. Holly


    Hi Sophia! Don’t worry! I have just finished another book in that series, called The Scruffy Puppy. Holly x

  446. Sophia


    Hi guys! If you don’t read Holly Webb’s books then you should better start reading them! They are just totally amazing!

  447. Miranda


    by the way I am six!

  448. Miranda


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  449. Holly


    Hi Miranda! Maybe Magic Molly, or the Animal Stories? I hope you like them! Holly x

  450. elamiacass


    What’s your favourite character from the rose and lily books? And do we get a reply from you though contact holly?

  451. Holly


    Hello! It would definitely be Gus! Though I love Argent too, and Bella – and lots of them. And yes, I do reply – I recognised your user name, but seeing your email address, I remember my reply got sent back, I think you missed a letter out of your email ! Holly x

  452. Syrah


    I think you should get someone to make a movie of Rose! I think Rose should have long dark hair like the cover. Can you make more space for the leave a note please? Syrah

  453. Holly


    Hi Syrah. I would love it if someone made a film of Rose – maybe one day! Holly x

  454. Joan


    Hi Holly, I love your books! I’ve read the first chapter of Emily Feather on your website, can you put it on the kindle please because I really would like to read the rest of it! Joan :)

  455. Holly


    Hi Joan! I will pass that on to Scholastic, the publishers. I’m not sure if they’re planning to do Kindle versions at the moment. My Rose and Lily books are on Kindle though. Holly x

  456. Emma


    What inspired you to write Rose? And what fave you the ideas for Lily? Also, out of all the books you’ve written, which one do you like the best?

  457. Holly


    Hi Emma – Rose was inspired by a comment from my editor, about wanting to see how people became magical. And also because I loved reading books set in the past, and really wanted to write about Victorian London. It’s very hard to say which is my favourite book – it changes, depending on the day, and on what I’ve been working on! I do love Rose, though, as it was the first longer book I wrote. And Rose and the Magician’s Mask is set in Venice, which is a place I really love. I’m about to start writing another quartet of books set there. Holly x

  458. kelsey


    hi holly im ten and i have read all your animal magic books could you recommend some books by you

  459. Holly


    Hi Rebecca – I think I’ve just emailed you too! But just in case it’s not you, I’d suggest the Rose books, or Lily, or Emily Feather. I hope you like them! Holly x

  460. Emma


    Could it be about Rose’s house, and Bella, Freddie and Gus come for a visit where they discover a strange magical creature? They could need to find a forgotten mystery to save it.

  461. Holly


    Hi Emma! I really love your ideas – and that you want to know more of Rose’s story. I’m not saying I won’t ever write more about Rose, but I’m working on lots of different things at the moment. I love writing Rose and the Magician’s Mask, about Venice, so I’m about to start a new quartet set there. Have you thought of writing your fab idea for a Rose story yourself? If you send it to me, we can put it on the website. Holly x

  462. Emma


    Is it possible you could write another book with Rose when she was 11 with all the characters? I really miss reading about her and Bella, Freddie and Gus. They are unique!

  463. Caitlyn


    Hi Holly! I am a huge fan of your books. I got my first 2 for Christmas when I was in 1st grade now I am in 4th grade and and have read 8 animal books and 1 My Naughty Little Puppy

  464. Emma


    I personally prefer Rose to Lily because Rose just has something that makes it so enchanting! I haven’t read your other books, what would you recommend?

  465. Holly


    Hi Emma, that’s really interesting. I’m so glad you like them – I’m planning a new series at the moment, set in Venice, like Rose and the Magician’s Mask, but it won’t be out for quite a while. Have you seen the Emily Feather books? Holly x

  466. elamiacass


    your properly used to people saying they love your books but I do to! Rose and Lily are amazing as soon as I finish them I read them all again. I hope you bring out another girl like them soon!

  467. Holly


    I’m working on it right now! Honestly! I’m so glad that you like them! Holly x

  468. mia and caitlyn


    hi holly we love your books can you come to St Mary’s College Broome Western Australia

  469. Holly


    Oh, I would love to. I’ve never been to Australia. Maybe one day! Holly x

  470. Bella


    Hi Holly,
    Could you please write another series about rose just when she’s older or something like that? They are the best books ever!!! Bella xxxx

  471. Holly


    Hi Bella! I’m working on a new series set in that world, but with a different main character at the moment. But I do still love Rose… Holly x

  472. Tess


    Hi Holly! How are you? I have recently read the book Emily Feather and the enchanted door and I really enjoyed it. Are you going to write another book in the same series?

  473. Holly


    Hi Tess! Yes, the second book has just been published, and I’ve written the third book. There’s going to be one more, and I’m writing that at the moment. I’m so glad you liked the first one! Holly x

  474. gamesninja


    I had fun reading Emily and the enchanted door.can you tell me when the next event is.

  475. Holly


    Hello! The next event is at the Bath Festival – see the events page for details and a link. I’m really glad you enjoyed Emily! Holly x

  476. Lois


    Hi Holly just wondered if you could put your triplet books online to read first few chapters as I need them for my homework and they are the best books in the world!! From, Lois xxxxxx

  477. Holly


    Hi Lois! I’m really sorry, I don’t have the first chapters of those digitally, as they were published a long time ago. I’m so glad you like them, though – they were my first ever books! Holly x

  478. Eliza


    Hi Holly. I love the rascal books, hes so funny! What is your favourite book that you have read? And your favourite you have written? I write stories too but I am only 7 so not yet published!

  479. Holly


    Hi Eliza! I’m so glad that you like Rascal. I think he’s funny too – his naughty habits are based on lots of the things my dogs used to do. I have lots of favourite books, but I really love the Narnia books, especially The Horse and His Boy. The favourite one I’ve written is very tricky! At the moment I’m writing an Emily Feather book and a Maisie Hitchins book, and I really love both those characters. It’s fun working on them at the same time as they’re so different. Holly x

  480. jessy


    Hi holly!! How are you?? Could you please write some more books following on from the rose series I just loved them so much I want more! I couldn’t put them down! Thanks x

  481. Holly


    Hi Jessy,
    I’m actually planning a new series at the moment, set in Venice, but about 200 years before Rose’s time. I’m so glad you liked Rose! Holly x

  482. ella


    Dear Holly Webb i love your books so much

  483. Matilda


    Dear Holly you are my preferred author i especially loved Rose but lily waws fantastic as well I am also a published author myself even though I am only nine years old! love Matilda

  484. Holly


    Hi Matilda,
    I’m so glad you liked Rose and Lily! I’m very impressed that you’re published at nine – I was twenty-eight when my first book was published!
    Holly x

  485. Orla


    Hi Holly! Your books are amazing! Do you know if you will be doing book signing in Scotland?
    Love Orla

  486. Holly


    Hi Orla,

    I’m so glad you like my books. I’m not planning to be in Scotland at the moment, but I will put details up on the website of any events. Holly x

  487. Scarlett Oliver


    what date is your birthday

  488. Holly


    It’s February 4th. Holly x

  489. kathryn


    dear holly
    I really like your animal stories so please keep writing them I am reading the frightened kitten right now and I think it is fabulous . I love your books .

  490. kasha


    Hi, Holly. You are a really good author and I like your books. I like your writing and the details in your books. I don’t know what else to say but thank you for writing your books. Thanks

  491. Hamish


    Dear Holly,I really like your books and
    wondered if you could write a story about 2 guinea pigs?Sadly we had to give our guinea pigs, George and Weasel to the SSPCA as mum was allergic to them. H x

  492. Holly


    Oh, how sad! My sons are very keen to get guinea pigs, and if they do, I’m sure they’ll turn up in lots of books…! Holly x

  493. I love Holly Webb


    Hi! My name is Roxy. I love your books I’ve done some drawings of Emily Feather I hope I can send it you. I don’t know your email address though.

  494. Holly


    Hi Roxy! You should be able to email me using the “contact Holly” page. I’m really excited to hear from someone who’s been reading Emily Feather! Holly x

  495. gamesninja


    I’ve read Emily Feather and the enchanted door and it was amazing. I’ve almost read all of your books too. My family have been going to the library a lot.

  496. Holly


    Oh, that’s brilliant! Those books are really new, so it’s great to hear you liked it. Thanks! Holly x

  497. Scarlett Oliver


    Dear Holly
    I am a big fan of your books I sent you a letter have you recived it yet and if you have please please please write back
    love from Scarlett xxx

  498. Holly


    Hi Scarlett – I’m really sorry, I don’t think I’ve had it yet, but I do have a big pile of letters to answer… Holly x

  499. Rebecca beacroft 195


    Ilove your animalstories , you are my faviortet atheor

  500. bookworm715


    Hi Holly! My name is Orla. I have read all of your Maisie books and now I’m wondering what other books you’ve written that I could read, do you have any suggestions? Orla x

  501. Holly


    Hi Orla,

    The Maisie books are the only mystery stories I’ve written, but the Rose series are also set in Victorian times – although it’s a magical world, so obviously a bit different! Perhaps try one from the library?

    Holly xx

  502. corragh9


    hi holly . your cat marble looks like my cat mia.guess what I have 25 of your books.[I love reading].

  503. Holly


    25! Wow! I’m so glad you like them. And Mia is a gorgeous name for a cat! Holly x

  504. Aussie Isabella


    Dear Holly,
    I love your animal books .My favourite is Harry the homeless puppy.I nearly have the whole set and I’m excited to read the others.Love from Isabella

  505. jasmine


    hi holly i have e-mailed you and hope you get back to me!
    grate books i cant realy spell because i am only 8 years old love jasmine xxx

  506. Holly


    Hi Jasmine! Sorry, I’ve been on holiday! I’m catching up on all my emails now. I’m so glad you like my books! Holly x

  507. sidney


    Hi Holly, im Sidney. I love reading your amazing books!! what is your latest book?

  508. Holly


    Hi Sidney! The latest one is part of the Emily Feather series, Emily Feather and the Secret Mirror. I’m so glad you like my books! Holly x

  509. hollie


    hi holly I love your rose and lily books and in the middle of reading the second lily book and love it. I was wandering the address for the place I have to send a picture to. if you can let me know!!x

  510. Holly


    Hi Hollie! You can send pictures via the email address on the website. If you want to send it by post, the best way is to send it to one of my publishers. Holly x

  511. dharshnabaskar


    I love your books!!!!!!!

  512. Rachel


    Marbe and Sammy with the glowing eyes FREEKY!

  513. Lok Yin


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  514. Reema


    hello! i luv reading your books of magic i buy all of your books and i am a fan of yours
    love reema
    pls reply

  515. Holly


    Hi Reema! I’m so glad you like my books. Holly x

  516. jessica.louise.rose


    hi holly I have read mostly all your books I am from gmail you know Jessica Rose. Umm could you please right back your adess so I can draw a pitcure and send it to you. Jessica RoseXx

  517. Holly


    Hi Jessica Rose! To be honest, you’re best off emailing the picture as an attachment, as I have a bit of a backlog of letters to answer at the moment! I’m much better at email. But if you want to send a letter, that’s lovely. You need to send it to one of the publishers, and they will send it on. Holly x

  518. Carly


    Ohaiyogozaimasu ! Only kidding! I’m Scottish XD Anyways, People have said that Rose got married(?!!!?) I don’t know because I’ve just finished book 1
    Anyway why is Bill suddenly ignored?

  519. Holly


    Hi Carly. I’m not telling you that, if you’ve only read book 1, it will spoil it for you! Sorry if you feel Bill is ignored, he wasn’t meant to be! Holly x

  520. Reema


    hi, i love your books and i think you write the best books i have ever read.i like all the books you have written but the best collection i have is the rose collection i love it

  521. kate1098645050477980


    hi holly webb my name is kate delaney i love your book there are the best books from kate

  522. Isabella


    9 year old Isabella bought all your books that we could in Australia & loves them. We’re visiting London 2-24 September, any chance we may meet you? we will definitely get more books while there!

  523. Holly


    Hi Isabella and Natalie. I’m really sorry, I don’t think there are any events planned for September, which is a real pity. I hope you have a wonderful trip! Holly x

  524. Bianca #1 fan


    Hi holly! I love all your animal stories. I have got at least twelve of them. What inspired you to write the stories? And d you keep a copy of every book you write?

  525. Holly


    Twelve – that’s brilliant! Yes, I have copies of all them, in shelves in my workroom – they’re really encouraging to look at! I was inspired to write by working as an editor for several years. It’s a brilliant job! Holly x

  526. emmysjj


    You should totally like make stuffed animals to match your books. A Buttons one would look really look cute.(so cute!)

  527. Holly


    Actually, Stripes (the publishers) are thinking about doing just that. Let’s hope! Holly x

  528. Rose and the magicians mask fan


    Hi I’m a big fan of rose and if you can tell the one I love the most is rose and the migicians mask but I also like rosé and the silver ghost. :):):)
    Ps I can’t believe Im taking to you

  529. Holly


    I really love that book too. I’m working on a new idea set in Venice at the moment! Holly xx

  530. Bryany -ALICE



  531. Holly


    Hello! I’m really sorry, I don’t have any signed pictures! But if you want to send a letter you can send it to one of my publishers. I’m really sorry, though, I have a huge pile of letters to answer, some of them months and months old. I’m really finding it hard to keep up with them! Holly x

  532. Cat Girl Annie


    I’m over the moon you wrote back to me yay an author has written to me:)
    Thankyou, sorry if i am disturbing you!xx Annelie x

  533. Holly


    I love getting letters and emails, it’s just sometimes it takes me ages to answer them! Sorry! Holly x

  534. Cat Girl Annie


    Just to let you know Holly Webb books have made me love reading! I’m nearly in year 6 i m 10 years of age:) Thankyou byee!:):) Hehe:)<3x

  535. Holly


    Oh, that’s such a lovely thing to be told! Thank you to you! Holly x

  536. Cat Girl Annie


    I love cats, i am a cat lover! So..Hello!!! I love Holly Webb books, me and my mum have read a tone! I have 3 cats one called Mo one called Smudge and one called Harvey!!<3

  537. bookworm823


    Hi Holly! I have just started reading your books. They are fantastitc I am going to them all! My favourite book is Maisie Hitchins books. Do you have a favourite book you’ve written?

  538. Holly


    Hello! At the moment I’m really loving the Maisie books too! I’m working on the fourth book now, so those characters are in my head, and Maisie is a lot of fun to write about. Holly x

  539. smashalol


    hello , my favourite book is sam the stolen puppy. i think you should do another book called louise the captured kitten. thank you very much. i hope you are fine,.

  540. Holly


    Hello! I’ve actually just finished a book about a kitten who gets stolen! It’s going to be called The Kidnapped Kitten. Holly x

  541. kiki


    Hi Holly, I love your books! My favorite kinds are Animal Stories , I almost have the whole collection just need a few more!

  542. bry_wbu_xo


    hello, i recently emailed your publishers , they are going to send me a book by you which if amaizng but i really would love a autograph from you so how can i ?? xx

  543. Holly


    Hi Bryany! I only do signings at events or festivals, so you’d need to come to one of those. The next one is the Bath Festival on October 5th. Holly x

  544. Super Sophie


    Hi Holly! When did you start to write books?

  545. Holly


    Hello! I started writing about ten years ago. Holly x

  546. Kinga


    Dear Mrs. Holly Webb.
    I decided write a book Mile of an abandoned house.It will be talket about pretty black female cat,with ruby eyes,forgotten on the move.

  547. Holly


    Oooh, that sounds like a great book! Good luck with writing it! Holly x

  548. bigfanofyours


    what is the name of your fourth lily book

  549. Holly


    It’s called Lily and the Traitors’ Spell. Holly x

  550. lucy


    hi holly you are my favourite author ever i have read almost all of your books!

  551. June Star


    Hi Holly! whenever i m on this page, i would look at d books section. i realized tht d four friends forever was not there anymore. is it going 2 be published soon?Thanks!Best wishes!!!

  552. Holly


    It’s going to be published next summer, hopefully with the first book in about May 2014. It’s temporarily disappeared as the books page is being redesigned (so as to fit everything in!). Holly x

  553. Chloe dog 12


    what is your writing style i am a great fan my question is for school so pleasse reply
    best wishes
    xxx Chloe xxx

  554. Holly


    Hi Chloe. Funnily enough someone else has just asked this, so I’ve copied my answer from below.
    It’s a tricky question – my Rose and Lily books would be fantasy, and I should think the animal stories like Lost in the Snow would just be called animal stories. I’ve written a couple of animal stories, The Snow Bear and The Reindeer Girl (not published yet) which probably count as animal adventure. But I don’t think all books should have to fit into a category! Holly x

  555. shivani clancy


    where is the next book signing and when is it ? Thank you very much for answering my last question?
    Do you know that i write reviews about your books to my friends and family.

  556. Holly


    Hello! The next one is October 5th at the Bath Festival. Holly x

  557. Shivani


    I I was wondering if you could give me your signed photograph as i am a huge fan. i am 12 years old and i love your to series of books called Rose amnd Lily. could you please give me your email.

  558. Holly


    Hi Shivani – I’m sorry, I don’t send out autographs at the moment, the best thing to do is come to a book signing! Holly x

  559. Kinga


    Dear Mrs. Holly Webb.
    What was your first book in the series take care of me?

  560. Holly


    Hi Kinga. Lost in the Snow was the first one, and then Alfie All Alone (Pasikydusi sniege and Wroc Alfiku in Polish, I think.) Holly x

  561. meggie123


    Hi, my name is megan. At the moment i’m reading the first Rose book and it is very exiting! I’m looking forward to finishing this book and then the rest of the Rose collection! thanks, Megan.

  562. Holly


    I’m really glad you like it! Holly x

  563. tia


    hi i am new

  564. big fan sophie


    hi holly wow you had loads of pets i have got a kitten called amy she is black and white oh yeah i am a huge fan of your books i borrow them from the libary and try to bye some myself

  565. maddy


    i love your book the secret puppy
    and guess what! i am getting my
    own puppy soon and i am going
    to call it Barney .xxx maddy

  566. Holly


    That’s brilliant! Hope you and Barney have loads of fun together! Holly x

  567. bryonyfan


    hi holly I am a fan what is your writing style and at the moment I am reading the witchs kittens and the wish puppy hope you reply soon bryony thomas xxx

  568. Holly


    Hi Bryony! I’m really glad you like the books. I’m not sure what your question about writing style means, sorry! Holly x

  569. Holly


    Tricky question – my Rose and Lily books would be fantasy, and I should think the animal stories like Lost in the Snow would just be called animal stories. I’ve written a couple of animal stories, The Snow Bear and The Reindeer Girl (not published yet) which probably count as animal adventure. But I don’t think all books should have to fit into a category! Hope this helps, and thanks for your email – I think the email address isn’t right, though, as when I replied the server sent the message back. Holly x

  570. super sophie


    hello holly! what are your pets names?

  571. Holly


    Hello! I have two cats called Marble and Milly. Holly x

  572. Brooklynn


    What is the best way to publish a book?
    How did you publish all of your books?
    I love your stories! I am 8. I love to read and write and I read at 6th grade level and write at 6th grade level.

  573. Holly


    Hi Brooklynn,

    It’s quite hard to get a book published. I used to work for a publisher as an editor, so when I wrote my first book I was able to give it to someone I worked with, and luckily she liked it. But if you don’t already know somebody at a publisher it can be hard to get your book noticed. If you look at publishers’ websites, they should tell you if they will accept “unsolicited manuscripts” which means books that people send in. Good luck! Holly x

  574. Bryany Alice


    Hello Holly!! I am a HUGE fan of your books!i was wondering if there was any way i could get a signed book from you/a personalized picture?also whats your fav you book ever wrote

  575. Holly


    Hi Bryany. My favourite books at the moment are the Maisie Hitchins and Emily Feather series, because I’m working on them now, so those characters are in my head. I especially love Maisie and her dog Eddie, because the illustrations in the books are so lovely! I’m afraid I don’t sell my books myself, so to get a signed copy you would need to come to a festival or a bookshop event. The next event I’m doing is at the Bath Festival in October. Holly x

  576. Supeer Sophie


    helllo holly!! Whaat books do you likke writiing best?
    From Sophie

  577. Holly


    Difficult question! It depends on the day and which book I’m stuck on! I often write more than one at once, so if I get stuck I can move on to something different. Holly x

  578. Kittyylover235


    hi holly! i love your books!

  579. Emily


    Holly I love your books so much I have writed one like your books I am a animal lover too.

  580. Emily


    Hi Holly I have two kittens called Jasper and Pebbles and they look so much like Sammy and Marble Pebbles is a girl she looks like Marble and Jasper is a boy and looks like Sammy.

  581. mika gilbert


    hi holly,
    this is mika gilbert from New Jersey i would like to know the first book you wrote!

  582. Holly


    Hi Mika – I wrote a series of books called Triplets, and the first one was Becky’s Terrible Term. Holly x

  583. Katrina


    Hello Holly!I love your books!
    I have one of my Holly Webb books
    signed,Oscars Lonely christmas
    I went to gobbledy book or whatever
    it’s called in England!

  584. Super Sophie


    Hey Holly i love your books especially your puppy books! They are really cool because I love puppies! What is your favourite animal?

  585. Holly


    Hello! I’ve recently got a Bengal kitten, so at the moment, cats are definitely my favourite. There are some photos of her on the site now! Holly x

  586. Bryany


    hello, i am a huge fan holly !!!!!! i was wondering if i could get in contact with you via email or something as i have a HUGE question to ask !!!

  587. Holly


    We’ve had a glitch with the website mail recently but it’s now all working again and I will answer it, so please do email me! Holly x

  588. Rachel (age 9), Wicklow, Ireland


    I love your books. They are really good. I am a big fan. I like animals, especially cats and dogs. My favourite books are “Smudge the Stolen Kitten” and “Timmy in Trouble”.

  589. megan


    hi holly i love your books and we are doing a project at school and i choose ellie the homesick pupppy to be my fav!.

  590. Diya


    Hi Holly,
    Its me Diya again. Your books are great. Did you right some of your cats books based on you cat? I Love love love your drawings. Thanks, Diya

  591. Holly


    Hi Diya – yes, lots of them are based on true stories about my animals. I’ve just written a new book about Milly, my new kitten! Holly x

  592. jessica.louise.rose


    Hi Holly Love your animal books the ones i have read so far are Ginger the Stray Kitten The Kitten nobody wanted Alone in the night Sam the stolen puppy Harry the homeless puppy and lots more

  593. jessica.louise.rose


    Hi Holly I have entered a poetry comeptition and i have no idea what to write about could you please give me some ideas Love Jessica Rosexxoo

  594. Holly


    Hello! I have to admit I’m terrible at poetry, as I’m useless at rhyming! Good luck though! Holly x

  595. yasmin


    hi holly webb I am a number one fan of your books i am now reading lost in the i have a question what tip would i need to be an author?

  596. Holly


    My big tip is to keep reading, and think about why you like or don’t like a particular book. How would you make that book better? Holly x

  597. yasmine


    Dear Holly Webb, I just wanted to tell you that I really like your magic molly books. I would love to meet you, will you be doing any book signings? From, Yasmine xx

  598. Holly


    Hi Yasmine – the next event I’m doing is at the Bath Festival in October. Hope that helps! Holly x

  599. yusy


    hi holly
    I love your books especially the Rose and Lily series, I was just wondering if Lily and the traitors spell (book 4) had come out?

  600. Holly


    I’ve just got a final copy of it, and it’s published in August! Holly x

  601. E.P lol


    I love you ‘LOST IN THE SNOW’.Thank you so muck you helped my carry on my righting .The only thing that bothers my is my mum is not hear to read them with me.

  602. Holly


    I’m so glad you like the books, and please keep writing. Lots of love, Holly x

  603. Emma


    Hi! What’s up! I’m going to finish my new book today that I’m typing online and it’s called Tabatha the which. I’ve wrote a lot of books but, what inspired me was you. Love, Emma

  604. sophief


    I am 7. I live in Tasmania. I really enjoyed reading Smudge the stolen kitten.

  605. maisie smith


    To Holly, I love your Maisie Hitchins books, as it’s my name! I’m 8 years old and want to be an author when I grow up! Do you write your stories on paper or on the computer? Bye!!!!!!!!

  606. Holly


    I’m so glad you like Maisie – she’s still really new and exciting for me! I usually plan on paper, but then write on the computer. But sometimes I use a notebook if I have a long journey! Holly x

  607. lexie


    I have like all of your books. I have the lost puppy, magic molly, the kitten nobody wanted and like all of the my naughty little puppy books .Isn ‘t that COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  608. lexie


    You and your books are awesome!!!!!

  609. mariam


    trop bien le livre lily j’adore la magie !!

  610. lexie


    hi Holly, I love your books you should make some more . As my reading book I am reading The kitten nobody wanted ,so far I have really enjoyed it so much .

  611. ORLAITH



  612. Holly


    Hello! Yes, I’m writing a new Emily Feather book, and a new Maisie Hitchins book at the moment. (I have to be careful not to mix them up!) Holly x

  613. Hannah


    Hi Holly, you’re my favourite author, I was just wondering do you have any pets at home? From Hannah.

  614. Holly


    Hi Hannah. Yes, I have two lovely cats, Marble and Milly. You can see their photos on the website. Holly x

  615. Morgana Pendragon


    Hiya Holly,
    Just to let you know I have all of the rose books and I am waiting for the last lily book! if you had lost a book voucher where would it be?? I cant find mine!! x

  616. Holly


    Probably in a pocket of a coat where I’d forgotten it! Hope you find it! Holly x

  617. Lucie Earl 11


    Hi again Holly! I’m writing a new book about 2 bff’s that have to get rid of an unwanted ghost girl before sunset or the world will explode! What do you think?

  618. Holly


    Oh my goodness, that sounds very exciting! Holly x

  619. Lucie Earl 11


    Hi Holly I’m a HUGE fan of your books, I think they should turn the Rose books into films! I really want to be a writer but I’m not sure what to write, can you help me out?

  620. Holly


    Perhaps you could start by writing a diary? Or maybe a letter to a friend who lives a long way away? Good luck! Holly x

  621. Tamara


    hi holly, I read 6 or maybe 8 of ur books I want to write a story like urs but i’m only 9 i wish to write a story that u can maybe write after I send it to u. LOVE FROM TAMARA

  622. Holly


    That would be great, Tamara. If you send your idea, we can put it up on the website. Holly x

  623. kittydaizy


    hi hollly evry just books ofrom the libary and meant join them

  624. Emma


    I’mlive in a really faraway place from England and America. But even there your books have reached! When do you think Lily will be out because I can’t WAIT to read it!

  625. Emma


    I always find myself wrapped up in blankets of magical stories of your Rose and Lily books. I have written a story over 10 pages long and would never have done it without reading.

  626. Holly


    Hi Emma – I’m so glad you like them. I love the idea of the stories wrapped round you. If you like, you can send your story to be put up on the website. I’m not sure which country you live in, but hopefully Lily will be published for you soon! Holly x

  627. Emma


    Hi Holly, I think your books about Rose and Lily are soo AMAZINGLY brilliant I always reread them. They’re one of the books that have inspired me to read and write.

  628. catgile


    hey hollly huge fan

  629. Indiana


    Hi indi here , ok well I wanted to know if you had any series of any of your favourite books . Thanks p.s you are a great author . From indi

  630. Holly


    Hi Indi – I really love the Narnia books, and also Diana Wynne Jones’s books. Hope you like them too if you try them out! Holly x

  631. Indi


    Hi holly i love your book lost in the snow !
    Can you help me with this question ? Ok, I am making a book and I don’t know what to write about! Can u help ?

  632. Holly


    Such a hard question! Do you have pets you could write about? Or perhaps about your school, and make it all very normal until suddenly something strange and magical happens? Holly x

  633. Caitlin


    Hi Holly Webb i am your biggest fan i am researching you for my favourite author for school i hope to learn about you and how you grew up being an author.

  634. Madcatgirl


    Holly, I don’t really read any of your puppy books the only reason is because I’m not really a dog person. The only series of yours I read is the animal stories.

  635. SHIH TZU'S


    HI i love this website and could someone write a book on small cute dogs like shih tzus my dog is one and shes adorable

  636. priceje


    hi holly I’m reading one of your books love lydiaxxxx

  637. Haidee


    I can’t get enough of the LILY books! I have done heaps of things on it e.g. bookmarks and board game.

  638. horse101


    I love your book Whiskers the lonely kitten it is a good book

  639. Miss Read


    Dear Holly, Could you please answer some questions for my book club. 1. How many books have you written? 2. Are you going to publish any more books? 3. What’s your favourite book? Thank you.

  640. Holly


    Hello! I hope this isn’t to late for your book club. I’ve written about 70 books. I’m definitely going to write more! And my favourite book is The Horse and His Boy by CS Lewis. Holly x

  641. Brianna


    Hi holly, I love your books even though I have only read three of them I am doing a school project on you. I am wondering if you could tell me what town you were born in thanks brianna

  642. Holly


    Hi Brianna. I hope this isn’t too late for your project. I was born in London. Holly x

  643. Gillzanne


    Hello Holly,
    I am relly enjoying the Magic Molly books. I love to read.
    Thank You for lovely stories.

  644. jasmin


    I absolutely love you books and at the moment I am you using one of your books to help me with one I am writing . at the moment I am intrigued in lily and that’s the one I am using.

  645. lesle


    i absalouty adore your beautiful books i love animals

  646. lucy


    hi holly i love your books the so good i love to read ur books i have read all ur books i can’t wait for new books

  647. charlotte


    I love your books I always get them at the school library and there on my birthday list. thanks for writing so many fantastic storys.

  648. ELizabeth


    I love your books Holly .
    You are my favourite author. I am just starting to read the Magic Molly series.

  649. Eve3


    I love all of your books. i have read Lost in the snow, Harry the homeless puppy, the rescued puppy and Max the missing puppy. i would read them all if they were in our school library:)

  650. Eve3


    Hi Holly!You are currently my favorite author. I am ten years old. I have ridgeback puppy, she is called Maggie!Have you heard about Olivia?
    She is my BFF & her dog is called Jess

  651. Caitlin


    Dear Holly Webb,I love your books especially the Animal series . I have nearly read all of them! My favourites are Harry homeless puppy,Sky unwa-nted kitten & Lucy poorly puppy.

  652. Abbie8


    I’ve just finished reading The Lost Puppy and I loved it! So I am now almost finished reading My Naughty Little Puppy – A Home for Rascal, I can’t wait to see how it ends. Abbie

  653. Olivia


    Hi again, Holly
    Um…. do you write books for adults?
    Also do you write any other types of stories (eg: persuasive texts?)
    Olivia x

  654. Holly


    Hi Olivia! No, I’ve only written children’s books so far. And no, I haven’t written persuasive texts. (I have to admit I’m not sure what they are, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t written one!) My big tip for story writing is to keep reading loads as it really helps with ideas, and learning how to make a book work. Try and work out what it is you like about your favourite books – but you have to make the stories still part of you. It’s tricky! Holly x

  655. Olivia


    Hi Holly,
    We do quite a lot of story writing at school and i wondered if you could give me a few tips?
    Olivia x

  656. Iola 7


    I am writing about you at school & need to find out some facts about you. Can you tell me some fantastical facts i can write down in my book? Thank you.

  657. Holly


    Hello! I’m trying to think of a fun fact for your project… What about the fact that one of my dogs once stole a packet of biscuits out of lady’s shopping basket? I think that might be my most embarrassing moment! Holly x

  658. HANNAH


    Luv ur books Holly! they are sick!

  659. Grace Greene


    Dear Holly, my name is Grace. I am 7 and I live in Ireland.I love how you use your imagination for your books. My fave is The Wish Puppy. I love your animal story series. Please visit Ireland!



    hi Holly i love your books i have started to read jess the lonley puppy
    i love it i have also read lost in the snow a long time ago so i have forgoten what its about xxxxx

  661. Alicia


    Hi i am entering a writing contest do you have any ideas for me?

  662. Holly


    Hi Alicia! Sorry to take so long to reply! I hope your contest entry turned out well! Holly x

  663. Alicia


    Hi Holly I have got your books and i love them i always look in the box at our school libray for them .
    Is Sophy Willams your friend because she illusrater of your books?

  664. Holly


    Hello! I’m so glad you like the books. I’ve never actually met Sophy, although I would love to, her illustrations are so lovely! Holly x

  665. Rachael


    Hi holly i love your books every year i get one for chistmas and my birthday from your biggest fan Rachael.

  666. Lottie and Sofie are awesome


    Hi Holly! I was wondering if you were going to continue the Animal Magic series? I love it and I think another book would be fantabulous! Badger Magic would be a cool title. :-)

  667. Holly


    I love the sound of Badger Magic. I have thought of writing another book in the series, about the dragons, but not at the moment! I’m writing the Emily Feather books, which are magical in a similar sort of way. Holly x

  668. Elaine


    Hi Holly!
    I want you to know that I really like your books. I have lots of questions for you, but I’ll start with one. Where do you get ideas for all your books?

  669. Holly


    Hello! That’s a difficult question. Often people tell me amazing stories about their animals, and quite a lot of the stories are inspired by my own pets. And a lot of thinking and scribbling. Wishful thinking, too, when magic is involved! Holly x

  670. Diya


    Hi Holly!
    I love love your books. My favorite is Smudge the stolen kitten. I am your number 1 fan. Please write me soon. I want to ask you questions

  671. annakatestack


    Hi, Holly! I love your books, they’re so magical! I’m an author too, you know, so I’ve always wanted to be one, and I’m sure when my books are finished, I’m sure you’ll like them! Love Anna

  672. haileywonglokhei


    Dear Holly, I really enjoyed your new books ‘Maisie Hitchins’ very much. I can’t wait to read your third book in August. I want to be a detective as well. : )

  673. love puppies & kittens


    hi holly just wanted to tell you that i love your books

  674. Madison Gallagher


    by the way i an nearly in year 4 and i have a cat named Sparkles she is so cute

  675. Madison


    hi holly i am going to ask you some questions if you would be kind enough to answer them. How did you come up with the names of the people?, what inspired you to be a author love from Madison

  676. Holly


    Hi Madison. I never really meant to be an author! I was an editor first, and working with amazing books and writers inspired me. I often borrow people’s names from when I meet children at signings. I will store up Madison for another book! Holly x

  677. Tasmiyah


    It is so great that I am going to read all the books that you have written.I am going to start writing my own books(hope they come out all right,fingers crossed) PD

  678. Tasmiyah


    Hi Holly Webb! I have read so many books(my 3 shelves are stacked with them)but when I read Rose (recommended by my friend Jessica)I was astounded.From Tasmiyah :D

  679. anais


    hello my name is Anaïs ,i am french.
    I love your books rose!!!

  680. Tiana


    So can I please with a cherry on top have you address.

  681. Tiana


    Hi I am writing a school paper and it says to pick your favorite book writer and write her/him a letter so i am doing so know but I have to turn it in to school and it requires there address

  682. Holly


    Hi Tiana. I’m really sorry, it’s taken me ages to reply to this, so you may have finished your letter already. The best thing to do is to send it to Stripes, Scholastic or Orchard, the publishers. Hope that helps! Holly x

  683. Poopie


    LUv ur books

  684. Terry


    Hi holly! I love your books! I am entering a writing competition but i don’t know what to write about. I am really stuck!! Do you have any advice?
    From Terry

  685. Holly


    Hi Terry – tricky one! It’s usually easiest to write about something you know well (eg school, or your family) but perhaps introduce a bit of fun and madness along the way?! Holly x




  687. Kate


    Dear Holly,
    I love your books so much! Whenever I type a note, it comes out slow.
    I can’t wait to read all your other new books. From Kate

  688. Genevieve


    Hi Holly
    i’m still reading your books
    I wanted to ask you if your
    writeing a new book from Evie

  689. Holly


    Hi Evie. Yes, I’m just starting a new book about a Bengal kitten, because I have one, and she’s very lovely! Holly x

  690. magsta8


    hi holly i have been righting a book about you

  691. julia


    i love you and your books really!
    I leave in Austria,so i speek german…

  692. Daisy


    Deer Holly. I love your books. My mum reads them to me for my bed time. I am in grade 2. Your my fayvorute orthe. Sorry for the bad spellings. I am not good at spellings. Love Daisy

  693. Annynimous


    To Holly, I love your books. When I type it comes out slow. Is there a problum with the leave a note page? Or maybe it is just becarse of the internet at my house. From annonimous

  694. Holly


    Hello! I think it may be the internet – but I’m afraid the slow reply is all my fault! Holly x

  695. Bookie


    Dear Holly web, I love reading alot and lots of people e know I love books! But your my favourite author, apart from Duncan Ball and Cathy Cassidy.
    From Bookie

  696. Adele


    To Mrs Webb, I love the illustrations in your animal books! Please tell your illustrators that they draw good pictures.
    From Adele

  697. Holly


    I will, thank you Adele! Holly x

  698. Adele


    To Mrs Web,
    I love your books alot! I like the rose and Lily series the best but I like the others too! When I grow up I want to be an illustrator.

  699. Kestrel


    Dear Holly, I love your books so much, I can’t stop reading them! When I grow up, I would like to be an author, do you have any tips to write good stories?
    From Kestrel

  700. Holly


    My absolute best tip is to keep reading loads of different books, even sometimes ones that you don’t like much. It can be really helpful to work out what it is you don’t like! Holly x

  701. lily therin


    hello holly i <3 your book lily and the shining dragon and i enjoy reading them . from lily .

  702. francesca agyei


    i had a fun time seeing u at ascot library!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s my birthday party this Saturday and my achle birthday next Monday P.S I like the look of the snow bear book u wrote

  703. Holly


    I’m so glad you had fun! It was a lovely day for me too. Holly x

  704. emy


    Hi again and I wanted to tell you that I have a kitten called Ginger and he’s so cute and I think I’m going to put photo’s of him.And I’m going yo get a book called”Ginger the stray kitten”

  705. emy


    Hi Holly in school we had a book fare and I bought a new book called “Misty the abounded kitten” I think :-) and I already finished it in 3 days I love it and I only started reading your books

  706. Diya


    Hi Holly Webb!
    I am your number one fan. I have a couple questions. Why did you start to write? What is your favorite book? Do you like animals? Thanks , Diya

  707. Holly


    Hello! I started to write about ten years ago now – it doesn’t seem that long! My favourite book is usually the one I’m working on at the moment, so I’m really excited about Maisie Hitchins and Emily Feather, my two new series. And yes, I love animals, especially cats, dogs, and at the moment reindeer! I’ve just finished writing a reindeer book! Holly x

  708. Priya


    Hi holly you are my second best auther.

  709. Martha


    I like your books. My favourite is Sam the stolen puppy.

  710. anna


    hi holly! i love your books and i’m a big fan of them!! i especially love your animal magic series!! :D
    can’t wait for your new books!!
    ;) ~ anna

  711. SERENE


    HI! I REALLY REALLY LIKE YOUR BOOKS. I have two so far. I am reading “Harry, the Homeless Puppy” for the third time. I would like get more at the library soon. Thanks for writing these!

  712. niusha


    hi holly web
    I totally love your books they are totaly awsome! the first one I read was timmy in troble I love that book

  713. Alicia Bird and Erin Bibby


    Hi again my friend Erin wanted you to write about a stray cat that had kittens and one day the mother went off on a trip but one of the kittens got lost.

  714. Alicia Bird and Erin Bibby


    Hi we both love your books the. and were also wondering if you could write about a dog that was really crazy and silly but one day the dog got to crazy and they had to give him up.

  715. Holly


    Hello both of you! These sound like great ideas – thank you! Holly x

  716. shrocemm000


    I love your books! My friend also loves your books too. We want the hole series. You should make a lot of books. How many books do you have.

  717. Holly


    Hello! There are quite a lot – about 70 altogether! But if you mean the animal books, I’ve just finished the last editing bits on book 25, The Puppy Who Got Left Behind. It’s out in June. Holly x

  718. amy


    hi holly i love your books so much.

  719. EvieHollieWillow55


    I Love your books I love the animal ones love from Evie Armer 8yrs xxxx



    Hi Holly,
    I love your FANTASTICK books.
    I just can’t stop reading them!
    On 13th April I spent all day reading
    The Frightend Kitten! from Evie.

  721. Holly


    Oh, that’s lovely! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I can’t think of anything nicer than a whole day reading! Holly x

  722. Sonia


    I was a huge fan of your books when i was younger & I still love reading them over now. Thank you for your wonderful books! (:

  723. Mia


    hi i am loving your series rose and the series lily but can u give a sneak peak to me about the new lily book coming soon!!!

  724. Holly


    Oooh, good idea. I will see if I can get a chapter up on the website! Holly x

  725. Jessica Denton


    hi holly.i hav just sat and read the whole of timmy in trouble a few minutes ago.pls write a book bout a husky puppy pls pls pls.
    from jess.pls reply 2 this message.

  726. Holly


    Hi Jess! Do you have a husky, or do you just really love them? There are some husky type dogs in The Snow Bear. Holly x

  727. Smudge


    I really like the Lily books & I love your kitten books. I enjoy them so much. My favourite book is Smudge the stolen kitten, because it is so sad but with a happy ending.

  728. doglover2000


    iv just braught the chocolate dod

  729. Genevieve


    Hi Holly,
    I’ve just finished Rose and the Magici-
    an’s mask.
    I’m not sure about Gossamer,but i’m
    glad Mr Fountain was saved from Evie ,x

  730. Joanna


    Hi Holly! My name is Joanna and I’m Polish love your books there for me, you’re a role model and because of you I am writing this my book is called,, Fig, dear rascal” and write it on your dog :) I

  731. RACHEL


    Dear Holly,
    I really enjoyed meeting you!!!! Do you remember me? I was your biggest fan at the Sunninghill library on Tues. April 2 2013. Please R.S.V.P. soon.

  732. Holly


    Hello! Yes, of course. It was so lovely to meet you, and really exciting to talk to someone who has read all the Rose and Lily books. Thank you for coming to the event! Holly x

  733. madisyn


    hi holly i love u

  734. berenice


    hi holly I love your books they inspire me to write books when I grow up thx holly

  735. caroline bagley


    I love pets so I enjoy your books. but they make me sad

  736. rubyroxstar


    hi holly i am a massive fan of your books i have read buttons the run away puppy, timmy in trouble, sky the unwanted kitten and alfie all alone, sam the stolen puppy,+50 mor

  737. June Star


    books.I also saw from ur website tht there’s a story called four friends forever.Can’t wait to catch tht!Sorry…I couldn’t write everything in one letter… hehe

  738. June Star


    Hi Holly!I luv ur books!I would like to noe if Lily and the Traitor’s spell is published yet.I’m really looking forward to reading it.I’m sure it’ll be as good as d previous Rose and Lily”s

  739. Holly


    Hello! Not until August, I’m afraid! Hope you enjoy it though! Holly x

  740. LYNZIE


    I love your book Misty the Abandoned Kitten. And I hope you write many more books.

  741. Ellie Hendry


    Hi wow im actually talking to a fantastic author you are amazing . I loved your book called The Frightend Kitten it was amazing from Ellie aged 10

  742. rachel w


    Dear Holly, April 2, 2013
    I will see you at the Sunninghill today.
    We will see you at the library. My sister will be there to. I’m Rachel and my sister is Emma. Glad to meet you!!!!!!!

  743. Nara Villatoro


    Dear Holly Webb,
    When i 1st read your book i thought they were awesome!I had to write it for my book report and lend other kids to read them.They loved it!

  744. hannah


    hi holly webb mostly never write to people but holly i love your books they so sad my fav is oscars lonley christmas i love you and your fantasic books keep up your great workand amazing books

  745. annakatestack


    Hi, Holly! I love your books so, so much! I have 7 of them, and I’m becoming the first child author who ever wrote her first book series. You’re my favourite author in the world!

  746. grace


    hi i would like to do my home work about you but anything i search dosnt give me the answers can i ask you qustions what was your school called did you like school . from grace

  747. Holly


    Hi Grace, I went to a school called Old Palace, and yes, I did like it! Holly x

  748. Alice


    Hi my name is Alice. I’m your fan I have all your books in the series,, Take care of me “in addition, Fred was lost” and, Maks looking for a home “that in Poland have to go out in April. I have a question

  749. Jolie


    Hi Holly,
    I was wondering what age Dogmagic is for. Is it for 10 or 11 year olds?? If not, do you have any other books for 10 or 11 year olds??

  750. Holly


    Hello, yes, I’m sure Dogmagic would be fine for that age, but for older children, I would say the Rose or Lily books would be best. Holly x

  751. June Star


    Hi Holly! I love your books! They get me so captivated i couldn’t put them down. I can’t wait to read Lily’s fourth book! Is it published yet?I’m sure it’ll be really good!All your books are so interesting!

  752. Holly


    So glad that you like them! Sorry, I know everyone is waiting for the last Lily book. Out in August! Holly x

  753. Gabriela


    Holly did the messige come?
    I like that new book The Missing Kitten. It was great!

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    from ,johanna

  755. Holly


    You’re so lucky! And I love the names! Holly x

  756. Amelie (Again)


    Hey Holly just to let you know I’m 11 and currently reading Rose.
    Thanks, xx

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  758. Amelie


    Hey Holly I really love your Rose and Lily series they are amazing. Thanks for creating such a masterpeice
    Amelie xx

  759. Holly


    I’m so glad you like them! I’m trying to work on a new series set in the same world but many years before, at the moment. Holly x

  760. cho11


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    I love your books.
    I especially like the Naughty Little Puppy stories.

  763. ilovehollywebb


    What is your full name?
    What is your address? I want to send you a letter and questions you can answer

  764. Holly


    Hello! You can email me through the website, or if you write to the publishers, they will send the letter on. Holly x

  765. Horunic


    I LOVE your Rose and Lily books, and I was wondering if you would continue either series. I hope you will!

  766. Holly


    Hello! There is one more Lily book to come, and then I’m going to start a new series, set in the same world but many years earlier. It’s going to be about Venice, as I enjoyed writing Rose and the Magician’s Mask so much! Holly x

  767. Sharlin


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  769. Morris


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  771. Poo 123


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    Sooooooooo much holly next can you put the name Lauren ? Please

  772. amy lara 123


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  773. Holly


    Oh my goodness, that’s amazing! I think you probably count as an expert! Holly x

  774. anais


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  775. Holly


    Hello! I’ve got several new ones coming out – Maisie Hitchins and Emily Feather in May, and The Puppy Who Was Left Behind in June. Holly x

  776. Lucy


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  777. Holly


    That’s brilliant – I used to read in bed when I was supposed to be asleep too… Holly x

  778. Peyton


    Hi Holly! In your Animal Magic book series, you put “I must have done” a lot. What does that mean?

  779. Holly


    Hello! It’s a bit hard to tell without the whole page to look at, but probably that Lottie (I’m guessing) is agreeing with someone suggesting that she’s done a particular thing? Sorry that it was confusing! Holly x

  780. Emily Grace-Bolton.


    Hi Holly at the moment I reading ‘Sam the stolen puppy’ I love it. I think that it’s the best book ever. What is your fav book?

  781. Holly


    Very hard question! I love Sam, as it reminds me of my dog Max, who gave me the idea for barking along to a tune. My favourite animal book is probably Lost in the Snow, as it was the first one. I’m so glad you like Sam! Holly x

  782. Eve


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  783. Holly


    Hello! The next event planned is at the Hay Festival in May. I’m so glad you like the books. I don’t have plans to continue Animalmagic at the moment, but you might like Emily Feather, which is coming out in May. Holly x

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  787. Holly


    Hello! I do love to write about talking animals – try the Animalmagic series. You can buy all my books online from Amazon. Holly x

  788. Salehah


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  789. Jessicawinter1


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    i know a new name for anthor book Bella the silly dog
    love from Jessica xxx

  790. Holly


    Hi Jessica! That’s a lovely title. Bella is a really sweet name for a dog, thank you! Holly x

  791. cookie


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  792. Holly


    Hello! There aren’t any more Rose books, but there is a new Lily book coming out in August. Holly x

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  795. Peyton


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    P. S. Please write more Animal Magic books!!!! ~Peyton

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  798. Holly


    Hello! You can send me an email through the website, or if you write to any of my publishers, they will send the letter on! I’m so glad you like my books! Holly x

  799. petra


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  802. Shauntal


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  804. Caitlyn


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    For my HW this week, as part of world book day we had to choose our favourite author and research some facts about them . I choose you as I love all your books .

  806. Kaelyn


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  807. Holly


    Hi Kaelyn, definitely 37. Does it say 33 somewhere on here? Sorry! Holly x

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  809. Hannah Mc


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    I have read you books Chocolate Dog and Lost Iteen. I thought they were brilliant.Are you ever coming to Ireland?I really want to be an author just like you

  810. Holly


    I’d love to come to Ireland, I’ve never been, and it looks so beautiful! Holly x

  811. Lidia


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  812. SUNNY


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  813. rosequeeen@live.co.uk


    Hi Holly i’m reading your books rose and lily and the shining dragons and the blurb says George who is that????

  814. Holly


    Hello! Georgie is Lily’s sister – short for Georgiana. Holly x

  815. jazzybelle2510


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  816. Caitlyn


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  817. Holly


    Hi Caitlyn, yes, that was out a couple of years ago, I think. Definitely out now, anyway! Holly x

  818. Caitlyn


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  819. Caitlyn


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  820. Caitlyn


    Hi Holly! I love your books. My favorite is The Kitten Nobody Wanted. But I love all the ones I’ve read. I have 4 and am about to get 4 more. Please, please write back.

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    please can you put me in one of your books set in venic. thanks xx

  824. leyla2353


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  825. Holly


    Hello! Yes, have you seen the Rose or Lily books? Hope you like them! Holly x

  826. Grace


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  827. Anne


    Hi Holly
    I m 50 but am enjoying your animal magic series! do you realise that coffee, chocolate & grape seeds (raisins) are toxic for dogs , can b fatal? Anne M/hd

  828. Holly


    Hi Anne, yes, I did know about chocolate being poisonous for dogs – it’s mentioned in several of my books. I didn’t know about raisins, though, thank you! Holly

  829. Katie


    hi holly i have got your lily books i LOVE THEM there some of the best books i have ever read, i got them for Christmas and i am on the third book already!

  830. Animal Magic Lover 360


    Hi! Are you going to write more Animal Magic books? I hope so!! I think Ruby should be a witch! Sam and Joe would be perfect familiars! :-) Lottie’s mom too. With Barney. :-)

  831. Animal Magic Lover 360


    Hi Holly! I live in Indiana, USA and I Love your books! I have read all of the Animal Magic ones at least 5 times and I am currently on Dogmagic again. I also love your other animal stories. GL write!

  832. Peyton


    Hi Holly! How do I send you my sequel to Mousemagic?

  833. Holly


    Hi Peyton! You should be able to email it to me via the website – please let me know on here if it doesn’t work. Looking forward to seeing it! Holly x

  834. :*georgia


    Hey holly. I realy do love you. Your animal books are amazing but how come you don’t reply to me. My bestie kara loves you to. We have a book club me and kara are h.w I love you :)

  835. Holly


    Hi Georgia – really sorry if I haven’t replied to you before! I get a lot of comments on the site, and I try to answer most of them, but it can be tricky if I’m in the middle of a book. I’m glad you like the animal books! Holly x

  836. honey


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  837. Amy


    Hello! I’ve just started reading your Lily books, the first one is fantastic!!! Its my birthday soon and I’ve asked for Lily and the shining dragons. Is there any new characters in it? xx

  838. Holly


    Oooh yes! One of my absolute favourite characters! (The clue is in the title…) Hope you like him! Holly x

  839. mae mcintosh:)


    hi great books hope u write some more and hi alice white i saw what u wrote

  840. Caitlyn


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  842. Shannon


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  843. Holly


    Hi Shannon! I’m hoping to do some more books that are set in Venice, before Rose went there in The Magician’s Mask. I’m just starting to think about them now.. Holly xx

  844. Holly Webb lover


    Hi Holly!
    I love the animal novel strories. I have 5 and might get 3 more soon. I can’t wait to read another one of your books! You are my favorite author!!!

  845. Alice white


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  846. Holly


    How exciting! You’re so lucky, getting to have puppies! Holly x

  847. Ajka


    Hi,Holly. My name is Andrea/Ajka. I ´am from Slovakia. In Slovakia we have only 3 your books – Rose. I love these books, It´s a pity, that we haven´t more of your books. Bye :)

  848. Holly


    Hello! Hopefully more will be published in Slovakia – your English is very good though! Holly xx

  849. AIYSHA


    Hia holly i love your books I am reading Lily and the shining Dragons I wish i could write my books the way you do! How do you do it?

  850. Holly


    Hi Aiysha! I’m so glad you like the Lily books. My biggest piece of advice is to keep on reading all sorts of different books – and try to work out what you like, and what you don’t like about some books. All writers borrow – not whole plots or characters, but ways of doing things. The more you read, the more of a dictionary of ideas you have inside you! Holly xx

  851. mary kate


    Holly I have a boo k idea for you…. well you should do a sequel to Sam the stolen puppy called Sam in the city..I know that you can do it. Thanks holly for writing all the books.

  852. Holly


    That’s a lovely idea! Thank you! Holly xx

  853. None


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  854. grace


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    got a few and my nanny is getting me more!!!

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  856. India Smith


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  857. Gwen


    Im an avid reader and I havent bought Lily series yet. Im LOVING Rose series, and I would like to know whether the two are connected? Thanks

  858. Holly


    Hi Gwen! Yes, Lily is set 50 years after Rose, and Rose does appear in the two last Lily books. I’m so glad you like Rose! Holly xx

  859. ellie


    i love the books and can you hurry up and get the shy piglet out plz thanks xx :)

  860. Holly


    Hi Ellie, it’s been out for quite a while, you should be able to order it if your bookshop doesn’t have it. Or try your library? Holly xx

  861. ellie


    i have had lots of fun reading the book i am on with reading the witchs kitten that sounds very good and i hope i enjoy the rest of the books

  862. Scallert


    Hi Holly, I love your books. What is the forth book of the Lily series called? Thanks a lot and I can’t wait to read the next one!

  863. Holly


    Hello! It’s called Lily and the Traitors’ Spell – and it’s the last one! Holly xx

  864. Agnes


    i am nine and I love your books especially the stories about animals! Keep on going!

  865. Peyton


    Hi Holly! Are you going to write any more Animal Magic books? I hope you do! I’m writing a sequel to Mousemagic.

  866. Holly


    Hello! I’m not planning to at the moment, but you’re not the first person to ask me that! Brilliant that you’re writing one – why don’t you send it to me and we can put it on the website? Holly xx

  867. Peyton


    Hi Holly! I love your Animal Magic books! I have read all of them at least 3 times each! I also like your other animal stories, such as Timmy in Trouble, Lost in the Snow, and The Lonely Puppy.

  868. Gracen


    I have read every book in the animal series I can find here in the US. my mom buys them when she can find them, but is there anything you can do to make them more available in the United States

  869. Holly


    Hello! It’s a bit tricky as it’s up to the US publishers – but have you tried getting them from Amazon.com? Hope you can get hold of some more. Holly xx

  870. :*georgia


    Hi holly, I love your books. They just inspire me. Please bring more animal books out. My friend has lots of books signed from j.w all I want is something from you. I love you holly

  871. HollyWebbiscool


    i love your books your my Favorite author

  872. Fairest of them all


    I was wondering when the new lily book was coming out. I love your books especially the rose and lily ones.

  873. Holly


    Hello! It’s going to be out on August 1st, and it’s the last one in the series! I can’t believe it… Holly xx

  874. Zoe.lopezdiaz@gmail.com


    To Holly Webb
    I love all of your books. You are my favourite author. My best book by you is Sam the stolen puppy and 2nd is Ellie the homesick puppy.

  875. Estella


    Dear holly Webb I’m seven years old and I enjoy your books so much I have counted how many I have got and I have got 13 of them my favourite is The chocolate dog.

  876. Holly


    13! Wow! I’m so glad you like The Chocolate Dog – I really loved writing it. Holly xx

  877. june


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  878. junejunejune+


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  879. cloeviolet703


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  880. coolsahra


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  881. Neeve


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  882. Sarah (stripy808)


    Hi Holly! I just love your books as you know and I was just wondering, do you have a newsletter that you send to everyone? I would love to receive one if you have one.

  883. Holly


    Hi Sarah – I don’t at the moment, but that’s a very good idea. I’ll have a think about it! Meanwhile, keep an eye on the news section on the website! Holly xx

  884. Bookie


    My sister, Molly, loves the magic molly books. She would recomend them to all ages.

  885. Bookie


    I love the rose books, I have all of them. I would definetly recomend them. I also started reading the Lily books and they are really good.

  886. aliyah kamel


    Hi Holly, I and in grade 4 and doing my first book report on Catmagic. I wondered if you could tell me where you get your inspiration to write about animals & magic from? Your fan Aliyah.

  887. Holly


    Hi Aliyah, I’m sorry, I think you’ve probably done your report by now – I’ve been finishing off two new books and haven’t updated these comments for a while. I really love animals – at the moment I have two cats – and I wanted to write a book where the animals could talk! Holly x

  888. marry


    I like Rose´s series. I would be very happy if they had countinued.

  889. marry


    hello Holly
    I like Rose´s series. I would be very excited if they were still countinuing.

  890. Fan


    You write a book at this time ?

  891. Holly


    Hello! Yes, I’m writing two new series – Maisie Hitchins, a detective series, and Emily Feather, which is about a girl who discovers a great mystery about her family. Holly xx

  892. Mistyblack


    Dear ms.Holly,
    my name is Emma! i really love your animal story books! it’s my new favorite series! will you mak more?
    Sinserly,Emma H.

  893. Holly


    Hi Emma! I’ve just written a new animal story, called The Puppy Who Was Left Behind! It’s about a Red Setter. Holly xx

  894. Charlotte x


    Hi holly, my name is Charlotte and I just love your Lily and Rose books. I have read them many times!! I was wondering if you would maybe put my name in one of you books please?

  895. Holly


    Hi Charlotte! Lottie in my Animalmagic books is a Charlotte, although she’s always called Lottie. But I will definitely try to use Charlotte too. Holly xx

  896. maggy


    i love all your books especially lost in the snow and lost in the storm.

    Lots of love Molly Stevens
    Age 10

  897. Sabeeha


    Hello my name is Sabeeha Hasham and i just love your creative art and ideas how do you think of all of them although just by seeing your work i think i can also write some books.

  898. Holly


    Hi Sabeeha! The more you read, the more it will help your own writing! Good luck! Holly xx

  899. Tabby


    Hi Holly i have a question for you have you won an award? Pleas get back to me so shun as posable, you can email me.

  900. Holly


    Hi Tabby, no, I’ve never won an award! Holly xx

  901. holly


    hi holly
    i love this webbsite it is so cool it is disined to nicely i love your books. they are so calm and relistic i had one and it is my 4th time reading it i love it!!!!!!

  902. hallie aspell


    i have read Alfie all alone , Timmy in trouble and Lost in the snow . I love your books .They tell people to care for animals and not mistreat your pets.

  903. hallie aspell


    i have read Alfie all alone , Timmy in trouble and Lost in the snow . I love your books .They tell people to care for animals and not mistreat your pets. you are my favourite author

  904. Niusha


    hi holly,
    i read one of your books and i loved it!!!
    it was timmy in troble. i hope you will write more books. i will start to read another book that you rote now bye!

  905. Scarlett Corner


    Hi! I’ve started a new story called sunset and when I finish, I want you to be one of the first people to read it.
    Is that all right?
    Love from Scarlett x

  906. Holly


    Hi Scarlett – that would be great. Please send it to the website email! Holly x

  907. Arkie


    Hi Holly! is there really a 5th lily book coming?!

  908. Holly


    Hello – no, there are only four. The last one is due out on August 1st. Holly xx

  909. Arkie


    Hi Holly i am in a quarter of the way through with Lilly and the shining dragon and it is good! can’t wait for the next one! you are an awesome author!
    love from Arkie x

  910. Lidia2003


    Magic Molly-cool. I can not believe that “I’m talking” together Holly Webb!

  911. LOVE


    I love your books so much

  912. Jasmine


    Dear Holly
    I love your books I only have one but you have inspired me to write a book called A secret of an animals eye p.s I have sam the stolen puppy.

  913. Holly


    Hi Jasmine – you can send your book to me at the website email, and we can put it up in the section for all your writing! Hope it’s going well. Holly xx

  914. Magic


    Hi holly i love your story’s about Lottie and her magic powers.My Favourite character is Giles the hamster.I drew all the characters from the book including the enchantrece Pandora!

  915. Holly


    I love Giles too – he really made me laugh writing him! Holly xx

  916. RosieD


    8-yr-old daughter and I loved your Rose series and now looking forward to Lily! Superb books for sharing together – beautifully observed, nuanced and original. More please!

  917. Holly


    Thank you! The last Lily book is coming out in August, and I’m planning a new series set in Venice now! Holly x

  918. Maddzzz


    Hiya! Im a big fan of you holly Webb! I LOVE your books especially the animal ones-because I love animals. :)
    From maddy

  919. Ava wonnacott


    i love your new book “snow bear”
    it is a very heartwarming story.
    love Ava wonnacott 8 years old.

  920. natasha


    Dear Holly i love your books the snow bear is my favourite book because it is really sweet, i like it when Sara makes the igloo
    from Natasha Collins

  921. Bljohnson


    I Love you books

  922. Ciara Molloy


    My name is Ciara and I am 8 years old and i love My naughty little puppy and my older sister Eimear loves the Rose and Lilly books.

  923. jasmine


    Hi Holly quick question do you take ideas for storys from other people i have an idea for one and its about my pet called hammy the hamster but you could change bits of it (girl)

  924. Holly


    Hi Jasmine. Sometimes I write books based on stories people tell me about their pets. I’m not planning a hamster book at the moment, but Hammy is a very cute name! Holly xx

  925. Jasmine


    Hi holly my best friend bunny she loves you books she has got 4 of your books and loves them so so much this may sound strange but how much are your books and want to get her one jasminex

  926. Lexie


    I would love you to make more of My naughty little puppy.

  927. Holly


    Hi Lexie, I’m really glad you like them! Holly xx

  928. Bookworm


    My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the Rose series and so far the lily series and she is desperate for the next lily book – please hurry!!!!! Thanks so much!

  929. Holly


    I’m just working on the second draft of the last Lily book! Holly x

  930. issiebis


    hi holly webb please can you come to weston super mare and write more animal books and i read all of your books and love them your the best author i know. from issie forrister.

  931. Jessica


    Hello Holly,
    The Magic Molly book that I bought on World Book day is a favourite of mine. I’ve asked Father Christmas for the rest of the set . Can’t wait .. xx

  932. Jake


    hi holly i’m your bigest fan. ive read nearly evry book

  933. Emily


    hi holly,
    i have sent you emails and your not replying

  934. Holly


    Hi Emily, I’m really sorry about that – I’ve a feeling there’s a glitch with the website email. I’ll see what I can do! Holly x

  935. Kaylie


    Dear holly Web
    I love you books so much I can’t wait to read them every night. I think I’m your biggest fan. I’m trying to get all of your books. Your biggest fan Kaylie

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  937. Olga


    Hi Holly! I’m Olga and I love your books so much! I have a question…. How long does it take you to write a book e.g. Harry the homeless puppy

  938. Holly


    Hi Olga – the first draft takes about three or four weeks, but before that I plan the story out quite carefully which can take a while. Then I rewrite after I’ve had comments from my editor. It takes about a year for an illustrated book to go from idea to finished copies. Holly x

  939. molly


    i wrote a poem that got published[it was a competion] u gave me the inspiration it was called My Cheeky Romeo hes my puppy bullseyes my kitten and fluffy my bunny

  940. Holly


    That’s brilliant! Well done, Molly. I think the email system on the website isn’t working properly at the moment, but if you’d like to send me the poem I’d love to read it. Holly x

  941. Johanna


    Hi Holly Webb,
    Just wanted to leave a note saying I think your books are brilliant – and I love the website!
    Xx Johanna

  942. stripy808


    I am writing a book and so far I am up to writing chapter three. If I am able to, I will send you the first chapter of my book. :D
    Love Sarah

  943. Holly


    That would be great, thanks Sarah! Holly x

  944. stripy808


    Hello Holly! I just came to visit your website again and leave a note for you. I really do wish that I could meet you someday… :)

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  946. Bookworm


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  947. Bookworm


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    i love all your Lily books thank you sooo much for writing them your the best!
    from Arkie

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  954. kilasmyth


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  956. faduma


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  960. isabelle



  961. oscar



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  963. Holly


    Hi Oliwia – I think your English is great. I’m so glad you like my books. Holly x

  964. Summer Lankshear


    hi i have just read the first two lily books of the series they are great please could you write a book about a sleepover where they find a magic dog.

  965. Holly


    Hi Summer, that sounds like a great idea. But maybe you should write it! Holly x

  966. isabelletownsend


    hi love your books . are you doing any more new books? my faverite book is bottons the runaway puppy.

  967. Holly


    Hi Isabelle. My newest puppy book is out in January, it’s called The Abandoned Puppy, about a dog who’s left outside an animal shelter in a cardboard box. Holly x

  968. Annika


    Can you send me a copy of Dogmagic please? I have read Harry the Homeless Puppy and Max the Missing Puppy.Do you have any pets?

  969. Holly


    Hi Annika. I’ve got two cats, Marble, and our new kitten who’s called Milly. I will put up photos of her soon! Holly x

  970. Hannah


    hi holly,are you going to write more of those animal books? Not those ones that are naughty little puppy or animal magic books, the ones like the lost puppy.

  971. Holly


    Hi Hannah, yes, the new one comes out in January – The Abandoned Puppy. Holly x

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    I love your books, especially Rose! Keep on writing!
    Ellie x :)

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  976. Holly


    Hello! The last Lily book is due out next summer. I’m just doing the second draft at the moment! Holly x

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    I very-very like your books.
    Much success and keep it up!!!!

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    I am also a really huge fan. I especially like you’re Animal magic series.
    I would really like if you visited our school in Meath in Ireland.If you would

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  982. Holly


    Hi Ruby. I’m thinking about how to do that at the moment! Holly x

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    i really enjoy reading your books is it please can you come to Weston super mare for an event .keep writing more books and I’ll buy them. from Issie.

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    i am 10 years old now and i live in australia. i love animals, i hope you can come and visit australia!:)

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    My mum has just bought me Sam The Stolen puppy i have read 7 pages so far i hope it is good. from Hollie Xx

  989. kate


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    the kitten nobody wanted and the rescued puppy. im quite Yong. im 7
    i would love to meet you. thanck you.

  990. chloe


    dear holly, i love your books i have got loads do you have a new book coming out??

  991. Holly


    Hi Chloe,
    The newest book is coming in January – it’s called The Abandoned Puppy, and it’s about a girl who finds a puppy left outside an animal shelter. I’m so glad you like my books! Holly x

  992. Hollie Seymour


    Hi Holly, I am 8 years old and I am your biggest fan. I have read over 15 of your books and my favourite book is The Secret Puppy. I hope I get The Snow Bear book for Christmas. Love Hollie x

  993. Holly


    Hi Hollie (good name!) I’m really glad you like my books – I’m impressed you’ve read 15 of them! I hope you like The Snow Bear too, I really love it. Holly x

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  997. hannah bob


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  998. Holly


    Hi Hannah! The fourth and last Lily book, Lily and the Traitors’ Spell, is published next August. Sorry you have to wait a while! Holly x

  999. hannah bob


    hiya holly,
    i absolutely love all of your book especially lily and rose. i thought there were now 3 lily books but maybe not!
    i really admire you and i love your work

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    hello Holly Webb! I’m from Poland. I love your book “Sam the Stolen Puppy”! POLAND LOVE HOLLY WEBB!

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    Love Natalie X

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  1005. Lily Rose


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  1006. kat223344


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  1007. kat223344


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  1008. Holly


    Hi Kat – I love your titles, especially The Shadow Cat! Holly x

  1009. kat223344


    i love your books they are hard to get in irland

  1010. Scarlett Corner


    Dear Holly, I have read the hunger games books aand have been inspired to write a story called The Real Hunger Games. When I have finished it, I will send it to you so you can read it. x

  1011. Holly


    That would be great, Scarlett. My son loves The Hunger Games too. Holly x

  1012. mistee


    hi holly i love your books i am looking forwards to your new book ok got to go love mistee

  1013. Grace


    Im going to buy some of your animal stories i cant wait at all. Im so excited, i think iwill get Alfie all Alone! They sound so good!

  1014. Holly


    Hi Grace – Alfie was my first dog book, and I really love his story! Holly x

  1015. stripy808


    I am really excited until your new book that is coming soon will come out! I really want to get four friends forever and read it!!! Holly, you are my inspiration! :) (L)

  1016. Holly


    I’m sorry it’s taking so long to come out! I think it will have a new title too, but not sure what it is yet. There are two other new series coming as well – Emily Feather and Maisie Hitchins. Lots going on! Holly x

  1017. stripy808


    I just adore your books ever so much and I really want you to come over to Auckland so you can sign one of the books I have!
    Love Sarah

  1018. Holly


    I would love to as well, Sarah! Holly x

  1019. stripy808


    Hello Holly! I am just wandering when you will be coming to Auckland, New Zealand. I have been waiting so long until I could meet you and I really want to see you!

  1020. kittylover1414


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  1021. Holly


    Hi – yes, the new Lily book, the last one, is Lily and the Traitors’ Spell, it’s coming out next August. Sorry about the wait! Holly x

  1022. coolio6186


    Will you be creating any more Lily or Rose series?

  1023. Holly


    I’m not quite sure what will happen next in Lily and Rose’s world. I’m thinking about going back to Venice, but before Rose’s time. Lots of thinking going on! Holly x

  1024. Evetheanimalloverxx


    Hi Holly, I love your books! I am going to call my New Guinea pigs lottie and softie x

  1025. Holly


    Oooh, how exciting. I’ve never owned guinea pigs, but I think they’re gorgeous. We’re just trying to think of a name for the new kitten we are getting soon. Holly x

  1026. katrin


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    I love your books :)
    I love writing and reading and I especially love reading your books.
    katrin :)

  1027. Nanda


    I really like think fair trade first, for me it was an interesting book but i don’t find it in your web = ( anyway thanks for doing it .

  1028. Holly


    Sorry, I think that must be a different Holly Webb! I am writing some books about fair trade and environmental issues, which will be published next year. Holly x

  1029. Laura Mcgrath


    Hi Holly I luv your books and if I can’t get one on my hands I get really mad. Question When is Lily and the prisoner of magic coming out???? Ta!

  1030. Holly


    Hi Laura, you should be able to get it now, it came out at the beginning of October. Holly x

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    do like just so i can just have a look on the first page of the book so i no i like it
    it is called the chocolate dog and i like the cat called penguin

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    Love charlotte

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    Hi Holly! it’s rishitha i hope you keep writing more of those books but the next book you write can it be about a doberman and a shiba inu named captain and bubbo?

  1036. Holly


    Oooh, I haven’t written a book about a doberman, I’ll keep that in mind! Holly x

  1037. Isabelle Fountain


    Hi Holly!
    I love your Rose and Lilly books, even though I haven’t finished either… They are so good!

  1038. emily04


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  1039. kittensmitten1234


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  1043. eva


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  1044. Lela xxxx


    Hi Holly, me again, can I send the start of my story, The Disappearing Cat? The characters are Diana, Arabel (stole her from lily) and Ribbon, the talking cat. #1 fan, Lela. xxxx

  1045. Holly


    That would be great Lela! You can email me from the website. Holly x

  1046. Lela xxxx


    Hi Holly!! It’s my dream to be an author. I am writing a novel right now, The Disappearing Cat. I love Rose and Lily. You have inspired me so much, I’m 11. Thank you for the best books. #1 fan!!

  1047. Emily


    Hi Holly,
    can you writ a story a bout a dog or a cat called brain or Rodger?

    bye holly

  1048. Emily


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  1049. charlotte


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  1050. Viktoria


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    My favourite books are:animal storyes.
    My favourite book is:Timmy in Truoble.

  1051. fyona seguin


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    My favorite one is Harry the Homeless Puppy… do you have a new book coming out?
    Thank you!

  1052. Sophie


    Well, when me, Sophie and my best friend Mary were spending our holidays together, we found two kittens in the forest. The kittens seemed so sad.

  1053. Holly


    Oh dear, that does sound sad! I hope the story has a happy ending! Holly x

  1054. Sophie


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  1055. jojo


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  1056. BookWorm


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  1057. BookWorm


    i adore your Lily Books!!! they are so awesome! i can’t wait to read lily and the prisoner of magic!!! I am your BIGGEST fan!!!!! I am also a book worm!!!! :)
    Kristin x

  1058. Nichole


    I love all your books and wonder how old you are please keep writing love you

  1059. Holly


    Hi Nichole, I’m thirty-six. I had to count up, I couldn’t remember! Holly x

  1060. witchygirl99


    Hello! Could you put up an extract of Lily and the shining dragons on the website please? I love your books!

  1061. Rose fan


    Hi! I think your books are great! When is Rose set? x

  1062. Holly


    Rose is set vaguely in the 1840s, but this is a magical world, and some things are a bit different (which is very helpful sometimes for plotting!). Holly x

  1063. Raisa


    Hi! When is Rose and Lily set? I love your books! keep on writing x

  1064. Holly


    And Lily is set fifty years later, so 1890s-ish. Holly x

  1065. Raisa


    Hi! When is Rose and Lily set? I love your books and I can picture everything! Have you ever considered doing spin off stories, like Bella , Bill and Freddie? xxx

  1066. AzariaHoran


    I love your books they are amazing my favorites are rose and lily

  1067. kittylover1414


    So excited!!!!! Lily and the Prisoner of Magic comes out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! Although it might take longer to get here but I’m still excited!

  1068. Emzieshorten


    Hi holly I was recently a bridesmaid and your book my naughty puppy and the wedding inspired me to be the best bridesmaid I could for my cosin
    From Emily xx

  1069. Izzy


    i love your rose and lily books there the best :-)

  1070. Mom & Son


    My 10 year old son and i enjoy reading your Animal Magic series together each night. We are at the end of Rabbitmagic and needing to find the other 3 books

  1071. emma white


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  1072. Lulu


    Hi i luv ur buks so much i hav just asked my mum for all the rascal ones that r out she said i cud get a few of them!!! I am so excited that red all of the ones i all redy hav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1073. Lulu


    Hi i luv ur buks so much i hav just asked my mum for all the rascal ones that r out she said i cud get a few of them!!! I am so excited that red all of the ones i all redy hav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1074. AnimalLover


    Hey Holly! did you get the pic i drew you on paint? I worked so hard because it’s hard to draw on computers for me !
    I must choose a favorite book of yours! … which one though!?

  1075. Holly


    I’m really sorry, it hasn’t arrived – did you email it through the website? Holly x

  1076. nimra


    hi holly webb i have read harry the homeless puppy it was amazing please rite more lovely books they are ausum

  1077. Tiara


    i’ve got all your animal storie books, all my pets are named after characters from the books! at my school i was named biggest book warm of the year!

  1078. Holly


    Well done Tiara! Which pets do you have? You can send photos of them to be on the website if you’d like to! Holly

  1079. Kate


    Hi Holly, I love your series Rose!
    How did you come up with the idea for it, and all the names?

  1080. Holly


    Hi Kate, I’m really glad you like the Rose books. The names take a lot of thinking about (though not quite as much as titles, which I’m really terrible at!). Holly x

  1081. kittylover1414


    I’m so excited for your next book in Lily! I just can’t wait for Lily and The Prisoner of Magic!!!!! Just a week and two days!!!

  1082. zozo56789


    I absolutely love your Rose books and I cant believe I finished them! I just couldn’t put the books down! Your a amazing author! The Rose books are truly amazing!

  1083. maria


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  1084. zara


    i just love your books i had to give some books away but i keeped yours because they are so AWESOME!

  1085. lauren duffy


    hi holly webb i love the book max the missing puppy i have 10 of your books i yust love then i what to mack books yust like you i am 13 i have made a book but not ones like you it is lilly the lost cat

  1086. Andrea


    Hi Holly Im Andrea. Your books are great and always end happyily! :D
    My friend is Roxanne shes practically in my family! I hope we can meet!
    Andrea X

  1087. Roxanne


    Hi Holly me again! I have a name for a animal book maybe we can make ideas for Fluff in the Rain, sometimes. your great and I love this web-site!
    Roxanne X :D

  1088. Roxanne


    Hi Holly, I am Roxanne. I love your books. Out of all the books in the world yours are the best! I hope we meet in real life sometimes! You looks so nice to meet
    Roxanne X



    Hey Holly! i have tones of books i read already but i love your books the best oh and its Roxanne again! i loe you Holly i would love to meet you in person i love you! Love, Roxanne :D

  1090. Ellie Smith


    Hiya holly im a a big fan i don’t know where to start well first i have got 1 of your books called rose and the silver ghost at school we did a recount on our favourite author i picked you xxx

  1091. Dilan kocher


    Dear holly web, i am so sorry to wast your time. i am reading the kitten nobody wanted. it is a good bookn so far!!! by the way, i am on 103 page number. your big fan ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1092. cassie


    Are you happy holly webb i love the cat and dog books. My name is cassie and i am 8 years old and i am in 3rd grade. I love the books!

  1093. Specs


    Hi. First of all, I love the Rose books and i’m just about to start Lily. Gus is the best! Are any of your characters inspired by real people? xx

  1094. Holly


    Hello – lots of my character borrow elements from real people, and I think my main character probably all have a little bit of me! Holly x

  1095. Bbpuplover


    Hi Holly! Can you please give me some animal stories?! I’ve got the following:
    Ginger, Ellie, Oscar, Misty, Lucy, the kitten nobody wanted, smudge and lucky. (I used the animals names)

  1096. Raisa


    I love your magic books, Rose is one of favourite characters! I love Gus he’s so funny! I feel like I’m there and the characters and seems so real! I hope you do another series after Lily!

  1097. witchygirl99


    Hello! I absolutely love Rose and Lily- I wish I had magic! I know this is really early to ask but do you think you might do another series? Like Violet or Daisy? thanks xxx

  1098. Holly


    Hello! I’ve just finished the last Lily book, and I’m thinking about what to do next. At the moment, I’m wondering about going back to Venice – I really enjoyed the setting for Rose and the Magician’s Mask, and I think the magical world in Venice has lots more stories in it! Daisy is a great name though… Holly x

  1099. savera


    holly ive been waiting soooo long when is four friend forever going to come out

  1100. Holly


    Hello – I’m really sorry you’ve been waiting so long! I’ve written three of the books, but I think they’re unlikely to be published before next summer. Sorry! Holly x

  1101. chloes


    i love your books so much. If i could Holly I would buy all your books. I read them all the time and i’m only 9 years old I and started when I was only 6. I love your books and your creativity

  1102. loveroflilyandrosebooks


    hi there holly just wondering when lily and the prisoner of magic will be out because i am looking forward to it thanks xxx

  1103. Holly


    It’s out on October 4th! I hope you like it! Holly x

  1104. lilyandrosebooklover


    hi there just wondering when will lily and the prisoner of magic be out because i am looking forward to reading it thanks xx

  1105. Doge


    Hi Holly I love the Rose books they are amazing and cool. :)

  1106. guinea pig lover


    can you make more molly magic books and can you make a book about
    guinea pigs please.

  1107. Holly


    Oooh, guinea pigs would be a great animal for a Molly book. I’ve never owned any guinea pigs, but my children would love to have some, they keep asking! Holly x

  1108. laurensworld


    can you write a book called Zebra Magic or Giraffe Magic, or Tiger Magic, or Monkey Magic? I loved Cat Magic!

  1109. lucy oneill


    hi i love your books and i expeshaly like rabbit magic,dog magic,horse magic

  1110. lucy oneill


    hi i love your books and i expeshaly like rabbit magic,dog magic,horse magic

  1111. Elizabeth Atkins


    Hi Holly Webb i have a FULL colection of your books i’m doing homework and i’ve picked to do it about you because i LOVE

  1112. emmaprew1


    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BEST AUTHOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOLLY WEBB

  1113. Cat Lover


    Hi Holly, I really liked the Rose books you wrote! I wonder how did you come up with Rose she seems so human and so sweet. I wish I had a friend like her . So how was she made? Cat Lover. :)

  1114. Holly


    The books started off with one of my editors asking for a book about someone becoming magical – that was all she said, except to ask for no talking cats, which didn’t work! I wanted to explore Rose as someone who wasn’t excited about magic to start with, I thought that would be really interesting. And after that, she just happened! I’m so glad you like her. Holly xx

  1115. nathbatch


    so i’m guessing that you love dogs and cats defintley is my guess because all of them are pets or other animals.

  1116. nathbatch


    how hard do you concetrate when your writting my naughty little puppy because i absaloutly love my naugty little puppy espacialy a home for rascal and rascals festive fun!

  1117. Holly


    Oh, I’m so glad you like them! I really love the new covers – I think Kate’s illustrations are brilliant. I do have to concentrate quite hard, but usually I really enjoy writing (sometimes it just doesn’t work, which is when I go and drink coffee and eat chocolate…). It’s a lot of fun writing about Rascal because he’s so bad! Holly x

  1118. jordanna


    hi holly, i am your number one fan and you are my favorite author. i have read a couple of books and i am starting to collect them!

  1119. YamnaAhmadi


    Hi I’m Yamna and I’m 8 years old.Your my favorite author! i love your books.I love the lost in the snow book! I wish i can meet you in real life! Bye!

  1120. vicky


    hi holly i love your rose books and all of the characters were unique in their own way so maybe you could do a spin of series of bella or gus

  1121. Holly


    That’s a great idea. I have thought about doing more about Bella – I really wonder how she turned out… Holly x

  1122. candy


    dear holly i love the books you wrghht espshlly my naughty little puppy Thank you from candy.

  1123. emza


    hi hooly i would really like smudge the stolen kitten but you cant send books! ill try to get the book then if you cant really.

  1124. emza


    hi holly,i love animal storys i just got a pack of them with jess,harry,ellie and sam

  1125. emza


    i love alone in the dark im writing one called alone in the bush with the same star and jasmine and hellen and andy and the new one tinsel!!!

  1126. Holly


    That’s brilliant! If you like, you can send your stories in to be put up on the website. Holly x

  1127. Crystal5514


    Dear Holly, I absolutely love your animal magic and rose books. I really wish there were more in these series as I would be interested to find out what happens next

  1128. Holly


    Hello! Although there aren’t any more Animalmagic books (sorry!) some of the characters from Rose do appear in the Lily books. You get to find out what Rose did next… Holly x

  1129. anna


    i love the animal magic books.

  1130. kittylover1414


    I just finished Lily and the Shinning Dragons! It was awesome! I can’t wait for Lily and the Prisoner of Magic!

  1131. Naiha


    In love with your books started reading your animal books when i was little and now i am hooked by rose. I have got the first two begging mum and dad to get me the rest and lily

  1132. willow


    love all your books so much
    espeshely ginger the sly kittan
    i love all ofyour books holly
    make a book called willow the
    shy kittan please love willow xx

  1133. Holly


    Willow the Shy Kitten is a lovely title! I’ll definitely remember Willow for a cat name. Thank you! Holly x

  1134. Misty Wolf


    Dear Holly Webb:
    I’m a HUGE fan of your Rose books, and now I’m reading Lily too. You are an amazing author, and I hope that each book is as good as the last! From Misty

  1135. kate


    i love everyone of your books but im still waiting for your new lilly book thanks for reading.

  1136. Holly


    I think you should be able to get the third Lily book now – and I’ve just finished the first draft of the fourth one – the end of the story, it’s really sad for me! Holly x

  1137. at87984


    Hi Holly how are you going? frrom Anais and Kara

  1138. emily04


    Actually, its called Emily the cutest Siamese kitten. It does have some awkward parts, so…

  1139. emily04


    I’m making a book called “Emily the curious Kitten”. My name is Emily anyway, so I think you should make a book called “Holly the curious Kitten”, since your name is Holly!

  1140. emily04



  1141. Charlotte


    I have recently discovered your books and I think the Rose books are amazing! Your stories are truly magical! x

  1142. Hannah


    Hi Holly Webb I have read loads of your animal books. Please write more of your animal stories I have two more to collet. Jess the lonely puppy and Smudge the stolen kitten.

  1143. catmagic123


    your books are great my favourite is animal magic and your my favourite author

  1144. E rosalie


    hi holly i think you rose books are brillant i was wondering did you ever think of making them into movies?

  1145. Holly


    I’d love to have films of them! Hopefully one day…

  1146. Tyla


    Hey Holly, what/who inspired you to write books?????

  1147. Holly


    I first started writing when I was working as an editor – I worked with some amazing authors like Philip Reeve, and I’m sure they had a big effect on my writing later! Holly x

  1148. Darby


    Dear Holly,
    your stories are great but i’ve only read the rescued puppy and it gave me tear in my eye. It’s really a sad story but good to read it . From Darby

  1149. eloise


    i love your website i love the way you can read the blurb

  1150. lake


    i really like your website its awsome

  1151. Bridget


    Hi i am a big fan of you!!! i have 18 books of your cat and dog ones like jess the lonley puppy your books are my fav i have always wanted to meet you but now i am talking to you !!! from big fan!!

  1152. Bridget


    Hi, I am a biggest fan!!!!!!!! of you!! I have 18 of your books!! You are my fav author!! I am 10 years old and your books are my fav I have always wanted to meet you but now I am taking to you!!

  1153. One Directioner


    Hello, what inspired Holly Webb To Be an author?????

  1154. MACKEY


    hi holly iam collecting your rose books at the moment i also have ginger the stray kitten, sam the stolen puppy, timmiy in trouble and harry the homeless puppy bye for now

  1155. caitlyn


    hi HOLLY
    i love your lily books lily & lily and the shining dragons how many more are there? and what are their names
    caitlyn xxxx

  1156. Holly


    Hi Caitlyn – I’m writing the last Lily book at the moment. It’s called Lily and the Traitors’ Spell. The third book is just out, and that’s called Lily and the Prisoner of Magic. Holly x

  1157. aaqsa


    i am doing a project on you can you give us facts about you. bye

  1158. Holly


    Hello Aaqsa – have a look at the information on the rest of the website. Holly x

  1159. love your books


    hello i luv your website and ally your books how many autographs have you given?

  1160. Holly


    I really don’t know! I sign lots of books when I do events, so I’m not sure how many I’ve signed! Holly x

  1161. love your books


    >D hey i lo0ve your books this is my 4th message

  1162. love your books


    hi i have read 8 of your books plz answer my question how many years have you been writing books?

  1163. Holly


    Hi Lanaea, sorry to take a while to answer your questions, I’ve been away on camp with my Guides this last week. I’ve been writing for nearly nine years! Holly x

  1164. love your books


    hello i love your website and plz answer my question im from australia but im english my name is Lanaea its an english name

  1165. love your books


    hello love your books love alfie all alone how many people have actually come to you and asked for and autograph?

  1166. Lanaea


    hello how are you i really like your books i love Alfie all alone it was a sad book in the middle but at the end it was good i dont like baby Sam and Evie should have been more better to alfie

  1167. Aaqsa


    hello Holly Webb we are doing a project on you um we would like to find some info on you bye and thanks

  1168. Abby


    Hi Holly your books have inspired me to write great stories just like you. If you could write a story about a kitten that had a horrible owner then ended up in a better place that would be great.

  1169. Kittylover1414


    Did you ever think about making Lizardmagic? I haven’t finished Mousemagic, but I want to know more about if Joe and Sam are dragons, I’m not sure if it says so in Mousemagic

  1170. Holly


    They’re definitely dragons! It would be great to go back to their story one day, but I’m not planning any more books in that series at the moment. Sorry! Holly x

  1171. Scarlett corner


    Dear Holly, Could you please check your hotmail because I have sent you an email with one of my stories. I haven’t had a reply yet so I want to tell you that I’m waiting for one. Love Scarlett x

  1172. Holly


    Hi Scarlett! I’ve got your mail, and will definitely read the story. Please can we put it up on the website? Holly x

  1173. Emily


    Hello Holly, I was just thinking how amazing your puppy and kitten books are. I am writing short stories but I haven’t published them yet.

  1174. tylah


    the message that says yylah is meant to say tylah

  1175. yylah


    i love holly web

  1176. MeLissa


    Hi holly,big fan of yours I wrte poem book and they are called the adventures of the runaway pups about my dogs why do you write books about animals ?please please reply xxx

  1177. Holly


    Hi Melissa – I love animals, and I’ve always had pets, so I really enjoy writing about them! Holly x

  1178. Eliana


    Hi Holly!
    I loved your Rose books, and my favourite character was definitely
    Gus! What gave you the idea for him? I wish my cat was that cool! x

  1179. Holly


    Exactly! I loved writing about Gus because I would love to have a Gus too! Holly x

  1180. niamh lynch


    im just saing thanks for writing the books ive injoyed reading them ive read buttons the runaway puppy, timmy in trouble, ellie the home sick puppy and sky the unwanted kitten thanks a million

  1181. Milly


    Hi holly ,I love your books I cried on one of them!i love writing poems and stories about anything but how did you become an author ?i really want to be one when I grow up!

  1182. Holly


    Hi Milly. I used to work as an editor, and my first book was written because I came up with the idea for someone else to write – but I liked it too much to let another author write it! Holly x

  1183. clarebear


    hi Holly I love your books they are fab i wish i could be an author when im older so i can write books like you

  1184. chloe


    hey holly, i just got your postcard you sent me! Thank you for the information!bye!

  1185. enyee


    hi holly,
    i lve your rose books.i have just finished the first book of the lily series. keep on writing your doing great!

  1186. chloe


    hi holly, and yeah i suppose me and Nicole do act like each other but we do have are different personality’s !So whens youtr next animal story coming out?

  1187. Holly


    Hi Chloe! The Secret Puppy has just come out, and the newest one is called The Chocolate Dog. Then The Snow Bear is in October, in hardback, very exciting! Holly x

  1188. Ania


    Piszesz świetne książki! A zwłaszcza “Zaopiekuj się mną”! Uwielbiam Cię!

  1189. husky-mad


    hi holly i am your biggest fan i only read your books.pls can u write a book bout a husky or a corgi pls.pls reply to this meassage.holly.

  1190. Holly


    Ooh, I haven’t written about either of those! Maybe I should write a corgi book about the queen! Holly x

  1191. Serena Bluemoon


    Hey, Holly Can you please tel me if you want your Book Rose an the Silver Ghost in German? I love the other Rose Books!

  1192. Holly


    Hello! I think it will be soon, but I haven’t seen the German version of that one yet. I’m so glad you like them! Holly x

  1193. Husky-mad


    Hi holly.could you write a book about a husky or a corgi just for me??hav just finished reading Loads of your books.pls reply to this message holly. I only read your books there great.pls pls

  1194. Embem


    hey holly, I love your Rose Books they’re amazing!!!

  1195. olivia


    dare Holly I love a cat called penguin I thike i will rite to You

  1196. Holly


    I’m so glad! You’re the first person to tell me they’ve read that one! Holly x

  1197. tucimpy


    Hi Holly I love the Rose series there great i look forward to reading Lily

  1198. ice cream


    hi Holly it would be so cool if you wrote a new series about a majition called Caitlyn because it is an unushiwell spelling and it is my name by the way i love all the Rose books from Caitlyn

  1199. Holly


    It’s a lovely name, Caitlyn, I’ll remember it! Holly x

  1200. ceeden


    I love your books!!! Even though I only read three so far…
    I am looking forward to reading all of them!!!

  1201. Kittylover1414


    I love your Rose series! It’s my favourite series that you’ve written! I’m excited for Lily. My friend she got the book Rose, but sadly she can’t read it because it got wet so she has to get a new copy

  1202. hazelnuts :D


    I really like your books, especially the ‘Rose’ and ‘Lily’ series. Are they available in Singapore? Cause I would like to buy one for my b’day. :D

  1203. Holly


    I think they should be. Or could you order them from Amazon maybe? I’m so glad you like them! Holly x

  1204. Holly Webb Rock's


    From the books i’ve read like Lucy the poorly puppy and her other books in the group that I have read so far I absolutly love the way Holly writes and tell’s her story. HOLLY WEBB ROCK’S

  1205. KatelynTarver


    Hi, I was wondering, what is you favorite carnivle food? I am doing a paper just for fun and I need to know.

  1206. Holly


    Hmm, carnival food. Maybe candy floss? I love the colour, and the way it melts! Holly x

  1207. emily04


    2 of your cats, Marble and Sammie, remind me of my kitten Alwo at my dads!

  1208. Kikki in NZ


    I love your Magic Molly books!. They are very imaginative and have lots of description .My fav book is Wish Puppy. Someday I want to be a writer just like you. I am looking foward to reading Rose

  1209. unushah


    i have read magic molly and it is a really good book

  1210. Jessie


    hi holly love your new book lilly have already read it twice!!!

  1211. Desiree


    Hi Holly Webb
    My name is Desiree and Im 8 years old. I think your books are GREAT!
    I hope you write more books.

  1212. Desiree


    Hi Holly Webb
    My name is Desiree and Im 8 years old. I think your books are GREAT!

  1213. jan


    hey, whats ur most fav book u wrote??

  1214. Holly


    Hi Jan – it’s almost always the book I’m in the middle of, or that I’ve just finished, because those are the characters that are in my head at the time! Does that make sense? Having said that, I do really love Lost in the Snow, my first animal book, and also Rose and Lily – those are books that I would have loved to read as a child, I think. Holly x

  1215. Bethan


    Hi Holly, I love all your books and want to write my own but I haven’t a clue what to write about. Have you got any ideas?? :-)

  1216. Holly


    Ooh, tricky, Bethan. What do you most love doing? Could you write about that? I like writing books about things that I know, but adding a twist too. I’ve recently written a book about a polar bear (I love polar bears!) but there’s all sorts of magic and strangeness involved too… Holly x

  1217. Anais


    hi Holly today I went in to a book shop and I saw a book by you it was called Lilly from Anais

  1218. Anais


    dear Holly I love your books!Do you love your book?

  1219. Holly


    Hi Anais – most of the time I do! Sometimes in the middle of a book I get stuck, and that can be really annoying! Holly x

  1220. Paigewaigey


    Heyyy Holly i love your book sam the stolen puppy its one of my fav books i had read it for my english projet and its amazing i hope you write back to me dkits amaxinf

  1221. Holly


    Hi Paige! I’m glad you like it! I based Sam “singing” on my dog Max (photo in the pets section) who used to sing along with my brother playing the clarinet! Holly x

  1222. Roselover


    Thank you for your wonderful books!
    I love the Rose books, I am currently reading Rose and the lost princess, on page 233, where rose is pretending to be Princess Jane at the banquet.

  1223. Holly


    I love that one! It’s taken me a while to reply and you may have finished the book by now, but when you get to the part with the golden bird, that’s one of my favourite bits! I had the idea for the bird while I was walking home from taking my children to school, and I was completely distracted when I was doing the shopping after that! Holly x

  1224. Audrey


    Hello, Holly!
    I think your Rose books are super!
    I’ve read books 1,2 and 3 of Rose, and the’re really great! I cna’t wait to read Rose’s fnal adventure! xx

  1225. Holly


    I really hope you like the last book! Rose reappears in the Lily series too, I loved her and Gus so much, I wanted to bring them back just a little bit! Holly x

  1226. LindseySaunders


    Hiya Holly! Omg i have read almost all your collection of Rose Books, only one more to go and I think they are amazing! i LOVE YOUR BOOKS# ♥

  1227. Mads


    Dear Holly,I live in Guernsey and I really love your book’s. Do you have any children?, because you write so well for them! love Mads x

  1228. Holly


    Hi Mads! I’ve never been to Guernsey, but I’ve heard it’s really beautiful. Yes, I’ve got three children, but they’re all boys, which lots of people think is odd, because I usually write for girls! My oldest son Tom complained that I should write a book about a boy, which is why I wrote A Cat Called Penguin! Holly x

  1229. lupoo2002


    also i have two of your books comeing

  1230. lupoo2002


    i love your books i have read alfie all alone smudge the stolen kitten and i am reading lost in the storm

  1231. Marney


    Hi Holly.. Just finished reading Lily and the Shining Dragons and wanted to read the next 1… I have 2 questions actually; When does the next 1 come out and how many books will be in this series? Thank

  1232. Holly


    Hi Marney. Lily and the Prisoner of Magic comes out at the beginning of October. And I’m just writing the last Lily book now – I think it’s going to be called Lily and the Traitors’ Spell, but that may change! Holly x

  1233. kiersten


    Dear Holly Webb, Your books rock. I love your book Alone in the Night and Timmy in Trouble. What’s your favorite book? Love, Kiersten Murphy

  1234. Holly


    Hi Kiersten. I usually say Lost in the Snow, because it was the first of my animal books, but actually I really love Alone in the Night too – I would so love to find a litter of kittens and be able to keep one! Holly x

  1235. Alison


    Hi Holly, i love all your books especially the Magic Molly and the Buttons the runaway puppy. I’m doing a talk in school on you soon. I hope you keep on writting By Alison!

  1236. Holly


    Hi Alison – I hope your talk goes well! I’m really glad you like the books! Holly x

  1237. gypsy-leigh


    hi Hooly, i am getting a new book of yours its called the secret puppy

    love from your old friend gypsy-leigh

  1238. Holly


    Hi Gypsy-Leigh, I really hope you like it! Lots of love, Holly x

  1239. Lucy


    Hi holly I love your books, i Have a big collection of them in my room. I have two book boxes and one is full of myour stories! My favourite book is Ginger the stray kitten.

  1240. Holly


    hey holly i think your a great author and i love spending time on your website.
    warm regards,

  1241. Abbey


    its me again!thus is my 3rd or 4th message ive sent you who is ur fav animal out of ur animal stories? mine is Sky the unwanted kitten! so bye!xoxoxox

  1242. Holly


    Sorry Abbey, we’ve been on holiday! My favourite is Fluff from Lost in the Snow, as that was my first animal story. Holly x

  1243. EBM


    Hi again.Its me Emily.Oh my god love the books, holly. Now,Im nearly done lily and the shining ………I cant wait to buy a rose book.X X.BYE BYE.

  1244. Julia


    Hi Holly, I love reading your books. I would like to ask you 2 questions: How many animals have you got yourself and how many books have you written? Thank YOU!

  1245. Holly


    Hi Julia. I have one cat at the moment, but I’m trying to persuade my family we should get another kitten… I’ve written somewhere over 60 books now! Holly x

  1246. EBM


    holly I love your books .I am reading lily and the shining dragons .I really like it.I am on page 158.Great so far.Bye for now.

  1247. chloe


    hi,my name is chloe i have 22 of your books and i have a boxer dog called shanti so if u need some new ideas i could come up with loads.Aswell as that, i am a twin her name is Nicole!

  1248. holly


    H i i would love it if you could send me your autograph. please get back to me asap

  1249. Ebony Hartley


    Hi Holly, Over the half term we had been asked to research our favourite author, am so pleased your website had all the info I needed on it, thankyou for that!!! I love reading your books! x

  1250. Holly


    Hi Ebony, I’m really glad the site worked for you – I would love to know other things that you think would be nice on the website. Holly x

  1251. emmzy0088


    hello i so love your books i collect them and i nearly have them all. i cant wait for more to come out


  1252. Livvy-lous19


    Hi Holly, I love your animal stories especially the lost puppy. I’m getting my puppy soon and don’t know what to call it (its a girl) do you have any ideas ?xxx

  1253. Holly


    Oooh, that’s tricky. I think it’s hard to name a puppy before you actually get her – hopefully you’ll meet your new puppy and the right name will come to you. Out of my animal stories, I think my favourite dog’s name is Alfie, but that’s no good for a girl! I’ve just finished writing a new puppy story, and the puppies are called Choc, Biscuit and Cookie as they were found abandoned in chocolate biscuits box. Cookie is a cute name! Holly x

  1254. Rachel Power


    Dear Holly I just love your books. They fill my head with imagination. They make me want a puppy even more. Alfie all alone does the most. Rachel age 7.

  1255. Rachael


    Dear Holly,
    I always wonder where you get all those amazing ideas for the series of Rose? And are you going to publish another book on Rose?

  1256. Holly


    Hi Rachael. No, I’m sorry, I’m not planning another Rose book – but Rose does appear in the Lily books (although not until the third book, which isn’t published until October, sorry… The ideas question is really tricky! A lot of the atmosphere was inspired by reading books about London, expecially A Little Princess, which was one of my favourite books. But I wanted a magical version! Holly x

  1257. anais


    hi holly I was thinking I could get one of the boos from molly magic or Lilly what one of them should I get because you write them and would know which one would be the best to get?

  1258. Holly


    Hi Anais – it’s tricky, as Molly’s Magic and Lily are for really different age groups. Lily is more for people about 9 or older (or younger if you like a long book). For something in between, you might like the Animalmagic books. Maybe try both series from the library and see what you think? Holly x

  1259. at87984


    hi holly on Saturday I went shopping to a new book store they had one of your book Lilly.I got a book called magic kitten I was going to get magic molly but they didn’t have it . Anais

  1260. Bookworm's mummy


    My daughter (6 1/2) and I have recently discovered your books . She has loved the animal books but we are coming to the end of them . What age range are the other series aimed at? Thanks

  1261. Holly


    Hello! Has your daughter tried My Naughty Little Puppy? They are for the same sort of age range, and so are Molly’s Magic. Animalmagic and the Rose and Lily series are for older readers, probably about 9 plus, so probably not the right thing at the moment. There is a new animal story, The Secret Puppy, which was published this month, if you haven’t seen that one. Holly x

  1262. Charlotte Ellis


    i love your books esecially my naughty little puppy i am half way throught it and i just want to keep reading an reading it. now i really want a puppy and want to namee it after rascal!!!

  1263. Holly


    I would love my own Rascal too! Holly x

  1264. Holly B


    Hi Holly
    I’ve just fineshed lily and it is a really good book I wish i was such a good author! :-) love Holly xxx

  1265. Holly


    Thank you, Holly!

  1266. natalia bujek poland


    To Holly
    My name is Natalia.I am 10 I have lived in Poland for 4 years and in england 6 years . Your”e my favorouite author please write back!

  1267. Holly


    Hi Natalia! Do you go back and visit Poland? I went to Warsaw a few weeks ago, I thought it was a lovely city. I’m so glad you like my books. Holly x

  1268. Ellie


    Hi Holly I have run out of books and don`t know what to read!!! Please can you give me some of your favourite books that you have written and tell me them? Thanks! Elliex

  1269. Holly


    Hi Ellie! Have you tried the Rose books? I really enjoyed writing those, as I love magical books. Holly x

  1270. Zuzia from Poland


    Dear Holly,
    I love reading your books and I am waiting for the translation of your next books in Poland. Bye Zuzia

  1271. Lu lu


    Dear holly,
    I have to make a bookpresentation about your book sam the stolen puppy !Would you help me to tellme details abou you???

  1272. Holly


    Hi Lucie – you should be able to find some of the info you need on the website, but let me know if there’s anything else! Holly x

  1273. anaist87984


    hi holly what is your first book you made of Oscar lonely or Lucy the poorly puppy? from Anais

  1274. Holly


    Hi Anais – Oscar came first, but only by a few months! Holly x

  1275. anaist87984


    It true that Misha whats a book about him from Anais

  1276. anaist87984


    hi holly is’s me Anais my dog licks dog and puppies today he ask me if holly Webb could make a book of him.By the my dog Misha is a Samoyed puppy.Misha is year old he a boy

  1277. anaist87984


    hi holly it’s me Anais.I have been reading your books I have got 3 of them and I haven’t finish Lucy the poorly puppy because I got it today and how are you felling today? books!

  1278. anaist89874


    hi holly I have some of your books that you did.My favorite is Lucy the poorly puppy.from Anais

  1279. Francesca


    hi holly when is for friends forever comming out i’m really looking foward to reading it.from Francesca

  1280. Holly


    HI Francesca – I’m really glad you like the look of it. I’m sorry, they won’t be out till next year though! I’m not sure what the final title will be, but we’ll update the website when I know. Holly x

  1281. anaist87984


    hi holly you are my favorite book writer that I read in my life.I have some of your books like Ellie the homesick puppy,Oscar’s lonely Christmas and Lucy the poorly puppy

  1282. Kittylover1414


    Dear Holly Webb, I live in Canada and I really love your books! I read up to Rabbitmagic in the animal magic series, I really want to read the rest but the books aren’t in canada, only the UK

  1283. Holly


    Oh dear, I’m sorry about that! Hopefully the rest of the series will be available in Canada soon – I think they are in the US. Holly x

  1284. Resmie


    Dear Holly I like all of your books their are very interesting and some of them are very funny for me .

  1285. dfghjffxdfgnfbdgd


    I love your website. It’s one of my favourite website. And I love your books.

  1286. tweety-pie


    Holly, your ‘Rose’ books are absolutely AMAZING. I’ve never read something as good as that before! I’m also going to read your ‘Lilly’ books after

  1287. Emzie


    Hi holly
    I love your books especially the lost puppy because I have a dachshund at home called Alfie what is your fav book from those series!!!!!!

  1288. Holly


    Hello! I think it would be Lost in the Snow, as it was the first one. But I really love The Lost Puppy too, because I used to have a dachshund called Max, who was really gorgeous! Alfie is a great name for a dachshund. Holly x

  1289. holly :)


    Hi holly, my names holly too xx I love your naughty puppy books. Rascal reminds me of my dog Toby he is soo cheeky. I love to read them to my little sister xxx Love Holly xxxxx

  1290. Izzy


    Dear Holly,
    How many books have you written and what is your favourite?
    From Izzy xxx

  1291. Holly


    Hi Izzy – I’m not sure exactly, as I’ve written several books that haven’t been published yet – waiting for illustrations, etc. It’s more than 60 though! I think my favourite is Rose – it was the first longer book I’d written, and I really enjoyed it, especially as it was the sort of book I loved as a child. Holly x

  1292. Jojo Ragsdale


    Holly when is the snow bear comming out?????? “Bye” Sencirley, Jojo

  1293. Holly


    Hi Jojo! It’s in October! Holly x

  1294. Jojo Ragsdale


    Dear Holly, When is the snow baer coming out??????????????????? I think that you are very busy right now. Well thats it for today. Love,Jojo

  1295. Jojo Ragsdale


    Hey Holly my favore book you made is the first one I read. It is the lost in the snow book .I love your stories enough to follow in your path. I love your stories . with care love,Jojo

  1296. Jojo Ragsdale


    Dear Holly Webb, I love your anamal stories and anamal magic. I have a bunch of idea`s for you. My idea`s may sound weird but to my friends , they think they are quite nice

  1297. Jojo Rragsdale


    Holly Webb I think you should write a mouse magic book and a robin magic and a pig magic. Then you should write an owl magic. I have lots of other idea`s too. Love,Jojo Ragsdle

  1298. bluemoon


    Hey Holly, I really loved the Rose books the 2nd and 3rd were my favourite books because there is so much adventure and effort put in to them. You’re a really great writer!

  1299. chloe.Tripp


    Hello loveing your books

  1300. lovebug22


    hi holly i think your books are really cool me and my friends have our own animal club about your books

  1301. xoecho9989


    Hi Holly, my name is Morgan, we are doing about authors at school. Here is a question I would like to ask you. What is your favourite book you have written?

  1302. Holly


    Hi Morgan – it changes! It’s usually the one I’m writing at the moment, or the one I’ve just finished, because the characters are in my head. But I do really love Lost in the Snow, which was my first animal book, and Rose, because it’s the sort of book I would have enjoyed reading myself! Holly x

  1303. chloe


    hi holly this is chloe ellizabeath
    how are you ive got Buttons the puppy
    the frightened kitten lucy the poorly puppy,smudge the stolen kitten and i
    am reading ellie the homesick puppy xx

  1304. savera


    hi holly it is me saveraa anyway i want to tellyou that i wastidying my bedroom and found the finger puppets we made with you at my school cool i was looking for them ages got to go bye see you again

  1305. luke


    hi holly its luke here love your books especially animals ones and magic mollyz only a couple of animal ones to collect and secret puppy when it comes out have you got a date for this

  1306. Holly


    Hi Luke! I’ve just got my own copies of Secret Puppy so it must be very soon! Just checked and it’s June 4th. Holly x

  1307. Jacy


    Hi Holly,
    I love Rose the book it inspires me to want to write stories . What was your inspiration when you were a child?

  1308. Holly


    Hi Jacy. I really loved the Narnia books, and all sorts of animal books. I’m sure Gus was inspired by the talking animals in the Narnia series. But I also read A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett lots of times – that was a huge inspiration for Rose. I’m so glad you like the book! Holly x

  1309. Paige


    Holly, me and my friend Laura LOVE you especially your animal stories. Thanks to you, me and Laura have a dream she’s the author and I’m the illistrator!

  1310. husky mad!!


    theres a husky that lives pretty much opposit us-her names Kelly.shes so soft and pretty!!
    jess denton

  1311. Moli24


    Hi Mrs. Holly. I’m biggest fan. Your book is amazing. It is my lady example. Unfortunately I am not British but I am from Polish .Please let the lady will write

  1312. Holly


    Hello! I’ve just come back from visiting Warsaw – it’s such a lovely city. I’m so glad you like my books. Love Holly x

  1313. brittany zero and cleo go green


    Hi holly. did you know that me and cleo go green are sisters? her messages are in brackets.(hi! did you know that me and her are getting your 2 new books!)yeah
    lily and the shining dragons+prisoners

  1314. Holly


    That’s excellent – you can share books and get to read more of them :) Holly x

  1315. ktlee123


    Hello Holly!!I love your books!
    my favourites are Rose and Lily.
    I like those books best because ,I get trapped in the story ,I get away from
    my troubles please wright back “kt”

  1316. Holly


    I love reading books where you feel like you can be taken away to another world – it’s lovely for me that you feel like that about my books! Thank you! Holly x

  1317. Scarlett Corner


    Dear Holly,
    I’m writing a new story: I’M A MONSTER GET ME OUT OF HERE! Do you have any advice?
    Love from Scarlett x

  1318. Holly


    Hi Scarlett! Have you ever seen a very old picture book called Not Now, Bernard? It’s about a monster who eats a boy, but the boy’s parents don’t notice, and think that the monster is their son. It’s very funny and clever. Probably in your library, have a look! Holly x

  1319. husky mad


    hi hannah
    what sort of pets do you have please reply!!i will tell you my pets if you tell me your pets.

  1320. Octavia Aria Lewis


    Hello Holly, I’m one of the older readers, and I absolutely love your Rose series. What was the inspiration for the setting of Rose and the Magician’s Mask?

  1321. Holly


    Hello Octavia. I went to Venice for a weekend, and knew that I had to set one of the Rose books there – it was such an amazingly strange place. It felt like something in a book, even without added magic. I loved it! Holly x

  1322. savera


    hi holly can you please tell me when 4 friend s forever will come out you came to my school oxford road community school

  1323. Holly


    Not for a while – I’ve written the first two books, but I don’t think they’re being published until next year. And the title will probably change too! I’ll keep you updated on the website! I really enjoyed visiting your school too! Holly x

  1324. Olivia kershaw 6


    Thanks for my reply xxx ive got 3 mabye 4 of your books x x x x x x x x love olivia x enjoy your weekend x x x x x

  1325. Holly t


    Hi holly W i am reveiwing Lost in the Storm for my homework. please can you give me any diffrent ideas. I am reading a cat called pengine and I love it…….Holly t

  1326. Holly


    Hi Holly! Hmm, that’s tricky. Maybe you could look at it as a sequel? (It’s the sequel to Lost in the Snow.) Perhaps think about how it would have been different if it was a book on its own? Hope it goes well. Holly x

  1327. Rebecca


    hello holly
    how are you today?

  1328. Liyan


    Hia holly I just wanted to ask if you could write a story with my name in it. It would mean sooo much to me. I hope you do.

  1329. Holly


    Hi Liyan! I really love meeting readers and having comments on my website, as I get to find lots of great new names for characters, it’s so helpful! Holly x

  1330. Savannha fox


    I think your books are really good and I have 2 of your book and I think that the ones I have got I think they are really intresting.
    Yours sincerely Savannha fox

  1331. E-Cat


    Hi Holly!
    I really love your books especially the Triplet books! I wondered that if there were twins instead of triplets which two girls would you pick? Love E-Cat

  1332. Holly


    Gosh, that’s a hard one. I’m not sure I could pick. I think Katie was the hardest character for me to write, as she’s the least like me, though. Holly x

  1333. annie


    Hi Holly its me annie.
    my best friend loves the rescued puppy.
    and i love rose and lily and the animal books. I am 11 coming 12. when is the snow bear out?????? annie x

  1334. Holly


    Hi Annie! Not until Christmas time – probably about October. Sorry it’s a while to wait! I’m so glad you like all the different books. Holly x

  1335. annie


    hi i’m wondering if The Snow Bear is out on sale yet cause i would like to buy it. I love your books and can not wait to 4th of october when lily and the prisoner of magic is out. Annie

  1336. Britanny zero


    dear holly.
    i write books just like you even though i’m only ten. I have written a book called Tasha I will send you my cover Idea by e mail

  1337. Daisy


    Are there any more books you are going
    to write? Please can you write a few
    more Magic Molly books.

  1338. Holly


    Hi Daisy! I’m looking at some new ideas at the moment, which is really exciting. One of them is going to be set in the 1890s, about a girl who wants to be a detective like Sherlock Holmes. Holly x

  1339. husky mad


    dont tell my little sister that there is a dachshund living near you!!she loves them.it would be good if you could come into school and do a talk!!what is the dachshund called??jess denton

  1340. Holly


    Hi Jess! She’s called Roo, and she’s gorgeous. All my children want a dog just like her now! Holly x

  1341. Hannah


    Hello Holly Webb,
    I am a real fan of your books you are my best author. I have loads of pets. Alfie all alone is so sad it made my mum cry but I still love it.

  1342. Olivia kershaw6


    hi how are you? my couisin showed me this website x when did you start writing boookkkkkkkks? love olivia x ps: i love your boooks x

  1343. Holly


    Hi Olivia – I was really old when I started writing books. 28! I worked as an editor at Scholastic Children’s Books before I became a writer. Holly x

  1344. Rebecca


    Dear holly remeber me Rebecca I am doing home work on you.

  1345. J3214567890J


    Hi Holly . Your books are awesome me and my friends read them all the time!

  1346. leahk


    I love your books they are very good and I love your pichers!

  1347. EmmyBemmy_11


    Hi Holly,
    I am just about to get the “My naughty little puppy pack” from the school book fair magazine. I have a naughty little puppy at home. He’s 1 in 3 days. Thanks!

  1348. cherry


    hi you visited my school the abbey school and i thought that your new series could be called Petal , Violet or Flora.

  1349. Holly


    Ooh, nice names! I’m not sure what’s going to follow Lily just yet, but I’ll remember those. I had a lovely time at your school. Holly x

  1350. ♥Amy♥


    Dear Holly,
    I ♥ your books they are great! Do you have a favourite book that you’ve wrote???

  1351. Holly


    It’s tricky – it’s usually the most recent one, because those characters are in my head. But I love Lost in the Snow, as it was the first of my animal books, and I really love Rose too, because it was my first book for older children. Holly x

  1352. katie


    hi im one of your biggest fans i have nearly all your books.

  1353. Holly


    Hi Holly Webb, I really love your books!!
    My school is doing a writing comp and i want some tips can you give me tips for writing a story? please?

  1354. Holly


    Tricky! Try to think of something that you know well to write about – maybe school, or your friends, or your pets? But perhaps add an exciting, different twist? Good luck! Love Holly

  1355. Dobrin


    i am your biggest fan i have read all your books !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1356. Orlaith


    Hi Holly, I love your books. I started to read your books.
    I love Sam the stolen puppy. My sister said hi.

  1357. kerri and katie thompsett


    Hi Holly we love you!! Katie(aged7) has to do a project at school about authors.She automatically picked you!! Is there anything you could tell us about you or a message you could give class xx

  1358. Holly


    Good luck with the project, Katie! I hope your class has fun with your author project. Here’s a secret tip for yours – I’m really, really scared of spiders, which is why lots of my characters are too! Love Holly x

  1359. katie looloo


    hi holly katie here im one of your biggest fans do you think i can have a sighned book

  1360. Holly


    Hi Katie! I’m really sorry, I’d love to be able to send books to everyone who asks, but it would be too many. Sorry! Holly x

  1361. mbobi


    Hi Holly
    I have just finished reading the Rose books and i love them! How long did it take to write them? mbobi xx

  1362. Holly


    Hello! It took me a couple of months to do the first draft of each book, but then I usually do two or three drafts, and I plan my books out before I write them, too, and that can take a while. So at least six months start to finish, and sometimes a lot more! Holly x

  1363. Ellie


    Hi Holly. How come you`re so good at writing? Can you give me some tips?
    Thanks. Ellie x

  1364. Holly


    Hi Ellie! I’ve had quite a lot of practice now! But before I wrote my own books, I was an editor working on other people’s, which is great training. My biggest writing tip would be to read loads. If you love a book, what is it you love? Can you work out how the author made it so special? And the same with books you don’t like! That why you can think about how to make your own writing brilliant. Good luck! Holly x

  1365. tammy


    amzing wow xxx. fantactic wow!! nice books im 7

  1366. tammmy


    i love it xxx.

  1367. tammy


    magic molly the clever littel kittin is a amzing

  1368. mummykat


    just realised i forgot to point out how much i love your books too! :D we have 20 of them and i think each one has made me cry! its the only time i get chance to read! :D its a pleacure! :)

  1369. laura


    hi holly
    your books are so cool when I grow up I want to be a writer just like you all my teachers I have had so far say I have an amazing imaganation so thanksxxxxx

  1370. Husky mad


    hi holly.cave you ever met a corgi,german sheperd,alsation,dolphin or a husky and if you have can you remember there names??
    my nickname is jess if you want!!

  1371. Holly


    Hi Jess! I used to know a gorgeous German Shepherd called Lily. My favourite dog, who lives over the road from me, is a tiny dachshund called Roo! Holly x

  1372. husky mad


    thanx holly.i will keep intouch with you so that you can hear about it as it gos on into more detail.I have nearly finished chap.1 and the main character is called holly.from jessica denton

  1373. husky mad


    hi holly.i am writing my own book that i was inpired with the kitten that nobody wanted.but it is called keeco the homeless husky.
    thanks jessica denton

  1374. Holly


    Hi Jessica – that sounds lovely! Holly x

  1375. sanika


    dear, Holly Webb i have just started to read your books. can you please tell me how many series you have wrote? and how many books you have wrote? sanika

  1376. Holly


    Hi Sanika – quite a lot! The different series are Triplets, Stage School, Magic Molly, Animalmagic, My Naughty Little Puppy, Rose and Lily, plus all the animal stories. Altogether I’ve written over 60 books. Holly xx

  1377. mummykat


    hello holly! i just wanted to say thank you my two children hayden 4 and misha almost 3 love bed time as they get to hear two chapters from you puppy and kitten books :D thank you!

  1378. Holly


    That’s really lovely, thank you! Lucky children being read to every night! Holly xx

  1379. gypsy-liegh


    Dear Holly, i have some of your books. And soon i am getting one from book club wich is the frightened kitten i like this one because its name is gypsy and thats my name .gypsy xx

  1380. Holly


    Hi Gypsy – it’s a lovely name. But I’m really sorry, I had to change the name of the kitten in that book, and she ended up being called Biscuit. I’m a bit cross that the book club has used the old name. I really hope you like the book anyway, but I’m so sorry it doesn’t have your name in. Holly xx

  1381. Ellie


    Holly, how did you became an author? And how did you get your first book published? Because I want to be an author when I am older but I don`t know how I would get books published!

  1382. Holly


    Hi Ellie – I got my first book published by luck! I worked at a publisher, Scholastic Children’s Books, as an editor. I came up with an idea for a book, but the plan was to get someone else to write it, and in the end I liked the idea too much and I wrote it myself! That was the first book in my Triplets series. Getting published is quite tricky, probably the best way is to keep writing and eventually send your work to an author’s agent. Holly xx

  1383. grace


    hi holly i love your books i love the naughty little puppy because i have a little puppy just like that naughty puppy.

  1384. Holly


    Hi Grace – I’m really glad you like My Naughty Little Puppy! I think Rascal reminds lots of people of their naughty dogs! He was based on my dogs Max and Alice. I’ve taken your email address out of your message – it’s best not to put it up on the website. Holly xx

  1385. Cat


    Hi Holly! My name is Cat and I was wondering when you wrote Rose and Lily did you start to speak old-fashioned like because I wrote an old-fashioned one and now I speak like it!

  1386. Holly


    I know what you mean, Cat! I don’t think I did, but I love old-fashioned words, and I’m always looking for excuses to use them! Holly x

  1387. Ellie


    Hi Holly. At school we are doing a reading challenge and one of the challenges is to read six books by the same author that are not a series. Are the animal books a series? Ellie

  1388. Holly


    Good question. Not officially, I suppose, because they’re not about the same characters… Hope your challenge goes well! Holly x

  1389. Hannah


    Hello Holly Webb I am a real fan of your books and have LOADS. I have loads of animals I have cats dogs guinea pigs and more. Alfie all alone made my Mum cry. Thanks bye!

  1390. Holly


    Awww! Sorry I made your mum cry! But I’m glad you like the books. I’m really jealous of you having guinea pigs! Holly x

  1391. ginger


    I absolutely love your Lily and Rose series they’re amazing ! I can’t wait for the next Lily book! Do you think after the Lily series there will be another series like the Rose and Lily books?:)

  1392. Holly


    I’m not sure at the moment. There will definitely be something though! Is it the historical setting, or the magic that you like? Or both?! Holly x

  1393. LuluCrystal9


    i love the books. i like to read them over and over again. some books i just can not do that because they get boring. these books though i could read them 1 millon times and not get bored!

  1394. Liyan


    Hia Holly. I just wanted to know if you had any children. I think you’ve got a cat but no idea about children.
    If you do please tell me. I just want to know more about you. Bye

  1395. Holly


    Hello! Yes, I have three children, all boys. Tom is eight, and Robin and William are twins, they are nearly six. Holly x

  1396. ih8HollyWebb


    Thanks for writing a book about me – Molly Hooper. xxx

  1397. Ellie


    Hi Holly When is The Snow Bear coming out? I have just seen it in the coming soon section and thought it looks great. And polar bears are my favourite animal as well! Ellie x

  1398. Holly


    Not until Christmas-time, Ellie, sorry you have to wait! I really love the cover. Hopefully soon we’ll have some illustrations, and maybe some can go on the website. Holly x

  1399. lauren


    Dear holly,
    Ive tryed and tryed but I cant on to your pictures is there a reason!????????????
    because Id love to see your pictures but I cant please help me xxxxx

  1400. Holly


    Hi Lauren – sorry! The pictures section is still being built, but it should be up really soon! Holly x

  1401. lauren


    Dear Holly,
    I love your animal books so much but I dont know which order they go in Ive started of with lost in the snow help me pleeeaaasse ive been wondering for 11 days

  1402. Holly


    Hi Lauren – there isn’t a particular order for them, except that Lost in the Storm is a sequel to Lost in the Snow. Otherwise any order you like! Lost in the Snow was the ffirst one I wrote, and then Alfie All Alone. Holly x

  1403. lauren


    I love your books so much there amazing can you give my some tips on writing a fabulous book if you could that would be amazing thank you xxxxx

  1404. Holly


    The best tip is to keep writing and don’t give up! And keep on reading loads as well – that will give you ideas about how your own writing can get even better. Holly x

  1405. Leanne


    Hi Holly Reading your books made me enjoy writing and I’ve stared to write books of my own

  1406. Holly


    That’s brilliant! Keep writing! Holly x

  1407. Rebecca


    Hey Holly I’ve only got one of your books The Kitten Nobody Wanted. But I want the rest of your animal stories and your Rascal Books!

  1408. Rebecca


    Hi me again I’ve got an idea for your next animal story how about Molly the Forgotton Kitten. I’ve got ideas about it contact me if you would like to hear or use them.

  1409. Holly


    Hi Rebecca, that sounds like a lovely book! Molly the Forgotten Kitten is a great title. Why don’t you start writing it? Quite soon on the website gallery section there will be a page called Your Stories – you could send it in! Holly x

  1410. Rebecca


    HI Holly, I Love Your books please, please, please keep writing more espeacilly your animal stories, their so adorable.

  1411. kjkjkjkjkj


    omg holly i like ur books and we were sopposed to do a project abouot a book and of all books i picked alone in the night witch is urs

  1412. Fara


    Me again! You have inspired me to type stories more often and i’m working on my own animal magic with different characters and its called The Mystery!

  1413. Fara


    Holly, you are an amazing author! I want all of your books and I love reading them! My favourite is the animal magic series! The dog, Sophie is amazing! Im writing my own one!

  1414. Shauna


    I own your whole rose series. They really are awfully good. I very much want to read the Lily series and it’s very exciting that some of the Rose characters are making an appearance

  1415. Scarlett Corner


    Dear Holly,
    I have just enetered a competition and if I win, Jaqueline Wilson will be coming to my school! Can you give me some tips?

  1416. Holly


    That sounds really exciting! You could try writing about something that really happened to start with – I quite often base my animal books on a little bit of reality, and then carry on and imagine what might have happened next!

  1417. megan:-D


    Heyy holly
    i luv your books , I hav just bought the first lily book , i cant wait to read it ! will you be doing a second and a third ?

  1418. Holly


    Yes! Lily and the Shining Dragons has just come out, and I finished the first draft of Lily and the Prisoner of Magic yesterday! Yay! Holly x

  1419. Alison


    The Rose books are amazing I love the world you created in them, you’re very good at describing, sometimes I wished I had magic like Rose. =)

  1420. laura


    hi holly
    wich is your fave book u wrote?mine is a joint three alfie all alone, lily and rose

  1421. Holly


    I love Alfie too – the first dog book I wrote. But then I really love the magic in the Rose and Lily books. Rose is probably my all-time favourite, as it was the first long-ish book I’d written, and I really enjoyed creating that world. But then I love Lost in the Snow too! So hard to choose! Holly x

  1422. Britanny zero


    I agree with sara I love bella too
    I read the first word about her and I loved her.I hope she comes back in lily!
    ps. my name is not britanny i just want to stay safe online…

  1423. Holly


    That’s really sensible! I do love Bella – I will have to think about bringing her back… Holly x

  1424. Arsha


    hi my name is Arsha i was wondering if you were still making Animal Magic series

  1425. Holly


    Hi Arsha! I’m sorry, I felt as though I’d finished Lottie’s story, but I am going to write a new series set now, but with magic, which hopefully will have the same kind of feel to it. Not sure what it’s called yet though! Holly x

  1426. emily


    hi holly your website is amazing !
    magic molly is my favourite! it is cute!

  1427. brianna


    hi my name is Brianna i love yor book i am in love with lost in the snow Ellie the home sick pup ginger the stray kitten and elfie all alone. KEEP IT UP!!!!!

  1428. Sachie


    Hi Holly! I hope you remember me–I’m the one from Japan. I’m so excited for your new My Naughty Little Puppy book.
    By the way, do you have any advice for writing a story? Thank you sooo much!!!!

  1429. Holly


    My best advice would be to keep reading loads and loads of different books, to get a feel for how people write. And I always plan my books – some authors don’t, but I find it really helps! I hope it goes well! Holly x

  1430. Julia


    Holly, I’m a big fan. I’ve been wanting to ask you something for a long time. Could you write an animal book with the girl’s name “Julia” and the cat’s name “KitKat?” Please. Your fan, Julia

  1431. Holly


    I definitely haven’t written a book with a Julia in yet. The puppy book I’m writing at the moment has three puppies called Choc, Biscuit and Cookie, as they’re found abandoned in a chocolate biscuit box. (Though it’s early stages yet, it might all change!) Holly x

  1432. Holly Dawn Misiuda


    hi holly.guess wha my names holly aswell.your books are so CUTE!!!!
    I’ve got 5 of your books and i’ve read 3 so far.
    From Holly

  1433. tiarajay


    Hi , i love you animal stories , my favourite is THE LOST PUPPY. I always buy your books with my pocket money and read them in about a day!!!!!

  1434. Ashleigh Lu


    Hi. I am Britany lu’s little sister. I like your books too. I like the book ellie the homesick puppy. My sister read the whole book to me. I look foward to your reply. Ashleigh. XOXO

  1435. Sara


    Hi it’s me again! My favorite character from you Rose books is Bella I love the way that she is naughty and innocent! In Lily books its definitely Henrietta! I love your books so much!

  1436. Sara


    Oh my god Holly, you are a fabulous author! I especially love the Rose and Lily series. Please could you tell me what happens in Lily and the Shining Dragons? Pretty Please? Bye!!!!

  1437. Holly


    Only that you get to meet one of the characters from the Rose books again! Holly x

  1438. Emily


    Dear Holly, I am 8 and I’ve read almost all of your animal stories. I love them so much I’m writing one myself about a bunny named Peanut.

  1439. Katie


    Hi Holly have just finished the rose series and am really sad they had to finish. They have really been such an amazing series to read thank you so much:D

  1440. mia mahsuri


    hi,holly I Love your book magic molly

  1441. EvieM


    Dear Holly I really liked Ellie and the homesick puppy. Evie

  1442. bezza fez


    I love your books im writing one myself and im doing homework about you.

  1443. Mrs. Lui


    My daughter is your real fan, I wonder if u’ve any fan club offering purchase discount or periodically lucky draw w/yr book as a free gift? Will oversea readere.g. HK included?

  1444. Holly


    Hi – that’s a nice idea. I haven’t done anything like that so far, but will definitely think about it. Thanks! Holly

  1445. Britany Lu


    hi holly. I did not do that spam message. someone has seem to have got my email. Can you please help me.
    thanks! Britany. XOXO

  1446. Britany Lu


    Hello Holly. I am BLCOAT3849. I just changed my username. There was a problem buying the frightend kitten online. Please let me know what is going on! Love Britany. XOXO

  1447. Liyan


    oh holly webb I am you number 1 fan. Every time I go to the library I have to bring at least two of your books. Really I love you and your books so much. please write back.bye

  1448. Holly


    That’s really sweet, thank you!

  1449. cookiebug


    i just finished lost in the snow. it was adorible

  1450. Regan


    Hey Holly you books are amazing I got the book Lily for my birthday and I read it and I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I went to the bookstore to get the second one they didn’t have it :C so I read the first book of rose and now I am on the last one I went to get the last on today but the y didn’t have it:C so I have to wait till next Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats long away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your books you are such a great author :D

  1451. Holly


    Hi Regan! Lily and the Shining Dragons should be out now! I’m so glad you like Rose too. I’m just writing the third Lily book now, and some of the Rose characters reappear (not to give too much away!) Holly xx

  1452. everia


    hey holly! the first book I read was Rose and the magician’s mask, it was fabulous! i borrowed it from the library. i hope to read more of your books. bye!

  1453. Webkinzlover227


    I am your biggest fan Holly! I love your books. In fact, I own 3. Max, Sam, and Ellie. I love them. And my sisters name is Meghan just like the character in Ellie. Ellie is my favorite.

  1454. LuluCrystal9


    I love you books. I would read them 24/7 if I could!!

  1455. kities rocks123


    I cannot find the book TRIPLETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1456. Holly


    Oh dear! All that series are actually out of print and not in bookshops any more – have you tried asking if your library can get them? Or Amazon has some second hand ones! Holly x

  1457. kities rocks123


    I cannot find the book TRIPLETS

  1458. LuLu


    I really like your Animal Stories puppy books. I’m a really big fan of them! You are one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to read Sam the Stolen Puppy!

  1459. Shanaz6601


    To Holly, I love the thought,magic and inspiration you put in your books every time you write.I hope you remember me,I met you once,you said I was to be the best writer in the world!

  1460. rosie


    Dear Holly,
    I love your books so much and the names my faverout book is Max The Missing puppy, Buttons the Runaway puppy love rosie ps.write back.

  1461. Holly


    Hi Rosie. I love Buttons too, because I’m terrible at making up jokes and I thought it was really funny having a chocolate labrador called Buttons! Holly xx

  1462. brittany zero


    I’m reading the first lily book now.I can only touch it with gloves on because I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1463. Holly


    Awww! That’s lovely! I really love that cover, I think it’s my favourite cover yet! Holly x

  1464. giselle


    Hi im doing a project about your book called “Misty tha abonded kitten” and i really like the book.do u have any pets?

  1465. Holly


    Hi Giselle. Yes, I have one cat, a tabby, called Marble. She’s under my bed snoring at the moment! Holly x

  1466. Izzy


    I absolutely love your books Holly there so fun, it’s hard to put your books down.
    I love to write my own stories, sometimes I copy some of your ideas I hope you don`t mind! From Izzy.

  1467. Holly


    Of course I don’t mind Izzy! Borrowing from other people is a great way to start writing, and I think all authors borrow lots, sometimes without realising. Holly x

  1468. Livvy-lous19


    Hi Holly,
    I just wanted to say that your books are amazing and so are you. My favorite book is Rose because it reminds me of my best friend Abbie xxxxxx

  1469. holly


    hi holly i would like you to now that my name is holly as well at school we have to write a letter to an author and i’m doing it to you so i hope you get my letter bye

  1470. Holly


    I’ll look out for it! Sometimes they take a while to get to me from the publishers though. You can always email it to me through the website! Holly x

  1471. BLCOAT3839


  1472. Alex


    hello holly webb . I have just read ginger the stray kitten and I enjoyed it so much that I am going back to the book shop again in 2 days. Dad said he will get me another of your books.

  1473. charlotte


    hey i love ROSE AND THE LOST PRINCESS it is great hope you are ok and please do some more books they are great love ya bye xx

  1474. R.M


    Dear Holly,
    I really like The Clever Little Kitten
    from world book day. I hope to
    buy another of your Magic Molly books love RM.x

  1475. NATALIE


    Is there going to be a other ROSE book or is Rose and the silver ghost the last one .
    You are a amazing writer!!!!!

  1476. Holly


    Hello! No, Rose and the Silver Ghost was the last one, but the Lily books are about Rose’s world 50 years later. I’m working on the third Lily book now, and some of the character from Rose make an appearance! Holly x

  1477. Tayla


    Hi Holly can you please RIHGT me a book and I have a pony called salt and I am in it!! And I am called tayla well because that is my real name! And on the first page it says mad for tayla!!

  1478. laura


    hi holly
    what program do you write your books on and how do you get sophie`s pitures on it.

  1479. Holly


    Hi Laura! I just use Word, but the designers and editors at Stripes use software called Quark to put the pictures in. It’s very clever, I used to be able to use it when I worked at Scholastic, but it’s tricky and I’ve forgotten it all, I think! Holly x

  1480. Natalie


    Dear Holly you are a amazing writer. Please can you write other books like Rose and Lily your the only story writer that writes magic books that I like from Natalie xxxxxx

  1481. Lucy


    Holly you are an amazing author sometimes my friend Holly tells me about one of your books I havent read and she sucks me in when she reads lines from the book. Your brill

  1482. amy_jellybeans


    Please email me holly,i love ur books and because they’re about animals i love them even more, I love animals thats why! I love the book Jess the lonely puppy!

  1483. Holly


    Hi Amy. I’m so glad you like the books – I love animals too, that’s why I enjoy writing about them so much! Holly x

  1484. Emily


    Hi Holly, Are the school book clubs going to have all your new Magic Molly books? I love animals and making things. My favourite animals are dogs – I have 2 dogs. Bye Emily

  1485. Holly


    Hi Emily. I’m not sure at the moment, but hopefully they will. There’s a two-books-in-one with The Witch’s Kitten and The Wish Puppy in it, which is a good idea of you don’t have those ones. Holly x

  1486. Susannah


    OMG Holly your books are just amazing and I love to read them. I love the way you write them and I like how you made it so magic and mystic. You truly do have the passion for writing!

  1487. Kateri


    Is it hard being a writter, or is it really fun?Being a writter is one of my minors.

  1488. Holly


    It’s definitely hard when you’re stuck! It’s very nice coming on the website and reading all the lovely comments though. And when a book is going well, it’s a brilliant feeling! Holly x

  1489. izzi


    why did you write rose

  1490. Holly


    Hi Izzi. I wrote Rose because Kirsty, who was my editor, asked me to write a book about how someone becomes magical. She also said not to put any talking cats in it, but I didn’t manage that…. Holly x

  1491. Amy Williams


    Oh god I love your books holly but no offence Jacqueline Wilson’s are better

  1492. Holly


    Jacqueline Wilson is brilliant! Holly x

  1493. Ellen


    Hello Holly Webb,
    I am Ellen I have not yet read your books but they are always in book club. So I am quite interested in them. Especially Sam the Stolen Puppy.

  1494. sinem


    hello i am sinem from Turkey.we read your book my naughty little puppy in our english lesson we love the book and we love Rascal!!! <3

  1495. Holly


    Hi Sinem! Your English is wonderful! I’m so glad that you like Rascal. I know that my Rose book is translated into Turkish – it might be in your library. Holly x

  1496. katya


    hiya guys i just got some new holly webb books…COOL!!! l8trs

  1497. Indie


    Hi Holly
    I love Lily and am counting down the days til the next one is out!! Is there going to be four like the Rose Series?? (loved them to!)

  1498. Holly


    Hi Indie. Yes, there will be. Lily and the Shining Dragons is out now, and I’m writing Lily and the Prisoner of Magic at the moment. Holly x

  1499. laura


    hi holly
    yesterday I went and got two more of your books rose and rose and the silver ghost!!!!!!!!!I can’t wait to start readingx0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

  1500. laura


    hi holly again
    I have got 16 of your books including 15 Animal books and one lily book and I am so gonna get lily and the shining dragons!!!!!!!!!!

  1501. laura


    hi holly!!!
    the first book I ever read of yours was max the missing puppy last year.I loved it so much that I spread it to the whole class at school!!!!!!xxxxox

  1502. mollyhaigh


    well done holly your the best i like the magic molly books especially the clever little kitten :- )

  1503. molly


    well done Holly your books are fabualous i have read all of the magic molly books there amazing especially the clever little kitten your my favourite author from molly.

  1504. Phoebe may


    I love you holly wooooo

  1505. Sachie


    Did you ever think of writing about a chinchilla book or a chipmunk? I hope this advice works for you!!

  1506. Holly


    Hi Sachie, I haven’t, but only because I’ve never owned either of them. Though I would love a chipmunk, they look gorgeous! A lot of my writing is based on animals I’ve had as pets. I’ve never actually owned a pony, but I do love horses! Holly x

  1507. Ellie_Star


    Hi, I think you are an amazing author and I love the Rose books, I have read them all and my favourite book is Rose and the magicians mask it was so good! My favourite character is Bella. From Ell

  1508. Holly


    I love Bella too. It’s fun writing people who are slightly bad! Holly x

  1509. Lucie


    Hey Holly i am reading your book RabbitMagic It looks fantastic :) and i can’t wait to get the other books im 11 but i still love your books! :) love Lucie x x x x

  1510. Sachie


    Hi, Holly! I’m 9 years old, from Japan, and I’m an awsome fan of your My Naughty Little Puppy series and your Magic Molly series. Did you love to read when you were a child?

  1511. Holly


    Hi Sachie. Yes, I read all the time! I’m really excited that you’re reading my books in Japan! Holly xx

  1512. Phoebe may


    I have your newest book and Iv just started reading it I love you and I love your books please contact me I love Harry the homeless pup bye and hope you like the message holly

  1513. Holly


    Hi Phoebe May – I’m so glad you like the books, and the website! There are some new bits going on to the site at the moment, so have a look out for them! Holly x

  1514. Phoebe may


    I love your books and you seem like a nice person and bye the way I love your web site and I hav lots of books bye your biggest fan phoebe

  1515. Phoebe may


    Holly Webb I love your books and I am your biggest fan.

  1516. Charlenssa


    hi Holly, you are such a good writer and i’m amazed of your books. I want to ask what encouraged you to make these kind of books? :)

  1517. Holly


    Hello! I write lots of books about animals, because I’ve always had lots of pets, though we only have one cat at the moment. My son really wants to get an axolotl (!!!) but I’m not sure I’ll be writing axolotl books… I also write books about magic, because I really love imagining all the weird and wonderful things that could happen, and how people would be different if magic were real…! Holly x

  1518. britanny zero


    Dear holly
    Hi it’s me again! I’m really happy that book day is tomorrow! I’m going as Rose from your book Rose! How weird!

  1519. Holly


    That’s wonderful! I hope you had a brilliant day! Holly xx

  1520. daniela


    oh cool i have magic molly the clever little kitten
    i like them

  1521. ememrules


    you really inspire me xxx

  1522. Jessica


    Hi Holly,I love your books. I have three of them and i read a bit from them every evening. I am six and i live in Ireland. I just bought Ginger the stray kitten, cant wait to read it. Thank you Jessica

  1523. Chloe


    Hey Holly, what do you do in your spare time when you are not writing?
    What do you do for fun?
    Love Chloe x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  1524. Holly


    Hi Chloe! I have three boys, so I spend quite a lot of time playing Lego! But I love drawing, and cooking (especially cake!) and I love swimming in the sea too. Holly xx

  1525. chloe


    hi,my name is chloe!I am a identical twin!I have 21 of your books a have read them all! me and my sister (Nicole)are huge fans!I am your number 1 fan! from Chloe

  1526. Holly


    Hi Chloe! I have twin boys, but they’re not identical. Do you and Nicole ever pretend to be each other?! Holly x

  1527. i


    i love u!1

  1528. mistymagic


    heyyy holly ive read all 4 rose series
    and is moving onto a new book by you rose books are amazing with the mysterious adventures well done your the best author ever !!!!!!xxxxxxXxxxxxx

  1529. Dandoodles


    Hello Holly Webb,
    your books are really good.

  1530. Aneta Malvina Poland


    Hello Holly! I’m Polish and I love your books. I wrote one on the computer. Maybe in the future I will be a writer. We’ll see.

  1531. Holly


    Hi Aneta! It’s really nice to hear from a Polish reader. I’ve just been invited to come to Warsaw in May, I’m very excited about it! Please keep on writing! Holly xx

  1532. Grace


    Hello Holly y

  1533. Grace


    Hello Holly,I love all your books and I hope there are many more to come !X!X

  1534. Grace


    Hi holly, I love your books and I can’t stop reading them.I hope there will be many more stories. xxxxx

  1535. lunnon


    just a quick note to say i have beng reading your books




  1537. eleanor hornsby


    hey holly webb its eleanor a relation in your family you wrote a note in alfie all alone to me do you know jean harris shes my nan renemeber please write back eleanor hornsby x

  1538. jellytotsep


    I really like your animal books, especially Timmy in trouble. Its a really good book. Timmy is so cute.
    You are a great author. I like how you’ve been creative. It rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1539. samantha


    love you,re books im reading them right at this minit

  1540. vanessa kwofie st shads


    i am going to the queen elizabeth hall for world book day hope to see you there i am in st chads school i’ll love to ask you lots of questions
    see you there

  1541. Holly


    Hi Vanessa – did you enjoy it? I had a brilliant day, I hope you did too. Holly x

  1542. Ellie


    Hi Holly I have just finished The Lost puppy and thought it was great. Are you bringing more animal books out? If so, when? Ellie x

  1543. Holly


    Hi Ellie! I’ve just finished writing one called The Secret Puppy, which will be out in June, and The Frightened Kitten is out this month. I hope you like them! Holly x

  1544. Sheryl Poon Li Yi


    Holly, I would like to read more about stories involving horses, donkeys or unicorns. Thank you. :)

  1545. Holly


    Thanks Sheryl! I will bear that in mind. I’m thinking about a new series at the moment, and there may well be some magical horses in there! Holly x

  1546. Laura


    Dear Holly, I am six years old and I really love your books. I really love kittens and puppies, I have a dog and I called her Holly! Thank you for writing such great stories.

  1547. Mollie


    Hi Holly, I love all your animal books so i thought you could make a new book up called holly the spider stuck in the webb because your so good at writing and it has your name in

  1548. brs1203


    You’re books rock my little girl loves reading them and when i read them i have little tears in my eyes they are cute and sad!!!!!!!!!

  1549. Hannah


    Dear Holly Webb,
    I really love your animal books! You’re the best author ever, I am a massive animal lover and want to write animal stories when I’m older.

  1550. rose


    i love rose the pink book

  1551. LeanneBoroumand


    Hi Holly! My daughter and I love your books. Is there another book in the works for the Animalmagic series? We just finished Mousemagic. Thanks!

  1552. Holly


    I’m really sorry, Mousemagic is the last one! But I am going to write a new series for Scholastic, about a girl who discovers she’s been stolen by fairies, which I think Animalmagic readers will like. Holly xx

  1553. Orange


    I realy love the book max the missing puppy. I forgot the website to go on if you want to read it online

  1554. Holly B


    HI holly, i’m doing homework on my favorite author and i chose you so i need to know what is the youngest age limit for reading your book? From holly PS you have a ace name :)

  1555. Holly


    So do you! I would say that 5 or 6 is probably the youngest. Holly xx

  1556. Holly


    i love all your books they are amazing Holly

  1557. Freja's Mummy


    Holly, Until recently Freja had no interest in reading. Since choosing “The Kitten that Nobody Wanted” she has learnt to love reading. Thank you, you have inspired her. Nicki

  1558. Holly


    Thank you! That’s such a lovely thing to hear. Holly xxx

  1559. Freja


    Dear Holly, I superdooper Love your books. You are my favourite author of them all. Love Freja.

  1560. Buttons


    Hi Holly! I would be lost without your books they are gr8!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU HOLLY!
    P.S Will my email adress be shone on the website??

  1561. Holly


    No, don’t worry, all emails are hidden I’m so glad you like the books! Holly x

  1562. savera


    hi holly my name is savera you are comeing to my school oxford road community school frome savera meet you their

  1563. Holly


    I had a brilliant time at your school! You all had really good questions to ask. Holly xxx

  1564. olivia


    I love your fantastic books . My favorite book is sam the stolen puppy and the other books

  1565. ellie


    Hi Holly i have just finished reading the lost puppy and thought it was great. Are you going to write another book in this series? If so, when will it be released?

  1566. Holly


    Hi Ellie. The Frightened Kitten is the next one, and it’s out now. Then there’s The Secret Puppy in June! Holly xx

  1567. BLCOAT3849


    Have you wrote a book called the secret puppy? I saw it on my computer. Did u?

  1568. Holly


    Hi Britany! Yes, but it won’t be published until June. Holly xx

  1569. BLCOAT3849


    Hi holly I thought I might get the frightened kitten for my bday. I saw the cover. it was sooooo CUTE! u know that I had a dream of going to by your books.see u soon! XOXO

  1570. elli


    how come it had elli thats my name.

  1571. Holly


    Elli is a really sweet name. I’ve used Ellie and Ella in books now, it’s a name I really like! Holly xx

  1572. IloveREADING


    Hello, Holly. It was not long ago until I discovered your books in the library. They are very interesting, good job! :D

  1573. coco


    I love your books its so interesting I fell like reading it a million times.The pictures are cute and amazing . Holly Webb your a really good author. :)

  1574. mairin


    hi Holly. whens your next book out i have read all the animal stories books and love them all toby looks adorable if you didnt become an author i woundnt have a favrite.bye

  1575. Holly


    Hello! The next animal story book is called The Frightened Kitten. I got my copies of the finished book last week, so I think it’s probably in bookshops any day now! Holly x

  1576. lauren


    dear holly,
    I think you are a great writer and i am just so happy to be contacting you right now!what is it like being a writer i would love to know love lauren x

  1577. Holly


    Hi Lauren! I really love being a writer – I loved my old job as an editor too, but writing is brilliant (except when you’re stuck with what’s going to happen next, when it can be horrible!). It’s really exciting for me talking to people like you who’ve read my books, and love the characters. So thank you! Holly x

  1578. Dana Shi


    I just finished the book Buttons the Runaway Puppy and I really loved it. I really made tons of connections to the book. I wondered if you could write about other animals?

  1579. Holly


    Hello! I’ve written about some other animals in my Magic Molly and Animalmagic books (hamsters, rabbits, mice, owls), but the animal story books have all been about dogs and cats, mostly because they’re very popular pets. What other animals would you like to read about? It would be great to know! Holly x

  1580. Dogs 1232


    Hi Holly
    i am a huge fan of your animal books how many animal books have you writtin in total ?many thanks
    Dogs 1232

  1581. Holly


    Hello! There are 22 animal books now, but the one I’ve just written, the Secret Puppy, won’t be out for a little while. It’s about a German Shepherd puppy. Holly x

  1582. Hannah and Katie


    Hi Holly We are doing homework about you and your life we just wanted to know what are your hobbies and where do you do them? What is your favourite food?
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  1583. Holly


    Hi Hannah and Katie! My favourite hobbies are reading (not surprisingly!) and making things – I love painting, making jewellery, that sort of thing. Favourite food is a hard one – I do love chocolate… And actually, cooking (especially making cakes) is another of my favourite things to do. Holly x

  1584. brittany zero


    I hope that you are acctually holly replying to my letters and not a secutary.
    because I really love you and your books Holly webb I’m your #1 fan. I hope…
    I feel that I can tell you anything…

  1585. Brittany zero


    I agree with No.1 fan!(I wish that was me!) There really should be a film.
    I feel like I can tell you all my stories because your an autor and you understand.I hope It really is you…

  1586. Holly


    Hi Brittany – it really is! Not sure how I could prove I’m me though… Holly x

  1587. Hannah


    Hi.I really like your books.I have these books “Sam the Stole Puppy”,”Harry the Homeless Puppy”,”Lost in the Snow”,Alfie All Alone”,and “Sky the Unwanted Kitten.

  1588. serena


    May i know when is lily and the shining dragons coming out?

  1589. Holly


    Hello! It should be out at the beginning of April. I’m just working on the third Lily book now! Holly x

  1590. Ellie


    Hi Miss Webb- I love your animal magic books. I just finished the last one (mousemagic). Will you be writing another one? Please say yes! Love Ellie age 8

  1591. Holly


    Hi Ellie. I’m really sorry, but Mousemagic is the last book in that series. At the moment I’m planning a new series though, which I think is going to be about a girl adopted by a strange, magical family. I’ll let you all know more soon! Holly x

  1592. Charlie


    Hiya Hollt please can I have your e-mail I have a story I wrote and want to see if you like it xx Charlie

  1593. Holly


    Hi Charlie – if you use the contact Holly button on the website, that will send me an email. I’d love to see your story. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to put stories and pictures up on the website, so would it be OK to put your story there? Holly x

  1594. BLCOAT3849


    hi holly can you write another story called lost in the tornado with fluff and the cat they found?

  1595. Holly


    Hi Britany – I love the idea of Lost in the Tornado – but all my books are based in the UK, where we hardly ever have tornadoes! I will definitely think about the idea of another book about Fluff though. Holly x

  1596. scarlett corner


    Dear Holly,
    Have you recieved my story yet? I hope you do soon, for I really want to know what you think of it. Love from,
    Scarlett xxx

  1597. Nadine


    Hello Holly,
    You have inspired me a lot and i have started writing my own fabulas book named The kitten all alone.
    Can you give me ideas please? nadine

  1598. Holly


    Hi Nadine – that sounds great.
    My best tip would be to try and plan out your story – I do this for all my books. (Although I don’t always stick to the plan when I start writing, and often those unplanned bits turn out the best!) But planning gives you a chance to think through how you want the story to move along. Do you need an exciting, adventurous bit in the middle? Or perhaps a sad part?
    Do you have a pet? Sometimes imagining how you would feel if your story was happening to you can really help. I hope it goes well!
    Love, Holly x

  1599. scarlett corner


    Dear Holly,
    Guess what? Everyday at school I have to get a new reading book! I read so fast that I struggle to find books that I like in the ks2 libary now. Thank you! xxx

  1600. Mouse


    I love your book Cat Magic.You should write a book called Monkey Magic.

  1601. scarlett corner


    Dear Holly,
    Can I pleae have some tips on how to make my writing better.
    Love from
    Scarlett x

  1602. Holly


    Hi Scarlett,
    My best tip is to read. I know it sounds strange, but the more you read, and think about what you’re reading, the more you learn about how to write! Before I wrote books I was an editor for other authors, and working out how to make their books better taught me how to write myself.
    Also, try and imagine how your characters would feel – sometimes you can almost act out their conversations in your head, that really helps!
    Love Holly x

  1603. No.1 fan (again)


    hi holly its me again. If u really want to make movies as much as I do guess what my Auntie is a director & I, Kilahney Murphy can be your main plz write back-Kilahney Murphy

  1604. jazzygirl05


    I love your bookes. I can`t wait to read Buttons the runaway puppy.I love to read.

  1605. florianna


    dear holly,
    I really, really, really love your kitten and puppy books like Sam the stolen puppy, and Oscar’s lonely Christmas. love Florianna

  1606. brittany zero


    hi Holly!
    i’m entering the bbc 500 words compatition! could I please have some tips on what to write?please?

  1607. Holly


    Hi Brittany – that’s really tricky, 500 words is so short! Maybe pick something that happened to you that you feel really strongly about – or something that you wish had happened. Good luck! Love Holly x

  1608. BLCOAT3849


    Chloe my name is Britany and I have an idea of how to find your jess plush toy! Look everywhere in your room under things everywhere because once I did that and I foung something lost!

  1609. scarlett corners


    Dear Holly,
    Please couuld you tell me your email
    address. Since the contact holly link isn’t working, perhaps I could send you my stories by email! Love, Scarlett x

  1610. Khadkat


    Hi Holly! Your the best writer I know! Where do you get your ideas? I love your Lilly and Rose books, but I think the Lily ones are the best cause they are my fave!

  1611. scarlett corner


    Yes I think you’re right. The message went through without my story. It’s a bit puzzling.
    Scarlett x

  1612. scarlett corner


    Okay Holly

  1613. scarlett corner


    Dear Holly,
    I keep on trying to send you my stories but it still won’t work. I’m so upset. I really would like you to see my stories

  1614. Holly


    Hi Scarlett! I’m really sorry it’s not working – have you tried just sending an email from the Contact Holly link? Can you send one without an attachment, and if that works, we’ll know it’s the attachment that’s the problem. Holly xx

  1615. Caitlyn


    I own three of your books. I really want more. One of my favorites is Ellie because it has my two favorite animals a cat and a dog. And the girls name is my sisters name. Meghan!

  1616. gabe


    I just read the lost pupy I like it

  1617. chloe


    I lost my puppy,Jess the lonely puppy.I have the book and lost the plush toy.Does anyone know where I can purchase another?I am heartbroken without her.Please help!

  1618. scarlett corner


    Hiya Charlie. I’m so glad you found this site. How did you find it?

  1619. Angie02


    Hiya Scarlett yes It is Me xx

  1620. scarlett corner


    Hey, Angie02, is it you charlie. If you don’t reply I’ll ask at school

  1621. HyperPrincess22


    Dear Holly Webb, i have lots of your books the first two i got was Ginger the stray kitten and Max the missing puppy. i really like your books.

  1622. Angie02


    Hiya Scarlett

  1623. scarlett corner


    Dear Cleo 1768,
    I know you don’t have Rose and the silver ghost but I’ve read it. It is so cool. You know how Rose has no mum, well in this book she finds her!!!

  1624. cleo 1768


    hi holly i just ummm… looooooove the rose books!!!!! my sister has the 1st one and the 2nd one and the 3rd one BUT…….. not rose and the silver ghost!

  1625. brittany zero


    my heart is beating morning till evning because I can’t wait to find out what my mum says about the next chapter of Rose! I love your books Holly, I wish we could meet sometime…

  1626. brittany zero


    dear Holly
    I think that the pictures on the Rose books are beautiful. can I buy them anywhere because I would be delighted to be able to have it on my bedroom wall

  1627. Holly


    Hi Brittany. I know, I love the covers on the books too! I have the cover art from Lily on my wall. The artist is called Lisa Evans, and she sells her work on Etsy as firefluff. She also has a gorgeous website called firefluff.com where you can see lots of her work. Holly xx

  1628. brittany zero


    I have read rose and I am in the middle of reading rose and the lost princess. Bella must have been shocked when she realised that Jane was missing! I have got rose and the magician’s mask too!

  1629. BLCOAT3849


    Dear Holly, can you come to my school and have a visit because me and Jaimee love your animal books and we wish you could see you in real life! I will tell you where my schools is and which class.

  1630. BLCOAT3849


    Dear Holly, I don t’ really use your website because, my computer is not the same and it has not have your website. I have to go to my grandmas to send stuff to you. Britany xoxo

  1631. Lucy


    Dear Holly, I am from Germany and I love your Rose books. Can you tell me when your book “Rose and the silver ghost” will be translated into German? Thanks Lucy

  1632. Zara


    Hi, I’m 10 years old and I live in New Zealand. I LOVE Animals which means I love your fab books. I also love your books because when I read them it makes me happy, you’re so cool.

  1633. Marki, 13, Czech republic


    I’ve just finished reading Rose and I think it’s fantastic. I’m suprised how many books have you written, because where I live only Rose has been published. You’re awesome. <3

  1634. Holly


    Thank you! It’s really exciting for me seeing messages from different countries. I don’t think I’ve seen the Czech version of Rose yet, I’ll look out for it! Holly x

  1635. No.1 fan


    I absolutely love rose and lily and I have a great marketing idea 4 u make rose and lily movies! and i know the best person for the role…ME, Kilahney Murphy an up and coming 12yr old actor 4 AUS,SA.

  1636. Holly


    I would love there to be films too – I think Tim Burton would make a great Rose film, he’s great at making things magical with a bit of a scary edge… Good luck with the acting! Holly x

  1637. scarlett corner


    Dear Holly,
    Every time I try to send my stories to you on Contact Holly, It keep’s on saying Error and I get a bit upset for I would really like you to see my stories

  1638. Holly


    Dear Scarlett,
    I’m really sorry – I’m slightly useless with the website, but I will check with the people who know! I would love to see the stories, and I will get back to you when it should be working. Holly x

  1639. scarlett corner


    Dear Holly,
    I would really like to meet you. Please let me know if there are any sort of things that I can meet you at. Hoping lots, Scarlett x

  1640. 108Gill


    Hi Holly, What is a good 200 pages book or more written by you. I need it for a book report. I enjoy reading the puppy and kitten novels. Bye,

  1641. Serena


    Dear Holly,I am a fan of yourRose and Lily books.Can you tell me more about the character from Rose that will appear in Lilybooks,please!Is it Bella?

  1642. Holly


    Hello! I’m keeping it a secret for the moment – but two characters from Rose will appear in the third Lily book, which I’m just about to start writing. Neither of them is Bella, but I’m considering bringing her back in the fourth book! Not sure yet… Holly x

  1643. scarlett corner


    Hello Holly, as you know from mynote before I would like to be a writer when I grow up. I have decided to write a new series of stories called Holly from the inspiration of Rose and Lily!!!

  1644. scarlett corner


    Dear Holly, Could you please email me or message me on how to send you my stories. When I grow up I would like to be a writer so I would like it if you could give me some tips and advice.

  1645. BLCOAT3849


    How do we send pictures to you? I would love to send a drawing of oscar to you.

  1646. Holly


    Hi Britany. The website is still being finished off, but very soon you should be able to send them to me using the Contact Holly button. I’ll look forward to seeing it! Holly x

  1647. BLCOAT3849


    what was your first animal book?
    where do you live now? can you send me a ellie the homesick puppy book?
    love Britany

  1648. Holly


    Hi Britany. My first animal book was Lost in the Snow. I live in Reading now with my family. I’m really sorry, I can’t send you a book, as it would be hard to send them to everyone who asks! Holly x

  1649. BLCOAT3849


    Hi Holly. I love reading your animal books and I am waiting and seeing if i will get harry the homeless puppy! My friend Jaimee said its fantastic!
    Love Britany

  1650. Holly


    Hello everyone! This is a new space especially for you to leave a short note for everyone to see.
    Soon you’ll also be able to send me personal messages through the ‘Contact Holly’ button above…

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